HOW TO STYLE: Dainty Jewelry! FT. Azha Workshop

Hey Hey!

I’m really loving this whole 2 blogposts a week! I thought it would be a little much but with some planning and time management, it’s actually really fun! It feels so good to be able to write to you all so often so inshallah this momentum continues!

Today I have a post on how to style dainty jewelry! Personally, with hijab, I feel like it’s hard to wear dainty or delicate jewelry because it really doesn’t show that much. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it a lot easier to just throw on a statement necklace and be done with the accessorizing, only because I know it’ll actually show. So I thought it’d be cool to write about how to style simpler or more subtle pieces.

There are two main Style Tips when working with dainty jewelry:
1) Keep the outfit simple!
I know the jewelry is understated, but a simple outfit actually works better in this situation! Having a rather easy colour palette or even just simple pieces will really help the jewelry shine through and become more of the focus. Too many colours or a big print may easily distract the attention away from the jewelry.
2) Layer up!
With smaller pieces of jewelry, you can totally get away with stacking! Wearing a couple of rings, a small chain necklace, and earrings is not overpowering and the pieces actually compliment each other!