IMFDF 2016 Experience!

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I hope you are all doing well!
So I just realized I forgot to do a 2nd blogpost last week! WHOOPS! Sorry everyone! Things are just super busy as IMFDF was this past weekend, this week is a double wedding for us (two family friends, one is ShumiDee!), and then next week, I’m off to Orlando, FL! Lots and lots going on! Alhamdulilah, busy is good but I may be behind on blogposts 🙈

Like I said, IMFDF was this past weekend!! The International Modest Fashion and Design Festival (IMFDF) is a super cool event hosted annually and sponsored by the halal cosmetics company, Tuesday in Love! As always, the 2-day event features a Yacht party and a Fashion Show with a bazaar!

Of course, I had to share my experience with you all! First of all, it was so nice meeting so many of you! It’s always nice to connect faces to ‘likes’ hehe, and I’m so so SO appreciative that we got to talk and chill together! I had an amazing time!
Also, HUGE Shoutout to Taam Media for collaborating with me and sending me to IMFDF!

MY Voice Magazine PhotoShoot!

Hello Hello!

Hope you are all doing well!

I just wanted to take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to all of you! Our HijabiHeroes Instagram hit 3,000 followers! I’m going to say my usual ‘numbers don’t count’ because they really don’t, but it’s just insane to think that over 3,000 people believe in the message of modesty and style going hand in hand. These thousands of people also think the outfits I post on my account are nice and fashionable and hence they support the message. So thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu!

Today I wanted to share some pictures from a photoshoot I did with MY Voice back in May. If you don’t know what MY Voice is, it’s a Muslim student/youth run magazine in Toronto. From the articles, to the designing, and production – it’s all run by talented students! They release a new issue quarterly and have their new upcoming issue in September. The articles vary in their topics, from a unique perspective, to reviews, to entertainment, to talking about events and things happening in Toronto. It’s a really cool initiative and it’s so inspiring to see so much talent and hard work from high-schoolers and university students.

One of their photographers, Sahar, is my friend Kulsoom’s friend. She reached out to me asking if I would be interested in being in a photoshoot that would be used for promotional purposes. MY Voice is currently selling T-shirts as a means to fundraise and finance their magazine. The designs were all made by a high-school student and there are 3 shirts in 3 colours each – light blue, purple, and grey. She wanted me to wear them and style them so the photos could be used for advertising.

So Sahar, Kulsoom and her sisters, myself met up at Square One to take some cool shots. Square One is located in the Downtown part of Mississauga so there are some cool buildings and areas in the neighbourhood. Asad, my friend and fellow colleague from MIST was also there as Sahar recruited him to be the male model.

To style the shirts, I chose 3 different ways to wear them. This is almost like a little HOW TO STYLE: Graphic Tshirts segment hehe! (Which BTW, if you’d like that post, let me know in the comments!)
1. With a Maxi Skirt
– Casual yet put-together look
2. Over jeans and a Kimono on top – This Kimono was my DIY 2-second NO Sew Kimono
     – Casual look
3. Blazer and Maxi Skirt
– More sophisticated look

The shirts are about to go on sale soon!
For more information about the shirts, and to see all the cool things MY Voice does, check out their website and Like their Facebook page! They also recently opened an Instagram account so follow them on there too!

The pictures look really great and Kulsoom even took some behind-the-scenes pictures for you all. I hope you enjoy!

1- MY Voice 2
Design 1 – “Iman” shown in Blue
1- MY Voice 5
Design 2 – “Islam: MY Right, Choice, Voice” shown in Grey and Blue
1- MY Voice 4jpg
Design 3 -” Terrorism has no Religion” shown in Purple
1- MY Voice 3
My DIY Kimono was acting as my HijabiHeroes cape! hehe love this!
1- MY Voice 1
Part 2 hehe!
1- MY Voice 6
Laughing, crying, or artistic influence in this photo? Guess we’ll never know.
1- MY Voice 9
Sahar working her magic!

1- MY Voice 8 1- MY Voice 7

And there you are! Please please do support MY Voice. Even if you can’t purchase a shirt, at least like their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram and see what they’re all about! Want to join MY Voice as a designer or want to write an article for them?! You can do both! Check out their website for more details and submit your article for their next issue (which would be December).

Thanks again for reading! Follow HijabiHeroes on Instagram and Like us on Facebook! You can even sign up for our mailing list and get new blogposts straight to your inbox!

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