The Only Gift List You Need! – Eid Gift Ideas – All from Modah!

Hey Salaam everyone!

I hope you are doing well! Here we are, more than halfway through Ramadan and I can’t believe it! I mean, I can feel the fasts for sure, but this month is definitely flying by. Which means, Eid is around the corner!!!

I know, it’s crazy! So, to make this easier on all of us, because we all know I need the help too, I’ve compiled a list of some great Eid gift ideas. This way, you can spend less time shopping and more time making use of the little time we have left of this Holy month! Yes I know, they don’t call me HijabiHeroes for nothing 😉

This list has something for everyone – the brothers, sisters, kids, and best of all, you can get all of these things from one convenient location: Modah, in Mississauga. It’s gonna be your one stop shop for all things Eid, and you can even pick something up for yourself. Quite handy, don’t ya think.

The first item on this list *just had to be* some LaModesty hijabs of course. If you know me, you know that 75% of my hijab wardrobe is from LaModesty. From chiffon (my personal favourite), to crinkle, and even the new modals for the summer, you’ll find a hijab, and material, for everyone. Or, you could always check out Modah’s big wall of hijabs as a perfect addition to your gifts.

If you have any hipsters in your house, or just a cool guy who likes to put his best foot forward, grab some funky socks from Halal Socks, available in kids and adult sizes! In my family, my brother and my dad LOVE some crazy socks. They have the brightest and coolest patterns, so I know they would appreciate some A1 sock game for Eid namaaz.

Another family favourite in my household (like I mean this product is in everyone one of our bathrooms) and something that’s great for everyone, is Oudlux body products and soaps! I’m not even kidding, my family has tried one of each of their products, from their body creams, hand soaps, shower gel, and even body sprays. They even have conveniently packed gift sets so there’s even less hassle!

For any new mothers in your life, I saw the CUTEST onesies that say “Eid Mubarak” or “My First Eid”. I know they have a good selection and variety of designs, so you can even gift a non-Ramadan/Eid design. Modah now carries onesies from Sidra Art Boutique, which are absolutely adorable and available in many sizes!!

Now this is something I personally have my eye on, so *cough cough* *hint hint* @ Momma HH/Dad/Broski/Other Broski/SIL/anyone reading this LOL. Modah has Black Orchid products, especially their backpacks!! They are probably my favourite product from their range. This is PERFECT for any boss lady you know, like I mean it. (Can you tell I really want this as well??)

This next product is actually super useful and a beautiful gift to keep the Ramadan spirit alive – it’s a Quran touch lamp, a product exclusive to Modah. It’s a great gift to give to any family and you’ll get your share of the reward when anyone uses it, so it’s a win-win! You can play the Quran and the translation in 15 different languages. I think anyone would love to have this in their home.

If you have a kid to give a gift to, then you’re actually set. Modah has so many kids toys and educational products. I wish I was a kid again just so I could play with some of these. One toy in particular that I love are the Muslim girl/boy dolls. As a kid, I would always play with my toy dolls, but I had to realize that I look different than my doll and I would always look different

Another perfect family and home gift is some art. I know, this may be a bit tricky, because you never know what will go with someone’s home or room, but I think a cool piece of art will always find it’s place. Especially if you get a neutral Islamic art piece from Modern Art, their canvases will not disappoint and it won’t break the bank either. Or you can always get something more specific for a kids room or office space.

This next gift is quite thoughtful and unique, and definitely nice for the reflective thinkers in your life. I have used the Dua Journal before and I appreciated its layout and prompts. It’s a great journal for connecting to God through gratefulness and understanding yourself. Another journal that Modah carries is The Journal for Muslims, which is similar in its aims.

A timeless gift option for anyone and everyone is a classic watch – YA GET ME?!?! But seriously, you can’t go wrong with a North Accent watch. Speaking from personal experience, I really love these watches, especially for their quality and design. My silver stainless steel watch goes with everything and they have different styles for everyone’s taste.

And if all else fails, just pick up a cute Eid Mubarak card and some Halal Gummies (peach rings for the win) for a simple and sweet gift, literally. I mean, who doesn’t love a handwritten card? I love writing notes and cards for my friends, it’s a nice way to express how much they mean to you and that you appreciate them. The gummies are a great snack for reading the said card, but depending on the content of the card, you may want to include a pack of tissues as well.

