WHAT TO WEAR: Formal Occasions – Outfit Ideas + Where to buy Formal Clothing! FT. Salam Shop

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Believe it or not, one of most common questions I get from family, friends and messages on Facebook (lol) are what to wear for fancy events and where to get such clothing from. Whether it’s for long sleeve maxi dresses, lace looks, or even a great maxi skirt, I’m always trying to help my fellow muslimahs find modest formal attire. Hence, I thought I’d make a little handy guide for some outfit ideas, my personal tips, and places to get classy formal outfits! These looks are perfect for the many formal events in our lives – weddings, graduations, proms, banquets, parties, and anything and everything in between! The best part of this post – I partnered up with Salam Shop and had a great morning of playing dress-up in their adorable store! Most of the pieces from my outfit ideas are all from Salam Shop so you have easy access to all the gorgeous items! 😉
Check them out – http://salamshop.ca / @mysalamshop

I just had to add a picture of this pretty scarf display! Spring has arrived at Salam Shop!

A big thank you to Salam Shop and my dear friend Kulsoom for coming along and taking all of these wonderful pictures!


Outfit ideas for more formal occasions can be tricky! You don’t want to be overdressed but you don’t want to be too simple either. You’re never sure if you should wear cultural clothing, or stick to a for-everybody look. Also, depending on the time and season of the event, you have to modify your clothing choices and selection. So basically, dressing up may be fun but can be pretty hectic to coordinate!

Here are some basics, right off the bat:
– Plain hijabs are always a safe and pretty option – Go with neutrals or soft tones like nude, mauve, or dusty pink
– Don’t overdo with the prints – Keep it classy! Depending on the event, such as a wedding, you don’t want to be the centre of attention! One simple print in a small accent to an outfit is a great amount!
– Wear what makes you comfortable! – Chances are, your event may be a long one so you want something you are physically comfortable in and something that makes you feel great!
– Think of the entire outfit! – Think about each individual piece and if it’s a practical choice for your event. Those 6-inch heels may be gorgeous, but it won’t be pretty when you fall on your face 😛

Let’s jump into some outfit ideas!

Look 1: Maxi Skirt

This definitely should’ve been expected from me haha! Maxi skirts are super versatile and can be transitioned from casual to fancy with the addition of a few pieces such as jewelry, a pretty clutch, and neutral colours. But, sometimes, you want to have a statement piece that’s a little bigger than normal! This maxi skirt look is traditional in the sense that it’s super simple in it’s components. All you do is tuck a blouse into a skirt and add a neutral hijab and you’re done! However, it’s this sequinned beauty that adds the perfect pop and glam to this outfit! This gold maxi skirt is from Hayah Collection and it’s actually super comfortable! The fabric is pretty stretchy and isn’t tight so you can walk easily in it. It has a concealed zipper in the back and is very easy to zip. ALSO, did I mention this skirt is on sale right now?! YES! Make sure you grab it before it’s all gone!
Now, picking the perfect hijab wasn’t easy, I’ll have to admit! I was looking around to find a hijab that would balance out the skirt without being too distracting and making the outfit goddy. I opted for this stunning beige/nude hijab from The Fashion Caravan and it has these small pearls around the rim of the hijab – the perfect touch to tie in the entire outfit and add a last bit of glam to the look!

My favourite picture from the entire shoot!
Surprising, this bedazzled skirt isn’t too too flashy and is perfect for a formal occasion!

11150574_10203227807970958_4871313022519757698_n 11193330_10203227808650975_9041754896903969689_n 11202952_10203227812131062_4714297623030059145_n
Style Tip: Since there is already a heavy skirt and a contrast with light and dark from the colours of the blouse and skirt, strike a balance with your choice of hijab. Let the pieces themselves do the talking and don’t turn any one article against the other.

