HOW TO STYLE: Little Black (Maxi) Dress (Back to Basics) FT. ModeSTyles

Hiiiii guys (Dina Tokio voice LOL)!

I hope you are all doing well, and if you are amidst exam season, I hope those are going well! My first exam is Friday and I finish exams next week! Sorry for the delay with this blogpost, it’s just been super busy these past couple of days.

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know about my How to Style series! You might also know that HTS posts are actually one of my favourite blogposts to write! I find them helpful to myself, so I really enjoy it! As my style is transitioning to more basic pieces, I really wanted to show how I style my wardrobe essentials. So an off-shooting from the How To Style series is the Back to Basics stream! Back to Basics will feature my wardrobe staples, including a simple black maxi dress in this post! I’m so excited for upcoming posts inshallah 🙉

Ahh the Little Black Dress! Known to be a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. In this case, it’s a Little Black (Maxi) Dress! They’re super easy and essential in my opinion, and can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion. Maxi dresses in general are very convenient to just throw on, and black ones especially are pretty awesome. I’m wearing a simple straight cut black maxi from H&M in all of the pictures!

What It’s Like to Try a New Hijab Style!

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I hope you are all doing well and had a great and relaxing weekend!
Before I begin, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 5,000 INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS! HOW CRAZY!! I really appreciate all the support, and as we hit these major milestones as the #HHSqaud, I like to renew my intentions and purpose of starting this blog in the first place! (Also, can #HHSquad be a thing, I’m really digging it!)

Last week, I mentioned that I had a cool post planned for this week, and I’m really excited about this!

Recently, I’ve been trying to find a new hijab style because I thought I needed a change. Also, I don’t necessarily think my current style suits my face shape very well. I tried out some styles and actually switched over to a new style for a bit. Btw, Love how I’m talking about this as if I physically made a modification to my life LOL. Anyways, I wore it for a week or so, off and on, and decided that it didn’t make the cut haha. I went back to my original style with a little tweak.

But, when I wore the new hijab style, which was a Dina Tokio inspired style, for my super long Thursdays (I have class from 8:30 am – 10 pm), I found all of these thoughts running through my mind! Thought it would make for a hilarious blogpost and maybe some of you can relate as well! Definitely was going for a Buzzfeed-style post, so I hope it’s funny as well!

Without further ado, I present the stages of wearing a new hijab style!

We all know, the entire process related to wearing the hijab is quite extensive in general. First of all, you must have a style or way of wearing it that you actually like. Then, there’s all the specifics about the hijab itself – the material, size, shape, etc etc. Then, it has to match with your outfit and you have to make the crucial decision – PRINTED OR PLAIN?!? And then if you pick plain, are we going with just a good ole solid, or a lace border, tassels, pearls, the list is endless! And even if you’ve managed to be successful thus far, with a stellar style and a gorgeous hijab, you could always end up with a bad hijab day!

Now, I’m just going to start off with one of basic, yet essential events. Almost an intervention to the whole process. WEARING A NEW HIJAB STYLE.

It all starts off with recognizing the need for change. After you’ve gone through the denial phase, you can finally admit that you need something different. Or maybe you just feel like having a new look!

So you go on your computer and open your pal, YouTube. Oh trusty YouTube, thank you for being my saviour once again. If it’s for watching Crash Course videos on Transcription or Translation (Biology tings) or watching a little kid open his toys (it’s a real thing you know), YouTube is always there for anything your heart desires.
You search for every and any hijab tutorial out there. From DinaTokio, to YaztheSpaz89, Amenakin, the whole lot. Yep, I went to the depths of YouTube and came out with barely anything…

Once you find something that seems like it could work, you pull out a trusty hijab and start going at it. You take a deep breath and hope this hijab won’t fail you.
Once you adjust it, this is what you think:

Looking in the mirror likeeeeee

Later on, one brave day, you remember that hijab style you tried out. You’re feeling confident so you take a chance and decide to wear it!

As you’re getting ready, your mind starts to slip about the exact details of this new chosen style.
Was it 2 pleats or 3?! How long is the short side and long side? Do you fold it 1 inch or 2?! This is all so hectic!

After ending up with a big mess, you realize that it wouldn’t really hurt to re-watch that video. Just a refresher, ya know :’)

After spending WAAAAAAAY too much time trying to adjust your hijab, flipping this side over, tucking this end under, and perfecting the pleats (Perfect the pleats I like it), you are finally (somewhat) content with the end product.
“Alright, this could work, I can deal with this”

As you go on about your busy day, you totally forget that you are wearing a new hijab style. You’re accepting this new look, the new YOU. You think about all the wonders this hijab can do for you – new confidence, new outlook on life, and new Instagram pictures. Ya know, the usual.

You tough it through and delay any bathroom visits or mirror checking. Once you’re hundo p sure it’s falling off, you go to fix it.
The minute you glance into the mirror – this is all you can think:
“This is so hectic.”
“I can’t believe I walked around for all day with this mess!”
“I ain’t about this”

Once you take it all off and do it over again, and you think you’ve salvaged all that’s left of your dignity, you continue your day and pray that this episode never happens again. We ain’t about the rerun life.

You may check it one or two more times, and thankfully, it’s holding up.

Once the day is over, you realize that it wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe you and this new hijab style have a real future together. I mean, it’s not too bad right?! I could see it working out!
I like you…enough.

And as you think about it for a couple seconds more, you throw in the towel.
Who needs change.
I looked fabulous before, and I’ll look fabulous now.
*Flips Hijab*

And there you have it:)

Just a disclaimer – this post is totally light-hearted, but I’m sure you can relate to some of my exaggerated points! I really hope you enjoyed this!
I’ll be back with a fashion related post next week inshallah!

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Hope you have an amazing week and speak to you soon inshallah!
HAHAH, sorry, just had to!!

Peace out, Girlscout!

Malikah <3

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