MIST Toronto 2016 #MISTinthe6ix

Hello hello!

I hope you are all doing well!
I’m currently sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, with a tissue box and plastic bag next to me 😷 So heads up in case this post is messy/grammatically incorrect/or all over the place. I knew if I didn’t post this tonight, my whole schedule will get messed up. So here’s a new post #HHSunday!

I’m here with my MIST 2016 blogpost!
This year, I was the Competitions Co-Manager for MIST Toronto. Last year I was a coordinator, so this year, I stepped up to the manager position. The competitions team is in charge of finding judges for the competitions, preparing all of the competition materials, ensuring the competitions run smoothly on the days of, and more. We are one of the largest teams on the overall Dream Team and we have a lot of work to do, before the weekend and during the tournament days.
I had a great team this year and an awesome Co-Manager, so thank you all for dealing with my stress and craziness!

Now, as the Dream Team,we have to dress professionally. But as HH, I have to dress stylish 😉
I went back and forth between many outfits and finally decided on these three.
Totally unintentionally, well partially, but I had a Pink and Black theme for all three days of MIST! 💕😎 I actually picked my outfit for Day 1 first, and then Day 3 – Awards next. I realized that both were Pink and Black, so I thought, if I could, I’d make the second day outfit pink and black as well. I actually ordered something, that wasn’t pink and black haha, because I ordered it before I realized this colour scheme, but it didn’t come in time. So I ended up wearing pink and black for Day 2 as well so I guess it all worked out!

Without further ado, here goes!

#HijabiHeroes – MIST Toronto 2016 Edition

Hello Hello!

I hope you are all doing well!
So I know I didn’t have a blogpost up for #HHSunday, but I told you I’d make up for it, and here I am.
This past weekend was MIST Toronto 2016!!

Last year, I did a whole post about MIST and this year, I’m back at it again 😉
Now, in this post, you might be wondering where my outfits are?! Don’t worry, they’re coming.
But, I wanted to do my #HijabiHeroes post first! A lot of the ladies featured in this post have made a significant impact on me, whether it’s mentoring me on my new position, laughing at my jokes, or just competing in MIST and making it the awesome organization it is. I really would not have had the experience I did if it weren’t for you all. So thank you.
As the whole #HijabiHeroes series is about giving back to all those who support me, it was only fitting for this post to precede my own.

Alright, I can go on forever about why I love MIST and how amazing it is and how I just want to rewind back to Saturday morning, but I don’t want to cry….again…and again.

Quick disclaimers
1) I want to apologize if I didn’t include you in this post! I had planned to take a bunch of pictures, but I underestimated how busy I would be! If you ever want to be included in one of my #HH posts, please let me know!
2) Not all of the pictures are mine – Huge shoutout to the photographers behind IFS MIST, I know there are a lot of people who contributed to the MIST albums, so thank you all for these pictures! Also thanks to @beardedbengali, a fellow MIST Dream team member for the pictures!

OOTD – Business Casual – FT. AIBI Watch

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well!

Thank you all for the positive feedback and comments from Part 1 of the #DoneDoneLondon blogposts! Everyone seemed to love seeing all the details from the wedding! I’m so glad you all liked it! Part 2 will be up next week inshallah!

Today I had a meeting in Downtown Toronto for MIST Toronto, so I wanted to share my outfit from that! The dress code was Business Casual and we had to incorporate the colour navy into our outfits for our Team pictures. Since I really don’t show much ‘professional’ wear on here, I thought it’d be nice to share my outfit from today! And please let me know if you’d like more posts regarding outfits for work or professional settings!

Since I had to wear navy, I decided to first pick out my navy pants and Voile Chic navy viscose hijab. I thought it’d be easier to have the ‘required’ pieces out of the way and focus the rest of the outfit around that. In London, I bought this gorgeous blush pink ‘coatigan’ from Primark, aka the best store ever :’) It’s called a coatigan because it’s structured like a coat, but it’s in a cardigan/sweater material!

I also wanted to wear this cream and black windowpane scarf around my neck to add some more dimension, so I just picked a cream blouse to match. I find adding a scarf is a good way to accessorize and creates a polished, put-together look.

WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School Outfits! FT. Luluwaah

Hey hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and getting into the routine life now that school has started! I know, it’s a bummer, especially after having a 4 month summer vacation!

