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I am still sad that Ramadhan is over but I am definitely adjusting and getting back into the swing of things. It’s crazy how Ramadhan came and completely changed all of our schedules/routine and we were so much more God-conscious during the 30 days. Inshallah the heightened awareness of the Almighty remains until the next Mahe Ramadhan, ameen!

But now that Ramadhan is over, there are so many summer events going on! Weddings, BBQs, parties, birthdays, the list keeps going! I have a wedding to attend next weekend and so many more towards the middle and end of August. With so many events, we obviously need outfits to wear! Hence, when I came across this Beaudefy dress at Modah, I knew it would be perfect for a summer event coming soon! One of my close friends is hosting a Summer Tea Party so this would be great to wear for that! Of course, I couldn’t resist but take some pictures in it early hehe :$

As it’s super hot outside and the sun is shining, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of wearing bright summery floral prints. Floral prints, like I talked about briefly in my Ramadhan Outfits post, scream summer and happiness to me. Therefore, when I don’t have to wear a jacket or coat, I take full benefit of wearing some fun colours and patterns. I just feel so much happier 🙂

This Beaudefy dress is so cute and it looks like a crop top and flowy skirt to be honest. I love how it gives an illusion of being two pieces, but it’s actually one, so you don’t have to worry about separate articles and you don’t feel as hot! It also has a fabric belt that is attached from the back and is the same fabric as the skirt half. The bottom part of this maxi dress is so flowy. No joke, there is so much fabric here, I had the best time twirling in this LOL.

The skirt part of this dress is mustard with some green, blue, and white flowers. I decided to just stick to a mustard hijab from Dara Boutique to keep the outfit simple and not introducing another new colour. I was tempted to wear a cream hijab for a more subtle look, but having a full cream half may wash out my face and take away from the overall look. After all, it’s summer! Rocking a pretty mustard never did anyone any harm :’)
I paired my dress with some gold day-time sandal wedges and just my rose gold watch. This outfit didn’t need any jewellery! Especially if I’m wearing this to the tea party, the dress by itself is perfect.

The dress does have an off-the-shoulder neckline, so it is more suitable for ladies-only events, but I just wore a short sleeves tshirt underneath the dress and everything was covered and modest 🙂

Beaudefy has other prints and designs in the same style dress! There’s a cream top with two other skirt bottoms (black, white, and yellow floral and then a blue floral similar to this one) and one with a black top with a cheetah print bottom. They’re all really nice and of course, available at Modah!

I hope you like the look! Thanks to my awesome momma for the pictures!

Signature pose and a twirl, all in one <3 :’)

IMG_3670 IMG_3672 IMG_3694 IMG_3696 IMG_3699 IMG_3701

Outfit Details:
Dress – Beaudefy (available at Modah)
Hijab – Dara Boutique
Wedges – Target

I hope you all enjoyed this post! My posting schedule will be going back to 1 post a week for the month of August. I know, it should be 2 posts a week because it’s still Summer, but I’m honestly so busy that I don’t want to commit to something I won’t be able to produce. If there is an extra post in a week, consider that me missing blogging 😉

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