Look 2: Maxi Dresses

Surprise Surprise! Malikah’s 2nd favourite thing after maxi skirts – maxi dresses! What can I say, I have an obsession! But you really can’t blame me! Maxi dresses are so ambidextrous, and when you score a long sleeved one, I think you’re allowed to throw a party just for that 😉 (and then you can wear it at the party because you’ll need a formal outfit LOL)
Long sleeve maxi dresses are so elegant and having one-piece that flows from top to bottom is a classy and chic outfit option. It’s also very effortless because you can just slip on one article of clothing and basically be ready! This emerald green dress is from Daya Couture, another brand from Salam Shop! This dress is an Infinite Abaya, and let me tell you, there was a lot of fabric in this dress! So of course, I was very excited to twirl in this dress and strike my signature pose! I think I’m getting pretty predictable haha! 🙂
To make the outfit more light and Spring-y, and also great for occasions in the day time or evening, I decided to wear a pink and green printed floral hijab. What I love about this hijab is that the floral pattern is housed by a neutral cream base, which still keeps the hijab elegant. Again, this one’s from The Fashion Caravan. To complete the look, I added the “Sunshine” pink necklace from Silk of Paradise, which really helped to bring all of the colours together while also adding some sparkle!

Starting off with the signature pose!
And then a classic twirl :’)
Just casually reading a book haha! The page I was on was about the method of sending Salutations on the Holy Prophet (SAWW) and mentioned to ask Allah (SWT) to send His blessings on Prophet Muhammad and his family, the Ahlulbayt <3
Had to get a shot with the gorgeous fresh flowers available at Salam Shop, all from Zuhoor Designs!


Style Tip: Add in some pops of colours as accents and use accessories to tie them back into the original look. This is especially great for lighter and day-time events because you can play with prints a little more freely hah 🙂

If you can’t find a long sleeve maxi dress, you can always go for a ‘regular’ sleeveless fancy dress. Now, unfortunately, with Summer around the corner, many of the dresses available right now are either sheer, have slits, or both. But, of course, looking at the glass half full and the beauty in every situation, you can always work around these “haram” parts LOL. For this maxi dress, there is a sheer bottom half with two long slits. To halal-ify this outfit, I wore a matching pink long sleeve tshirt underneath the dress and actually wore a….pleated skirt underneath the dress! WHAT?! Yes, you got that right! Many people dislike layering and I agree, it can get heavy and very hot. But with this dress, since the bottom skirt part is all sheer anyway, it is so lightweight that wearing a skirt underneath isn’t really a big deal at all. This skirt matches really well with the dress and just hides behind with no one noticing. Because the outfit was quite plain as it was all one colour, I added a lace printed hijab that also had neutrals and pink to finish the outfit.

IMG_4902 IMG_4909 IMG_4914 IMG_4920 IMG_4924

Look 3: Midi Dress with Leggings

A dress with leggings – the classic look for our preteen selves LOL. Wearing a dress with leggings can actually work really nicely and make for an elegant and sophisticated outfit. The key for this is to find the perfect top/dress that not only maintains modesty, but is also super cute yet classy! This long sleeve midi dress is from Daya Couture once again. It’s very flowy and oversized with fitted sleeves that equalize the baggy nature of the ensemble. Plus, the mustard colour is perfect for the Spring time and isn’t too bright for a fancy event. With the hijab, I opted for a small floral print hijab from The Fashion Caravan, that again, is based off a neutral colour, to add some more spice to the outfit. Instead of wearing a heavy statement necklace, I felt the looser nature of the top only deserved a long and sleek necklace to add the finishing bit of excitement. This necklace is from Silk of Paradise and the gem/natural stone jewelry is very in right now.

Of course I had to pose with the candy! That was the only thing that was on my mind haha!
This turquoise ring is also available at Salam Shop
Some pretty Silk of Paradise sparkly bracelets!
Behind the scenes! Owner Sudduf taking a picture for Salam Shop! Thanks for letting me pose with the pretty flowers 😉


Style Tip: Your hijab doesn’t always have to be a perfect match, just like the first outfit. This hijab doesn’t exactly have yellow in it but the white matches the leggings and the other colours complement the dress so it doesn’t look out of place. The purple gem stone necklace helps to draw in the colours from the hijab.

Look 4: Pants

Yes, pants. If you’re going to a less formal event but still need to look dressed up, then wearing a nice trouser is a perfect option. A classic black trouser in your favourite fit really is a staple in one’s wardrobe and can be worn with blazers, maxi cardigans, sweaters, and can always be accessorized to spice them up.
This outfit is from the MIST Award Ceremony. Even though I was a volunteer and not a participant in the actual ceremony, I still wanted to look presentable lol as I am on the MIST dream team! I wore these black straight pants with a peplum top and a lace maxi cardigan. Because the lace and sequinned patterns are already in the outfit, I wore a coloured plain hijab to add some colour in a monochrome look.

