DIY Ripped Jeans!

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I hope you are all doing well! Midterms are done for the most part and I’m back! Sorry, I really wanted to upload this post a bit earlier, but things just got a little busy trying to catch up with all my other classes! If I’m not posting on here, I’m almost always active on my Instagram and I regularly upload OOTD’s there!

But, I did this DIY a couple weeks ago to test it out and loved how it turned out! I even featured it on a couple pictures on my Instagram! Ripped jeans have been very ‘on trend’ lately, but the ones in the stores can be super distressed and ripped, which I am personally not a huge fan of. I love the ripped jeans look, just not too much aha! Also, they start to look a bit weird if they have a lot of cutouts and you’re wearing leggings underneath for modesty!

I thought, since I’m not going to find exactly what I like in the stores, might as well make my own! Also, my mom didn’t think buying a pair of ‘defective’ or ripped jeans was a good way to spend her money LOL. I had this pair of jeans that I’ve literally had since middle school and I NEVER wear them, so I thought why not use this as my test pair. If it works, hallelujah, if not, no biggie. I found a couple methods online and used a little bit from each to come up with a technique. I loved the way they turned out, although I think they could use a little bit more distressing.

Now, I wear my jeans with leggings underneath, and because the jeans I chose to DIY are a straight fit, they have some space for the extra layer. If you want do this DIY on a skinnier fit, you can just take some fabric and attach it  from the inside to cover up the rips. And don’t worry, I actually like the way my jeans look with black leggings underneath! There’s always a way to make something modest, and still stylish! :’)

Here’s the DIY and some ways I styled my jeans!

– Ofcourse, your pair of jeans!
– Scissors (Fabric scissors help, but they are not necessary)
– Tweezers
– Marker/Pen

Now, you could go ahead and wing it, but I suggest making some markings or lines where you would like to make your holes/rips, so you have a general idea for what your finished product will look like.
The best way to do this is to wear the jeans, and then draw a line where you want to make your cut. This way, you know exactly where the rips will be on your legs. Especially if you want to make a rip in the knee, wearing the jeans really helps!

Once you have all the markings, you will need to start making some cuts! You can take the jeans off of course hehe 🙂
For the rips, you can cut on the lines you have drawn, but you will also need to make a second cut, around 1.5 inches above or below the initial cut. If you want a relatively thin rip/cut, then you can decrease the distance between the two cuts. If you would like the rip to be at the exact location of the line, then make two cuts around an inch above and below, so you know the rip will be in the right place.
Be careful to only cut the top layer of the fabric, unless you want some cutouts on the back of your jeans too LOL!

DIY Ripped Jeans-5
So the middle line is exactly where I wanted my rip to be, so I drew a line above and below so I could make the right cuts!
DIY Ripped Jeans-6
Snip snip snip!

Now that you have two cuts, you have one piece of fabric in between them. The key to getting the rips is to pull on the vertical blue threads, which will expose the white threads of the jeans. Using the tweezers, you can pull out the blue threads that have been cut when you made your slit. At first, it’s a little hard, but once you get going, you can see them really easily and keep going. I’d suggest starting in the middle so you can see exactly what you’re doing!
You can refer to the pictures because it’s easier to understand 🙂

DIY Ripped Jeans-7
As you can see, you just pull the vertical threads out of the fabric with the tweezers. The result is just the horizontal white threads

DIY Ripped Jeans-8

Once you finish removing all of the vertical threads, you will end up with something like this:
DIY Ripped Jeans-9
There will be some naturally occurring distressing around the cuts, but if you want a very natural “store-bought” look, just pop them in the wash. After going in the dryer, they should have the frayed edges around the rips! Funny how the ‘natural’ look is the ‘store bought’ HAHA.

I ended up making 4 total cuts in my jeans, just to keep it simple, yet edgy!

I hope this DIY was helpful and clear! If you have any questions, just drop a comment and hopefully I can help you out!

Here’s how I styled them!
DIY Ripped Jeans DIY Ripped Jeans-3 DIY Ripped Jeans-1Outfit Details:
Sweater – Hollister
Jeans – DIY (Original pair from Target)
Hijab – Dara Boutique
Boots – The Bay


HTS Sweaters 2-2
This outfit is from my “HOW TO STYLE – Sweaters FT The Hijab Souq” Post!


Outfit Details:
Green Shirt – Hollister
Black Tshirt – Target
Jeans – DIY (Original Pair from Target)
Hijab – London, UK
Shoes – Aldo
Purse – Kate Spade

And there you have it! I hope this post was helpful and I hope you recreate your own DIY pair of ripped jeans! You can always tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can see your outfits! 🙂

Speak to you soon! I have a really cool, and different, blogpost coming up next inshallah!
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Have a lovely week! <3


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DIY No-Sew Kimono Vest

Hello everyone!

I’m back again! I know, shocking! Before I go back into exam study mode, I thought I’d squeeze another blogpost in 😉

Today I have a DIY! I was going through my website and I realized how I haven’t recently posted in neither the DIY and Health & Beauty sections, so therefore, I wanted to have something a little different today!

I’ve wore my DIY kimono from last year recently and someone thought it was store bought! She was amazed that I made it, and that it’s was once a regular hijab that I bought at the mall! I’ve been wanting to make more kimonos so I can wear them, especially as the weather is getting warmer as summer is approaching (and hopefully, it actually reaches Canada!). Unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time to do so because of school, exams, and just my busy life! Hence, I wanted to share this really quick, less than 1-minute way you can achieve the kimono look with no damage done to your wallet or any piece of fabric/hijab!

This kimono style is like a vest as it doesn’t have the flowy sleeves like the DIY sewn kimono does, but it still has the flow throughout! The best part is, you can literally have an unlimited amount of these kimonos, well as many as you have hijabs!
So all you will need is a hijab! That’s it 🙂
You know me, I always need an excuse to buy more hijabs! Because, hey, not only would I be wearing it as a hijab, I could also wear it around my neck (and if you want to know how to style a hijab around your neck, check out my HOW TO STYLE: Neck Scarves post 😉 lol) and as a clothing piece! Sounds good to me!!

Here are the simple steps:
1) Fold your hijab in half width ways, or otherwise known as a “hamburger” fold lol.
2) Tie one of the folded edges with one of the open edges together into a small knot.
3) Viola! You’re done! You just spread the fabric apart from where the knot is located and you get two sides with two open spaces that are the arm holes!

Here is a simple video I made demonstrating how to do it! I wanted to write it out and have a visual aid 🙂

With it this easy, you can make kimonos out of every hijab you own! And after you’re done rocking your look, you can just simply untie the knot and fold up your hijab like nothing ever happened 😉

This is really perfect for the spring and summer time! They’re so light, airy, and effortless and you can always have a unique and different look!

Here’s how I styled mine from today! I decided to wear denim on denim, as it’s one of the Spring Trends I mentioned in my Gaya Magazine article!

So flowy 🙂
Of course, I HAVE to do the signature HH pose 🙂

IMG_4478 IMG_4450 IMG_4447 IMG_4437 IMG_4431

Outfit Details:
Hijab for Kimono – Hollister
White Hijab – Dara Boutique
Denim Shirt – Cotton On
Jeans – Targe
Shoes – Aldo

I hope you like it and find it super easy and helpful!

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Talk to you soon!


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