But before I get into more details about school, I just wanted to apologize for not posting for about 2 weeks!! It’s unacceptable and I’m so SORRY! 🙁
I’ve just been really busy preparing for school and also helping organize the Al-Wahda Sports Festival held in Toronto. Also, last week our school begun but we already had about 4 chapters of reading to do before the first day of class! And we only found out two days before, which was on the Labour Day weekend! So the stress level is already elevated :’)

Anyway! I’m in my second year of University, studying Nursing! I’m taking 7 classes (usual full course load is 5…) only because that’s how intense and jam-packed the nursing program is! My classes for this term include Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Social Determinants of Health, Anatomy of Medical Terminology, and then my Clinical Placement course, my Service learning placement course, and the Problem-Based Learning course where we analzye different care scenarios and get a more rounded approach to Nursing.

As you can tell, I’m already exhausted and I’m JUST starting my FIRST full week of school. It’s going to be a looooong semester! I figured some of you may be in the same boat, so I thought I’d share some Back-to-School Outfit ideas with you all to ease the load of getting out of bed and dressed in the morning! I think I’m going to be wearing all of these outfits this week… LOL

These outfits are suitable for the Summer-Fall transition but can definitely be adjusted to fit the climate needs of a particular day!

With all of these outfits, I am wearing a hijab from Luluwaah! Luluwaah is a proud Canadian company that prides itself in providing affordable yet quality products to its consumer. I have known the owner of Luluwaah for a very long time and she is one of the most sincere and beautiful people I have ever met! Luluwaah also donates a portion of their sales to a village in Tanzania! I love that they’re a socially responsible company as well!
Luluwaah hijabs are really nice because they’re a great material! I’m pretty sure all hijabis know the struggle of finding the perfect material for a hijab. These hijabs are a great balance between super soft, but stiff enough so they don’t fall off and stay in place all day. They don’t fuss around, which is ideal for school, because you know you’ll be good all day long!

They also have a great variety and selection of printed and solid coloured hijabs with cute accents such as tassels and lace. These frills add a little something extra to a solid hijab which are awesome to enhance a plain outfit. Luluwaah also has the most unique ombre hijabs with the prettiest colour combinations!

From the packaging of the hijabs, their website, the quality of the hijabs, and much more – I was so impressed by the attention to detail from Luluwaah. Their packaging was very elegant and made me feel so excited and honoured to be opening a package! Their website is easy to navigate and their “Blog” section gives some ideas on how to style their scarves!


That gold wrapping though :))
A personalized note! Loving it!


The main point is to be comfortable and modest, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear sweatpants all the time! These outfits are all very casual, but yet put-together. I am a strong believer of the notion that the way you dress influences your mood and productivity. Even if I’m just at home but I feel as if I have a lot of work to complete – I change out of my pajamas (I know, it’s sad) and change into a shirt and jeans. This way, I’m mentally prepared for the day and getting ready helps with my efficiency.

I hope you enjoy! Check out Luluwaah on their website, follow them on Instagram, and like them Facebook!
A big thank you to my best friend Kulsoom for taking all of these cool pictures 🙂

Outfit 1: A little bit of Everything
Just a little Tassel – Bubblegum hijab

This outfit plays off of various ‘basic’ elements to create a complex look. You have the black and white stripes, black and white print on the cropped cardigan, light wash jeans, and contrast solid hijab.
I love mixing neutrals and basic pieces together because 1) it’s super easy to do, and 2) the final product will basically always look good!

This summer, I’ve totally been loving black and white stripes so I had to include this t-shirt in the outfit. The light wash jeans are super comfortable due to their relaxed fit, so they feel a bit like sweats! And then coral is an amazing summer colour so I had to add it in this outfit as well. The strong contrast and having the black in the outfit makes the look perfect for transitioning seasons. To be honest, I was SO totally tempted to wear my jean jacket instead, but by swapping one piece of the outfit, you can create a different look suitable for another season!

BTS 1.1 BTS 1.4 BTS 1.3 BTS 1.2

Outfit Details:
Striped t-shirt – Urban Outfitters
Cropped Cardigan – Gift
Jeans – Target
Hijab – Luluwaah (Just a little Tassel – Bubblegum)
Shoes – Target
Bag – H&M

Outfit 2: I swear it was Summer yesterday?!
Lacey Affair – Azure hijab

This outfit is my salute to Summer. It says “I’m in denial that school is over”, but more importantly “Why does school have to start”. And lastly, it also says “I’m dressing as if I was on vacation (basically how I dressed all Summer)” :’)

But honestly, pants like these that are tapered but also flowy are so perfect for summer and long days! They’re lightweight and comfortable but they also make you look put together. These are my next favourite after palazzo pants but less maintenance, so they’re perfect for long school days!