10865880_801158683297048_1354392476106541477_o 11080351_801158736630376_3076797973242584034_o 11072202_801158623297054_6652798918870669405_o

For more details on this outfit, check out my MIST weekend outfits post!


Yay, you’ve made it to the shopping portion! This is one of the hardest struggles for Muslimahs – Finding modest and fashionable evening wear that will dazzle the crowds without breaking the bank.

Hayah Collection
Hayah Collection sells the beautiful golden maxi skirt along with lace maxi cardigans, which are also another great piece for formal occasions! You can check them out at Salam Shop!

Daya Couture
Daya Couture has a wide selection of abayas, long sleeve maxi dresses, midi dresses, cardigans, and much more! They have it all and you can have it all at Salam Shop!
aa101e_2c26f6360ee14aee885e94ba13d7f349.png_srb_p_420_630_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb The Fashion Caravan
The Fashion Caravan is your one stop shop for every hijab you’ll ever need – from printed, to plain, to lace, to accordion! The Fashion Caravan also shares tip on dressing modestly in the workplace, how awesome! You can see all their great hijabs at Salam Shop!
Grey-Fade Silk of Paradise
Oh, Silk of Paradise http://www.silkofparadise.com


USA – Kabayare Fashion
If you’re in the States, Kabayare Fashion is a great place to find some modest formal wear! They have a variety of dresses from casual to very formal and even have (lace) maxi cardigans and lace and pleated skirts! So basically, a hijabi’s dream LOL!
(KF does ship to Canada but it may get a little pricey with shipping and duties)

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.11.02 PM
UK – Inayah Collection
And if you’re in my favourite England, then you definitely have to check out Inayah Collection! Their clothing epitomizes perfection in the balance of style and modesty! Honestly, I’m in love with everything they have! I have the Blush Lace Gown from there and it fits like a glove (a modest one don’t worry haha!) and the overall dress is very high quality.
Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.15.31 PM Dara Boutique
Dara Boutique is one of my favourite places to get hijabs, I’m sure you all know by now! They have a stunning collection of plain hijabs and they even have a glittered collection, which are plain viscose maxi hijabs with speckles of sparkle throughout. These hijabs are absolutely perfect for formal occasions because you can stick to a plain colour but have a little extra touch with the sparkle! Dara Boutique is available at Kaamilah Boutique in Scarborough and does free drop-off services in the GTA for online orders! You may even find a familiar face in their “Lookbook” Section 😉


HijabiMama also has a great variety of kaftans, maxi skirts (tulle, ball gown, printed), maxi dresses, jewelry, head pieces, and hijabs! So basically, many options for formal wear! You can shop HijabiMama at Modah in Mississauga!

11008830_789334767829983_4283777588972654842_n Modesty Collections
Modesty Collections sell Abayas, modest dresses, modest trousers, palazzo pants, cardigans, skirts, blouses, and hijabs. Their products range from everyday wear to formal wear. Also, their products are their own handmade designs which makes it all more personal and you know the quality will be great! You can also find their clothing at Modah in Mississauga.

US – Urban Modesty
Urban Modesty is a US brand based on similar principals as HH – you don’t need to sacrifice fashion or modesty for the other! They have maxi skirts, maxi dresses, maxi cardigans (basically everything maxi!).

IMG_0083US – The Hijab Souq
Last but not least, we have The Hijab Souq! They have so so so many hijabs! They have plain, ombré, printed, sparkly, and tasseled hijabs. They even have calligraphy purses and sparkly jewellery. I especially think the ‘Special Occasion’ section is perfect because you get their expert view on some great choices for formal wear! They even have pictures of their hijabs styled by many muslimahs and give you outfit ideas styled with their hijabs.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I sincerely do hope that all the tips and ideas were actually helpful inshallah.

Another big thank you to Salam Shop, I honestly had a wonderful time and to Kulsoom for being there with me the entire day!

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OOTD – Missing McMaster

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are doing well!

