Modah’s 1-Year Anniversary!

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If you didn’t know, this past weekend was Modah‘s 1-year Anniversary! They had sales on the whole store for the entire weekend and it was really busy!

On Friday, they had a 1-Year Anniversary event, and as Brand Ambassador for Modah, I was hosting it as well! We decorated the entire store with balloons everywhere and we even got these cute oil lamp lanterns too! Anisa, from Eastern Toy Box, even did a very nice window display featuring big foil “1” balloons to celebrate this milestone! On Thursday, I was there from 12-8 pm and on Friday, from 11 am-9 pm to set everything up and finish all the preparations! We had cute appetizers of Lollipop Chicken and Butterfly Shrimp and yummy cake for dessert. It was the official launch of the Chai Bar so we also had some complimentary mocktails!

Strawberry and the Raspberry Modah Martini!

This weekend has been crazy hectic but I wanted to share some pictures from the event!

We invited YaztheSpaz89, who was in town for Muslim Fest, as well as Saman from Makeup & Hijabs, Nour from Nourka92, and Fareena from 1HijabiFashionista. They came around 5:30 and stayed til 8:30. Yaz was supposed to come from 5-6 as she then had to go to Muslim Fest, but her flight got delayed so she only made a short appearance at Modah.

Everyone with YaztheSpaz!
Saman, Fareena, Nour, and I 🙂



I suggested we have a photo wall so people can take pictures and have a memory from the event. So I made two frames that were used to take pictures with and boy, they were a big hit alhamdulillah! One of the them was black and had a gold ribbon outlining the inside of the frame and then had “Modah 1-Year Anniversary” written at the bottom. The other was a white frame and looked like the interface of Instagram! That way, when someone takes a picture with the frame, it looks like an Instagram photo! :’)

IMG_3728 IMG_3812

Lindsay from Blossom & Bean and her super adorable daughter!

There were people coming in and out and were just buying stuff! I was mostly concentrated on the in-store giveaways we were having and being with the other bloggers that were VIP guests. We made all the VIPs a gift bag and then the bloggers a different VIP gift box. Tuesday in Love, the company who sells water-permeable, AKA wudhu-friendly, nail polish gave all of us bloggers a special gift bag as well.
Here’s what was inside:IMG_8568 IMG_8387

For my outfit, I wanted to be classy and fancy as well as this was a big event. The Modah colours are Black and Burgundy and then for the event, we added accents of Gold to make it more glamorous. Hence, I decided to go for the same colour scheme with my outfit.

I absolutely adore my Ruby coloured ball gown skirt from HijabiMama and it was the perfect colour for the occasion. It’s poof from the ball gown nature and it’s shimmery sheen made it ideal for this type of event. I wore it with a black lace top and a black undershirt. To lighten up the look, I wore a cream hijab. The outfit was totally classy and everyone really loved it! I hope you do too 🙂


IMG_8347 IMG_8385

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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