I paired the printed pants with a simple black blouse (a no-brainer) and a blue lace hijab to complement the hues of blue in the pants. The lace adds a nice touch to a casual and super easy outfit!

BTS 2.1
This hijab was so unbelievably soft, I just can’t <3 <3

BTS 2.4 BTS 2.3 BTS 2.2

Outfit Details:
Blouse – Target
Printed Pants – Urban Planet
Hijab – Luluwaah (Lacey Affair – Azure)
Shoes – Aldo
Bag – H&M

Outfit 3: Blanket in an Outfit
Glittered Ombre – Earth hijab

This outfit was especially designed for the days that you wish you could bring your blanket to school! Oversized sweaters are the way to go. Anything oversized is to be honest. There’s nothing else to say. This oversized olive cardigan/sweater screams “cozy” to me! It looks like it is made out of a light material, but it is actually pretty warm! This way, you can be snuggled up all day and if you squint and try really hard, you could pretend you’re still in bed :’)

BUT, can we just talk about how beautiful and wonderful this hijab is?!?!?!
It’s an ombre hijab with light grey, cream, brown, and burgundy! 4 total fall colours in one hijab and a little glitter to top it all off! This hijab is probably my favourite! I totally adore the other two, but this one is just SO unique and gives off a really nice vibe once layered and styled.
The slight sparkle and complexity of the hijab balances the oversized nature of the sweater and adds a hint of sophistication to the look.

BTS 3.1

BTS 3.4 BTS 3.3 BTS 3.2

Outfit Details:
Oversized Sweater – Macys
Black Pants – H&M
Hijab – Luluwaah (Glittered Ombre – Earth)
Shoes – Aldo
Bag – H&M

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Thank you all for the support, and my apologies once again for not posting for a bit! Inshallah I have some great blogposts lined up for the rest of September 🙂

Speak to you soon!


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OOTD – Distillery District

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!

A few weeks ago, my friend Fatima and I were talking and mutually agreed that we needed some adventure in our lives. We both recognized that our city of Toronto has so many cool places to offer and we have to start our journey somewhere to uncover the hidden beauty of the #6ix. So a couple days ago, we started this mission of exploring Toronto with our first stop – Distillery District!

Distillery District is located a couple blocks from King station in Downtown Toronto. The main intersection is King and Trinity and you can take the 504 streetcar towards Broadsview to get there! Make sure to travel in the right direction though 😉

Distillery District is a historic area, filled with shops, eateries, and many sights to see and is a mix of an old little town with a big flashy city. I tried to capture this essence in a couple photographs below! The District is bursting with culture and heritage, with unique art in galleries and on the street! There are many exclusive finds and something to learn with every turn of a corner. I’m really glad we had a chance to visit and venture around the District! It was nice to see some vintage charm in Downtown Toronto 🙂

Love the mix of old town and high rise!
Yes, Distillery District is home to the infamous LOVE sign! Everyone was swarming around to take cute pictures, so when I found it empty for one second, I rushed to take a shot!


Right in the middle of DD! Candid of Fatima 🙂
The calm before the storm! Literally!
Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.07.41 PM
The area just a little bit further up from the previous picture…5 minutes later :$ I swear we were in Toronto, not in Orlando! #FloridianinCanada

IMG_3107IMG_3202 IMG_3185

It was an off-on rainy day so I decided to go ultra comfy and cozy with the outfit, in case of a downpour! Also, with the humidity in the air, I wanted to be in something oversized and airy to help the air ventilate. I decided to keep my outfit pretty casual and work with the colours of my clothing to create a unique look.

I wore a mix of neutral basic colours for the main components of my outfit – nude hijab, grey sweater, black pants and loafers, and a cream bag. Then, to add a pop of colour, I wore a yellow-green-and-mint floral hijab draped around my neck for added coziness! I swear I know it’s not winter LOL but I couldn’t resist! I actually felt really comfortable throughout the day so it worked out 🙂 This was a perfect outfit for being out-and-about and walking all day long!

<3 Toronto!
Always posing in front of brick walls – what can I say :’)


A lovely shot of Fatima, if I do say so myself 😉

Outfit Details:
Nude Hijab – Silks
Sweater – Hollister
Black Jeans – H&M
Shoes – Target
Bag – Aldo
Floral scarf – Target

I hope you liked this post and a virtual tour around Distillery District!

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Thank you 🙂

Speak to you soon!