For those of you who had exams, I hope they went well inshallah!
I just finished my last and biggest exam yesterday! It was a practical exam for Nursing and we had to perform many different assessments on standardized patients. The most stressful part is that you have no idea what you’ll have to do until you enter the patient’s room!

Anyways, now that exams are over alhamdulilah and my first school year in university has come to an end, I thought I would pay tribute to my beautiful school, McMaster University.
Back in March, one of my best friends came to visit McMaster University as she had a day off. Of course, as she’s a photographer, we had to snap some shots 🙂
We tried to take pictures in front of some beautiful architecture and historic charm that makes McMaster the homey and warm campus it is. Unfortunately, it was still snowing back then, and seems to be close to it now (sad Canadian life), so we didn’t get as many shots. I hope you can still see some parts of McMaster!

McMaster, it’s been real. My first year in university has taught me a lot. Besides the two semesters of Health Science Anatomy and the many nursing skills I now possess, I learned a lot about myself. I learned to be more giving, more genuine, and more independent. I learned about my biases and my judgements and faced situations that were new, different, and sometimes made me uncomfortable. But at the end of it all, I learned to be me.
Inshallah, looking forward to the rest of my university career at McMaster!

For my outfit, since it was still colder then, I chose to wear my fur vest. Not that I really have to have an excuse to wear it, but still 😉
I paired it with a long sleeves crop top and simple black skirt. To add some colour to the monochrome outfit, I wore a navy floral hijab.
Hope you like it!

McMaster’s campus is known for it’s greenery, so I promise it’s actually green LOL
Cool doors for cool buildings
“Sorry, no paparazzi please” just kidding, it was more like “If you don’t get nice pictures omg…”

10441116_10202967864232527_6374253223540527067_n 10359546_10202967862032472_6575877242769740641_n 11046764_10202967859472408_5007397113854680550_nOutfit Details:
Hijab – Target
White top – Forever 21
Fur Vest – Target
Skirt – Urban Planet

Thanks for reading!
Look forward to a blogpost-filled summer inshallah!

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OOTD: MIST Weekend!


Hello Hello!

I hope you are all doing well! MIST Toronto was 10 days ago and I think I still have a case of the Post MIST Blues! I thought I’d help with the treatment, you know, because I’m a nursing student and all, by writing a blogpost to share my outfits from MIST! :’)

For those of you who do not know what MIST is, MIST, or the Muslim InterScholastic Tournament, is a 2-day tournament for high school students featuring over 30 competitions! The competitions vary from sports, to arts, to Qur’an, to Quiz bowl, to Improv, to culinary arts, to group projects such as Science Fair, Business Venture, and Short Film! MIST Toronto includes over 700 competitors (high school students)! There is a competition for anyone and it is really an amazing experience! It’s an awesome opportunity for muslim students, and non-muslims too, to showcase their talents in a safe environment, network with other students and professionals in the respective fields, and develop their leadership and communication skills! MIST is held all over the United States and in Toronto annually and each year, there is a specific theme for all of the regions. This year’s theme was the “Clarity of Sincerity, From Outer Perceptions to Inner Reflections” and each submission, regardless of the competition, should be related to the theme! For example, if you’re doing Original Oratory which is a speech competition where competitors must memorize and present a 7-10 minute speech, one could speak about would be Sincerity and relating it to their own life experiences and personal definition, and this would be constant for all regions, whether you’re in Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, or any other MIST.

MIST is honestly so much fun and it ends with an Awards Ceremony on the 3rd day to highlight each competitor and every school! I was honoured with the opportunity to compete in MIST and be the Ambassador of my school team as well! But unfortunately, MIST is only for high school students. BUT, MIST is such a memorable, exciting, and humbling experience that I knew I couldn’t just let it end when my high school career did. Therefore, I applied to be on the ‘Dream Team’ or organizing committee for MIST Toronto! This year, I was a Competitions Coordinator and my position entailed being in charge of 4 competitions, arranging for the judges, setting up everything that is needed, and making sure the competition runs smoothly on the day of. The competitions I coordinated were Sisters’ Quran Recitation Level 1 and 2, Poetry, Graphic Design, and Short Film!