I hope you found this blogpost helpful! But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you gift or get gifted on Eid. What’s most important is to remember each other in our duas and encourage each other to keep up all of the progress we have gained in Ramadan!


Talk to you soon,

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Styling Brighter Colours – FT. Ghazala Fashion

Hey hey!

I’m slowly trying to get back into the groove of regular blogposts! It’s definitely harder than I remember, to be honest. Definitely, appreciate all my fellow sisters hustling and achieving their dreams. You go girls 👏🏽

This week, we are styling some bright colours and prints. My style has totally changed since I’ve started HH. Two years ago, I definitely wore a lot of prints and bolder colours, but more recently, I’m drawn more to the neutral hues, because they are so easy to style and versatile. However, I want to prove that brighter colours aren’t a challenge, but they can literally bring your outfit to life.

I have two outfits to demonstrate this. The first is a neutral outfit with a trendy POP of colour. Brighter colours are definitely “in” right now. The second is a mixed print outfit that even I was nervous about at first, but I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out!

Glittering Gown – FT. ModestWear!

Hey Salaam!

I hope you’ve all been doing well! I know it’s been a while since my last post and so much has changed in the world since then. Seasons are changing, semesters ending (THANK GOODNESS), but don’t worry, the weather in Toronto still isn’t quite Spring-ready yet. So, I guess I’m not too behind.

Speaking of behind, since I’ve been gone, I thought I’d try to work forward and try to get ahead this time! So I’m swinging straight into Ramadhan/Eid/Wedding outfit ideas! And my first post of this kind is featuring this gorgeous navy and silver kaftan from ModestWear!

OOTD – Abaya Season 💁🏽

Salaam everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and the fasts are also going beautifully 🙂
Sorry for not posting twice last week, I haven’t been feeling too well, so haven’t been on my game. But inshallah, I can get back to it!

Now with Ramadhan amongst us, many have labelled this month as #AbayaSeason. Abayas are all the rage, and you know what, I can’t blame anyone for sporting them more often this month. First of all, they are super modest, like the epitome of modest garb. They are also really comfortable, because you could honestly be wearing your PJ’s underneath, and no one would know! And if you are wearing a front opening abaya, then you can just wear a flowy skirt or comfy pants and be happy. All in all, this is #AbayaSeason, and I’m embracing it! 😝
Jokes aside, abayas are actually a great option and inshallah I hope to integrate them more into my wardrobe! I have been wearing abayas more lately, especially the front opening ones. Since they have a kimono-like style, they are great to wear with palazzo pants, skirts, or even jeans! I wore my Dara Boutique one to Halal Food Fest and my friend Shumaila’s bridal shower! I’ve even posted some abaya inspiration outfit pictures on my Instagram recently! You know I like to start the trends before they go mainstream 💁🏽😂

Where’d You Get That?!? Hijabs!

Hello Hello!

I hope you are all doing well! I can’t believe it’s already been over a week since the blessed month of Ramadhan has started! I hope everyone’s in their routine and is at ease with the long summer fasts, and I also pray that our fasts and efforts are accepted inshallah!

So I’m starting a new series on HH, surprise surprise 😅 A friend of mine, Siddiqah, asked me to do a whole post on where I get my hijabs. She was thinking online stores, but I thought I’d extend it to places in the GTA in case my fellow Torontonians wanted to just pick them up instead of ordering online. I actually get this question a lot, it’s one of the most commonly asked.  I also frequently get asked where I get my skirts and maxi dresses from, so I thought, why not make a whole series on it!

Modah’s 1-Year Anniversary!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are doing well!

If you didn’t know, this past weekend was Modah‘s 1-year Anniversary! They had sales on the whole store for the entire weekend and it was really busy!

On Friday, they had a 1-Year Anniversary event, and as Brand Ambassador for Modah, I was hosting it as well! We decorated the entire store with balloons everywhere and we even got these cute oil lamp lanterns too! Anisa, from Eastern Toy Box, even did a very nice window display featuring big foil “1” balloons to celebrate this milestone! On Thursday, I was there from 12-8 pm and on Friday, from 11 am-9 pm to set everything up and finish all the preparations! We had cute appetizers of Lollipop Chicken and Butterfly Shrimp and yummy cake for dessert. It was the official launch of the Chai Bar so we also had some complimentary mocktails!

Strawberry and the Raspberry Modah Martini!

This weekend has been crazy hectic but I wanted to share some pictures from the event!