Malikah <3

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OOTD: MIST Weekend!


Hello Hello!

I hope you are all doing well! MIST Toronto was 10 days ago and I think I still have a case of the Post MIST Blues! I thought I’d help with the treatment, you know, because I’m a nursing student and all, by writing a blogpost to share my outfits from MIST! :’)

For those of you who do not know what MIST is, MIST, or the Muslim InterScholastic Tournament, is a 2-day tournament for high school students featuring over 30 competitions! The competitions vary from sports, to arts, to Qur’an, to Quiz bowl, to Improv, to culinary arts, to group projects such as Science Fair, Business Venture, and Short Film! MIST Toronto includes over 700 competitors (high school students)! There is a competition for anyone and it is really an amazing experience! It’s an awesome opportunity for muslim students, and non-muslims too, to showcase their talents in a safe environment, network with other students and professionals in the respective fields, and develop their leadership and communication skills! MIST is held all over the United States and in Toronto annually and each year, there is a specific theme for all of the regions. This year’s theme was the “Clarity of Sincerity, From Outer Perceptions to Inner Reflections” and each submission, regardless of the competition, should be related to the theme! For example, if you’re doing Original Oratory which is a speech competition where competitors must memorize and present a 7-10 minute speech, one could speak about would be Sincerity and relating it to their own life experiences and personal definition, and this would be constant for all regions, whether you’re in Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, or any other MIST.

MIST is honestly so much fun and it ends with an Awards Ceremony on the 3rd day to highlight each competitor and every school! I was honoured with the opportunity to compete in MIST and be the Ambassador of my school team as well! But unfortunately, MIST is only for high school students. BUT, MIST is such a memorable, exciting, and humbling experience that I knew I couldn’t just let it end when my high school career did. Therefore, I applied to be on the ‘Dream Team’ or organizing committee for MIST Toronto! This year, I was a Competitions Coordinator and my position entailed being in charge of 4 competitions, arranging for the judges, setting up everything that is needed, and making sure the competition runs smoothly on the day of. The competitions I coordinated were Sisters’ Quran Recitation Level 1 and 2, Poetry, Graphic Design, and Short Film!

It’s always so refreshing to see the talent and charisma of the competitors! From writing and preforming their own nasheed, directing and presenting a short film, writing a prepared essay in French, or performing a community service project, the students always put in so much hard work into their submissions! Mashallah, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it 🙂

I had the chance to work with some amazing, talented, and very inspirational individuals in not only my Competitions team, but also in the larger Dream Team! But of course, Comps Crew for life, love you all 😉

The dress code for competitors, volunteers, dream team members, and judges is Business! We like to take things seriously at MIST! I think this is one of my favourite parts about MIST – Getting to dress up! 😉

Here are the outfits I wore on Day 1 and 2 of the Tournament and at the Awards Ceremony!

Day 1: Saturday

This outfit was a last minute look and it came clutch! 😉
I really love how the lace top and the flowy skirt look like a dress and the blazer actually tones the outfit down to make it look less dressy. I also really like how the black-beige-royal blue colour combination worked out!
The flow of the skirt made the outfit effortless and it was actually really easy to run around all day in!

Signature pose always on 😉

IMG_0948Outfit Details:
Blazer – Old Navy
Lace Top – Urban Planet
Skirt – Stall from Halal Food Fest (LOL I actually have no idea what business/store it’s from!)
Hijab – Target
Necklace – Macys
Bangles – Aldo

Thanks to Nida for the pictures!

Day 2: Sunday

3 out of 4 of the competitions I was in charge of were on Saturday, so I only had one competition left and then I could do other random work and chill out a bit!
I had a chance to watch the Brothers’ Improv Semi-Finals and Finals which were hilarious! Being a previous Improv competitor, I definitely appreciated being able to relive my MIST Improv experience!

I actually find skirts quite low-maintenance in the sense that I don’t always have to worry about everything looking right because the skirt does all the work for me! I decided to go for a very feminine and soft look and used a classic black and baby pink combination with lace and pleats!

I’m all about them close up detail shots! 🙂

10459104_803230946423155_7474483086640147907_o 10517279_803230949756488_8557023190054274078_o 11083749_803230943089822_5201991207280914244_o

Outfit Details:
Lace Jacket – Target
White blouse – Forever 21
Skirt – Urban Planet
Flats – Aldo
Hijab – Urban Planet
Necklace – Mom’s Closet LOL – I normally know where her jewelry is from because I’m normally with her when she buys it and we actually share it all, but for some reason, I’m not sure where this one is from! :$
Bracelet – Aldo

Thanks Arooba for the pictures!

