#HHReviews – Healthy Habits Community by NutritionByNaz!

Salaam Salaam… (I definitely said that in a ‘well well…’ voice LOL)

Look who’s back with another blogpost. Am I a Tim Horton’s cup, because I’m on a roll! Get it, like Roll up the Rim! Yes, no, maybe so?!

Today I’m doing another #HHReview, and this time, it’s the Healthy Habits Community by NutritionbyNaz! Well, that’s her Instagram name at least! I tried this program for a month, and I want to tell you a little about it.

So you may be asking, who is NutritionByNaz? Nazima is a registered Dietitian through the College of Dietitians of Ontario, with a Masters in Public Health in Nutrition and Dietetics, and is ALSO a Certified Personal Trainer, through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. Wow, that was a mouthful, mashallah!
You can obviously tell that Nazima is ultra-qualified to create this program, and she did so because she identified a need in the Muslim women community. This program is aimed to help us achieve our “not-so-realistic” goals in realistic ways.

When you sign up for the Healthy Habits Community, you are directed to your own account with a very friendly and interactive interface. It’s really dynamic and well laid-out!
Everything is formulated in cute and colourful infographics, so it’s easy to stay engaged.

What do you actually get from this program?:

Firstly, Each month you are given specific goals. It’s nice because there are others working on the same goals as you, so you’re in it together.

You are also given 4 recipe ideas a month. This month I got a Salad, Soup, Snack, and Meal recipe!
They are all quick and easy to make, so it’s not strenuous or super ‘healthy’ either. My point being, you’re not eating like you would in a fad diet. The recipes are wholesome, and more importantly, tasty and flavourful dishes!
And don’t worry, there are even more recipes scattered throughout!

One recipe I received this month was a Mango salad, so I thought I’d share this one with you!
See what I mean by colourful and fun graphics!

You also receive 4 nutrition tips per month, one catered to each week.
These are practical and encouraging tips to help you become a healthier you. It’s not just a motivational statement, but Nazima also provides explanations and ways to put this tip into practice.
So instead of just saying, eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, she describes the array of fruits and vegetables that come in a rainbow of colours and what nutritional benefits they have.
There are real life ways and ideas to implement this and there is a lot of health teaching involved.

There’s also a Livestream once a month, and if you cannot attend, they are recorded. You can email in your questions from before hand, so it really is personalized and you also get the benefit of hearing others’ questions. Sometimes, people will bring up things you never thought about or something you too were struggling with, but did not know how to express.

You also are involved in a support group on Facebook, which really integrates the ‘community’ aspect of this. You have access to all the resources, tips, and education, but you also have that communication aspect where you can work toward your goals together in sisterhood!

The program gives you certain ‘tasks’ you have to do and you get a check mark as you go through them. This is great to help you feel that sense of accomplishment and you know where you stand.

It would be cool if there was an integrated system into the existing interface to submit photos when the recipes have been tried for ‘extra points’ or even have a chat section. I know this is all on Facebook, but this could be used directly through one’s account.

Overall, I think this is a super cool initiative and a really great way to get on track with your goals, and become a healthier you! Obviously, with any sort of program like this, it’s only as good as the one using it. At the end of the day, if you are invested in yourself and making a change, you will succeed inshallah! And this is for everything right. If you use the program as it is meant to and engage within it, I think it will definitely be beneficial.

To find out more or see what other awesome stuff Nazima does, check out her website and Instagram!

P.S…. I’ll be doing a giveaway soon for a FREE ONE MONTH SERVICE of the Healthy Habit’s Community! So stay tuned on my Instagram!

Talk to you soon!


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