We invited YaztheSpaz89, who was in town for Muslim Fest, as well as Saman from Makeup & Hijabs, Nour from Nourka92, and Fareena from 1HijabiFashionista. They came around 5:30 and stayed til 8:30. Yaz was supposed to come from 5-6 as she then had to go to Muslim Fest, but her flight got delayed so she only made a short appearance at Modah.

Everyone with YaztheSpaz!
Saman, Fareena, Nour, and I 🙂



I suggested we have a photo wall so people can take pictures and have a memory from the event. So I made two frames that were used to take pictures with and boy, they were a big hit alhamdulillah! One of the them was black and had a gold ribbon outlining the inside of the frame and then had “Modah 1-Year Anniversary” written at the bottom. The other was a white frame and looked like the interface of Instagram! That way, when someone takes a picture with the frame, it looks like an Instagram photo! :’)

IMG_3728 IMG_3812

Lindsay from Blossom & Bean and her super adorable daughter!

There were people coming in and out and were just buying stuff! I was mostly concentrated on the in-store giveaways we were having and being with the other bloggers that were VIP guests. We made all the VIPs a gift bag and then the bloggers a different VIP gift box. Tuesday in Love, the company who sells water-permeable, AKA wudhu-friendly, nail polish gave all of us bloggers a special gift bag as well.
Here’s what was inside:IMG_8568 IMG_8387

For my outfit, I wanted to be classy and fancy as well as this was a big event. The Modah colours are Black and Burgundy and then for the event, we added accents of Gold to make it more glamorous. Hence, I decided to go for the same colour scheme with my outfit.

I absolutely adore my Ruby coloured ball gown skirt from HijabiMama and it was the perfect colour for the occasion. It’s poof from the ball gown nature and it’s shimmery sheen made it ideal for this type of event. I wore it with a black lace top and a black undershirt. To lighten up the look, I wore a cream hijab. The outfit was totally classy and everyone really loved it! I hope you do too 🙂


IMG_8347 IMG_8385

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Thanks for all the support and making such wonderful opportunities available to me!



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OOTD – Mustard Florals FT: Beaudefy

Hello Hello!

I hope you are all doing well!

I am still sad that Ramadhan is over but I am definitely adjusting and getting back into the swing of things. It’s crazy how Ramadhan came and completely changed all of our schedules/routine and we were so much more God-conscious during the 30 days. Inshallah the heightened awareness of the Almighty remains until the next Mahe Ramadhan, ameen!

But now that Ramadhan is over, there are so many summer events going on! Weddings, BBQs, parties, birthdays, the list keeps going! I have a wedding to attend next weekend and so many more towards the middle and end of August. With so many events, we obviously need outfits to wear! Hence, when I came across this Beaudefy dress at Modah, I knew it would be perfect for a summer event coming soon! One of my close friends is hosting a Summer Tea Party so this would be great to wear for that! Of course, I couldn’t resist but take some pictures in it early hehe :$

As it’s super hot outside and the sun is shining, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of wearing bright summery floral prints. Floral prints, like I talked about briefly in my Ramadhan Outfits post, scream summer and happiness to me. Therefore, when I don’t have to wear a jacket or coat, I take full benefit of wearing some fun colours and patterns. I just feel so much happier 🙂

This Beaudefy dress is so cute and it looks like a crop top and flowy skirt to be honest. I love how it gives an illusion of being two pieces, but it’s actually one, so you don’t have to worry about separate articles and you don’t feel as hot! It also has a fabric belt that is attached from the back and is the same fabric as the skirt half. The bottom part of this maxi dress is so flowy. No joke, there is so much fabric here, I had the best time twirling in this LOL.

The skirt part of this dress is mustard with some green, blue, and white flowers. I decided to just stick to a mustard hijab from Dara Boutique to keep the outfit simple and not introducing another new colour. I was tempted to wear a cream hijab for a more subtle look, but having a full cream half may wash out my face and take away from the overall look. After all, it’s summer! Rocking a pretty mustard never did anyone any harm :’)
I paired my dress with some gold day-time sandal wedges and just my rose gold watch. This outfit didn’t need any jewellery! Especially if I’m wearing this to the tea party, the dress by itself is perfect.