Awards: Monday 

This was the last day of MIST! 🙁
Monday was a super hectic day! I had an exam at 8:30 am! Then I left class and ran to the bus, got to Square 1, missioned home, and got home by 1:50! I had to leave at 2:30 to go to my friend’s house so we could bus over the Banquet hall where the Awards Ceremony was being held.
To make matters even more stressful, I didn’t know what I was going to wear! *GASP!*
Just kidding 😉 Well I knew I wanted to wear my lace maxi cardigan but I wasn’t sure what I was going to wear it with!

Because I wore a skirt on both of the tournament days of MIST, I thought I should change it up for Awards. I remembered that I had these tailored pants from Costa Blanca and this sequinned peplum shirt! I hadn’t worn both in AGES so I figured, might as well put them together! Then I just finished it off with the lace cardigan and some heels because the cardigan is a bit too long for me! :$ #ShortGirlProblems haha!

I also wanted the lace cardigan to be the highlight of the outfit and hence, I opted for a plain coloured hijab instead of a printed one! I wore a blue hijab as blue is the MIST ‘colour’ 🙂

I actually came up with this outfit on the bus ride home from Square 1, but last minute outfit planning came through :’)
I’m super happy with how the outfit turned out!

Repping the Dream Team Badge 😉

11072202_801158623297054_6652798918870669405_o 11045369_801158689963714_1930743307038588037_o 10986957_801158676630382_1334917638229025875_o

Here’s the full look featuring the beautiful MIST Toronto banner :’)

Outfit Details:
Lace Cardigan – Kabayare Fashion
Peplum Top – Sirens
Pants – Costa Blanca
Heels – Aldo
Hijab – Dara Boutique

Thank you Arooba and Raazia for the pictures!

And there you go! My MIST weekend in a nutshell! Hope you liked the looks!
Let me know which outfit is your favourite!!

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Thank you so much!

Lots of love, like always!

<3 Malikah

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OOTD: Poppin’ in Downtown

Well Hello there!

I hope you are all doing well!

Before I start this post, I just wanted to announce something….
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This week is Reading week so we have the week off! This is basically Canada’s version of Spring break, but its -40 degrees out, so that’s quite ironic 😛
The intention, from what I know, is that you have all of your midterms before Reading week so that you can catch up on all of the work that you put off whilst studying! Now I may be totally wrong, but I really thought this is why we have the week off. But, I, and many others, have midterms after reading week. So not only do I have work to catch up on, I also have to study 🙁
LOL I’m making this seem like a big struggle but in fact, this is what School is and normally we don’t get weeks off :’)

Any who, because everyone has the week off, we are all scheduling our meetings for various clubs and organizations during this time and trying to hang out with friends that we never see anymore!

My friend Kulsoom, who is my main photographer and founder of Lac0nic ph0t0s, and I went to Downtown Toronto yesterday. What a surprise! We actually go there so often these days, but it’s one of our favourite places to hang out and there’s always something new to experience! Except, we always make our routine trip to Kensington Market before we can explore anywhere else :’)

I had a meeting to attend for MIST which is the Muslim IntersScholastic Tournament, and I am one of the competitions coordinator for the Toronto Region, where we plan out the competitions for the students, find the judges, and coordinate everything on the day off! Kulsoom was meeting up with a friend so it worked out perfectly!

Of course, when I go to Downtown, I try to dress extra nice 😉

Just kidding! But of course, I wanted to share my outfit!

My mom bought me this cape sweater recently and I thought it was the cutest thing! I love how oversized and modest it is, perfect for a hijabi haha, and how it still flows nicely and looks great!

I wore a trusty printed hijab and added some of my favourite gold accessories to complete the look.

Of course, I had to take all of my outfit pictures in Kensington Market and eat some yummy churros too <3

I hope my friends like the name of this post too 😉

IMG_2287 IMG_2290

Accessories 🙂
My favourite wall in Kensington Market!

IMG_2319 IMG_2351
IMG_2338 IMG_2334 IMG_2328

Outfit Details:
Sweater – The Bay
Hijab – Ardene
Cream T-shirt – UK
Black jeans – H&M
Boots – The Bay
Purse – Aldo

And here’s a picture of Downtown Toronto by night for you all 🙂


I hope you guys liked the outfit!
Sorry for so many pictures, I couldn’t decide on my favourites :$

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Stay tuned for something special soooon!

Love you all!


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