OOTD – Abaya Season 💁🏽

Salaam everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and the fasts are also going beautifully 🙂
Sorry for not posting twice last week, I haven’t been feeling too well, so haven’t been on my game. But inshallah, I can get back to it!

Now with Ramadhan amongst us, many have labelled this month as #AbayaSeason. Abayas are all the rage, and you know what, I can’t blame anyone for sporting them more often this month. First of all, they are super modest, like the epitome of modest garb. They are also really comfortable, because you could honestly be wearing your PJ’s underneath, and no one would know! And if you are wearing a front opening abaya, then you can just wear a flowy skirt or comfy pants and be happy. All in all, this is #AbayaSeason, and I’m embracing it! 😝
Jokes aside, abayas are actually a great option and inshallah I hope to integrate them more into my wardrobe! I have been wearing abayas more lately, especially the front opening ones. Since they have a kimono-like style, they are great to wear with palazzo pants, skirts, or even jeans! I wore my Dara Boutique one to Halal Food Fest and my friend Shumaila’s bridal shower! I’ve even posted some abaya inspiration outfit pictures on my Instagram recently! You know I like to start the trends before they go mainstream 💁🏽😂

Kaamilah’s Welcome Ramadhan Event!

Hey Salaam everyone!

Ramadhan Mubarak to you all! I pray that this month is filled with blessings and bounties for you and your family! Please remember the entire Ummah, all those in need and less fortunate, as well as myself and my family in your duas, God-willing. And of course, I’ll do the same!

In the spirit of welcoming the month of Mahe Ramadhan with open arms, we have to remember our duties towards our Creator and fellow community. To bring everyone together, Kaamilah, an east-end muslim collaborative, had a Welcome Ramadhan event! There were speakers, workshops, crafts for the kids, and many muslim businesses sharing their unique and personal products. It was really nice to see the bonds that were being created, through conversation and similar interest. It was refreshing to participate in the homey atmosphere. Everyone was so kind and friendly, you just couldn’t help but smile!


OOTD – Pink Affair – FT. Daya Couture

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and that Mahe Ramadhan is going well so far! Can’t believe we’ve already done 5 fasts!

First of all, just wanted to say thank you for the overwhelming comments, texts, snapchats (you name it) after my Ramadhan and Smoothie recipe post! I’m so glad you all loved the smoothie concoction and it’s so amazing to see that people are actually reading and liking my posts so much! You are all so sweet so I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the support!! <3

I love Ramadhan so much! I love going to the mosque and meeting all my family and friends or going to iftaars and hanging out with people that I haven’t seen in a while. The community spirit of Ramadhan is on a whole other level and the Holy Month really unifies everyone together.

Speaking of going to mosque and other places, we obviously need outfits to wear! Coming up with different combinations of outfits can be slightly daunting. But of course, I love it 🙂 But that’s why I’m here because I have the perfect Ramadhan top/dress that works for any occasion – going to the mosque, to an iftar, suhoor party, anywhere!

This long sleeve midi dress is from Daya Couture and I’m in love! If you saw my Formal Wear Outfit Guide, I wore the mustard coloured one. Now, I’m wearing the light pink one and I can’t decide which is my favourite! This dress has a great fit, with a very loose and modest design throughout the body of the dress, with batwing sleeves that taper to the end. The jersey material is lightweight and flowy, which contributes to the modest fitting. The dress just sits so well, so there’s no fussing or worrying about your outfit. Just wear it and go!

I paired my midi dress with white leggings and a pink, black, and white hijab. I love the black and white with the light pink – a very soft and classy combination. This outfit was a hit at my family iftar at my cousin’s house. Everyone was asking me where it was from!

Check it out at Daya Couture, also available at Salam Shop in Mississauga!

I hope you like the outfit!

IMG_3282 IMG_3275 IMG_3276 IMG_3277 IMG_3278
Outfit Details:
Dress – Daya Couture
Hijab – Urban Planet
Flats – Aldo

I hope you liked the look! Don’t forget to check out Daya Couture on Instagram and Facebook!

Speak to you soon 🙂


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