The dress does have an off-the-shoulder neckline, so it is more suitable for ladies-only events, but I just wore a short sleeves tshirt underneath the dress and everything was covered and modest 🙂

Beaudefy has other prints and designs in the same style dress! There’s a cream top with two other skirt bottoms (black, white, and yellow floral and then a blue floral similar to this one) and one with a black top with a cheetah print bottom. They’re all really nice and of course, available at Modah!

I hope you like the look! Thanks to my awesome momma for the pictures!

Signature pose and a twirl, all in one <3 :’)

IMG_3670 IMG_3672 IMG_3694 IMG_3696 IMG_3699 IMG_3701

Outfit Details:
Dress – Beaudefy (available at Modah)
Hijab – Dara Boutique
Wedges – Target

I hope you all enjoyed this post! My posting schedule will be going back to 1 post a week for the month of August. I know, it should be 2 posts a week because it’s still Summer, but I’m honestly so busy that I don’t want to commit to something I won’t be able to produce. If there is an extra post in a week, consider that me missing blogging 😉

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Speak to you soon 🙂


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OOTD – Feeling like a Princess – FT. ModestWear @Modah

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!

Can we just take a second to digest the fact that we are already HALF WAY THROUGH Mahe Ramadhan?!?! I seriously can’t believe it! Time is flying by so fast! So happy early congratulations on the birth anniversary of the grandson of the Holy Prophet (SAWW), Imam Hassan (AS)! It really makes you think – am I really taking advantage of this Ramadhan. Inshallah, we can assess ourselves and see if we are doing what we wanted to do and changing in the way we wanted to improve ourselves. We still have 15 days to take advantage of this holy month of blessings – we got this 😉

Now that time is flying by so quickly, I don’t know about you, but I’m really thinking about Laylatul Qadr and Eid! Speaking of fancy events, I’m already hunting for the perfect outfits for these occasions! Yes, I said outfitS! I mean, there’s Eid Night, then Eid Morning Prayer, then Brunch at my cousins, and it goes on!

Hence, when I saw this gorgeous abaya from ModestWear, located in Modah, I knew it would be perfect for something Eid related! When it comes to abayas, I’m more of a simple person. I don’t like too much bling or too many colours, I like the embroidery/jewels to be black, or silver/gold, just my personal preference. This abaya has some gold detailing, but it also comes in silver! I’m also really into the batwing sleeves on abayas. They make the abaya so much comfier and flowier and I feel so light in it. And of course, this abaya is batwing sleeves :). It also has the same gold and black pattern from the neckline on the sleeves so the continuity is great.

But, what I love MOST about this abaya is that it has an asymmetrical hem line. The right side of it is all draped, so there are beautiful pleats and gathers that flow perfectly at the side. Especially with the super soft material, it just flowed so nicely. I honestly felt like royalty in this abaya! Not kidding – I might as well have been a princess from UAE because I was dressed for the part 😉
Well my name, Malikah, does mean Queen, so I guess it was meant to be?! I mean if the shoe fits, I’ll take it 😉

To finish off the look, I just wore a light brown hijab to complement the bronzy-gold on this abaya. I had to add the silver headband though hehe :$ I felt too royal not to LOL.

Don’t worry – I’m going to have an Eid guide coming to HijabiHeroes verrrrry soon inshallah! Look out for that – you’ll get Eid outfit ideas, Decor ideas, and gift ideas! So basically everything you need for Eid :))

Check out ModestWear @Modah too! They have a wide variety of abayas and kaftans! They’re all about those royal outfits eh 😉 ModestWear even hosts some of Louella‘s dresses :O I was so excited when I found out!
And of course, if you didn’t know, Modah is an islamic lifestyle store – or what I call, the all-in-one store! It’s like a department store as it houses many different islamic brands ranging from modest clothing, halal gummies and sweets, to artwork! They even have a new chai bar that I need to check out soon! 😉

Hope you like this look!
Thanks to the broski for the pictures :))

The wind was crazy when I took these pics!
The full look 🙂
Signature pose 😉
Close up of the side gathers! <3

IMG_3457 IMG_3418-1 IMG_3399 IMG_3396 IMG_3391 IMG_3371 IMG_3370

HAHA, had to share this shot! I Swear my entire abaya flew around in the crazy wind! Hey, at least you know it’ll keep you cool :))

I hope you like this abaya as much I do! Can’t wait to wear it for the Laylatul Qadr/Eid nights! And of course, after Ramadhan to banquets and other fancy occasions!

Thanks for all the support, always <3

Happy Fasting!

Malikah 🙂

~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~