It’s always so refreshing to see the talent and charisma of the competitors! From writing and preforming their own nasheed, directing and presenting a short film, writing a prepared essay in French, or performing a community service project, the students always put in so much hard work into their submissions! Mashallah, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it 🙂

I had the chance to work with some amazing, talented, and very inspirational individuals in not only my Competitions team, but also in the larger Dream Team! But of course, Comps Crew for life, love you all 😉

The dress code for competitors, volunteers, dream team members, and judges is Business! We like to take things seriously at MIST! I think this is one of my favourite parts about MIST – Getting to dress up! 😉

Here are the outfits I wore on Day 1 and 2 of the Tournament and at the Awards Ceremony!

Day 1: Saturday

This outfit was a last minute look and it came clutch! 😉
I really love how the lace top and the flowy skirt look like a dress and the blazer actually tones the outfit down to make it look less dressy. I also really like how the black-beige-royal blue colour combination worked out!
The flow of the skirt made the outfit effortless and it was actually really easy to run around all day in!

Signature pose always on 😉

IMG_0948Outfit Details:
Blazer – Old Navy
Lace Top – Urban Planet
Skirt – Stall from Halal Food Fest (LOL I actually have no idea what business/store it’s from!)
Hijab – Target
Necklace – Macys
Bangles – Aldo

Thanks to Nida for the pictures!

Day 2: Sunday

3 out of 4 of the competitions I was in charge of were on Saturday, so I only had one competition left and then I could do other random work and chill out a bit!
I had a chance to watch the Brothers’ Improv Semi-Finals and Finals which were hilarious! Being a previous Improv competitor, I definitely appreciated being able to relive my MIST Improv experience!

I actually find skirts quite low-maintenance in the sense that I don’t always have to worry about everything looking right because the skirt does all the work for me! I decided to go for a very feminine and soft look and used a classic black and baby pink combination with lace and pleats!

I’m all about them close up detail shots! 🙂

10459104_803230946423155_7474483086640147907_o 10517279_803230949756488_8557023190054274078_o 11083749_803230943089822_5201991207280914244_o

Outfit Details:
Lace Jacket – Target
White blouse – Forever 21
Skirt – Urban Planet
Flats – Aldo
Hijab – Urban Planet
Necklace – Mom’s Closet LOL – I normally know where her jewelry is from because I’m normally with her when she buys it and we actually share it all, but for some reason, I’m not sure where this one is from! :$
Bracelet – Aldo

Thanks Arooba for the pictures!

Awards: Monday 

This was the last day of MIST! 🙁
Monday was a super hectic day! I had an exam at 8:30 am! Then I left class and ran to the bus, got to Square 1, missioned home, and got home by 1:50! I had to leave at 2:30 to go to my friend’s house so we could bus over the Banquet hall where the Awards Ceremony was being held.
To make matters even more stressful, I didn’t know what I was going to wear! *GASP!*
Just kidding 😉 Well I knew I wanted to wear my lace maxi cardigan but I wasn’t sure what I was going to wear it with!

Because I wore a skirt on both of the tournament days of MIST, I thought I should change it up for Awards. I remembered that I had these tailored pants from Costa Blanca and this sequinned peplum shirt! I hadn’t worn both in AGES so I figured, might as well put them together! Then I just finished it off with the lace cardigan and some heels because the cardigan is a bit too long for me! :$ #ShortGirlProblems haha!

I also wanted the lace cardigan to be the highlight of the outfit and hence, I opted for a plain coloured hijab instead of a printed one! I wore a blue hijab as blue is the MIST ‘colour’ 🙂

I actually came up with this outfit on the bus ride home from Square 1, but last minute outfit planning came through :’)
I’m super happy with how the outfit turned out!

Repping the Dream Team Badge 😉

11072202_801158623297054_6652798918870669405_o 11045369_801158689963714_1930743307038588037_o 10986957_801158676630382_1334917638229025875_o

Here’s the full look featuring the beautiful MIST Toronto banner :’)

Outfit Details:
Lace Cardigan – Kabayare Fashion
Peplum Top – Sirens
Pants – Costa Blanca
Heels – Aldo
Hijab – Dara Boutique

Thank you Arooba and Raazia for the pictures!

And there you go! My MIST weekend in a nutshell! Hope you liked the looks!
Let me know which outfit is your favourite!!

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Thank you so much!

Lots of love, like always!

<3 Malikah

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