Maximize Your Closet – Ethnic Wear! FT. Doch

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I always get asked how I come up with so many outfit combinations and everyone thinks I have 8706532 articles of clothing. I am not *always* shopping, as per popular belief hehe. I do have a closetful of clothing, alhamdulilah, and I am always thinking of new ways to wear the clothes I already have. I think that’s the essence of fashion. Especially as I’ve been getting this feedback recently, I thought I’d make this blogpost about how to expand your wardrobe!

When it comes to ethnic wear, it can be difficult to re-wear the same outfit in a short period of time. The eye-catching intricate glitz and glamour that accompanies ethnic wear can even be difficult to style in ways other than its original form. But, if you’re going to spend a good amount of money on such pieces, you want to wear them in more than one way!

3 in 1 Outfit FT. eShakti!

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I’m back with some more outfit inspo and I have a feeling you’ll really like this one.
If you’re an OG HH fan, you might remember a past blogpost I did with an outfit from eShakti (if you want to see, I’ll conveniently link it here mhm). Well, since I loved their service, I had to get another outfit from them.

eShakti allows you to customize outfits to change details like the sleeves, outfit length, neckline, and you can even give your own measurements to help get the perfect fit.

I’m a person who likes practicality and versatility. I like getting things that I can wear multiple ways to make the most out of my wardrobe.

Glittering Gown – FT. ModestWear!

Hey Salaam!

I hope you’ve all been doing well! I know it’s been a while since my last post and so much has changed in the world since then. Seasons are changing, semesters ending (THANK GOODNESS), but don’t worry, the weather in Toronto still isn’t quite Spring-ready yet. So, I guess I’m not too behind.

Speaking of behind, since I’ve been gone, I thought I’d try to work forward and try to get ahead this time! So I’m swinging straight into Ramadhan/Eid/Wedding outfit ideas! And my first post of this kind is featuring this gorgeous navy and silver kaftan from ModestWear!

#HHReviews – Healthy Habits Community by NutritionByNaz!

Salaam Salaam… (I definitely said that in a ‘well well…’ voice LOL)

Look who’s back with another blogpost. Am I a Tim Horton’s cup, because I’m on a roll! Get it, like Roll up the Rim! Yes, no, maybe so?!

Today I’m doing another #HHReview, and this time, it’s the Healthy Habits Community by NutritionbyNaz! Well, that’s her Instagram name at least! I tried this program for a month, and I want to tell you a little about it.

So you may be asking, who is NutritionByNaz? Nazima is a registered Dietitian through the College of Dietitians of Ontario, with a Masters in Public Health in Nutrition and Dietetics, and is ALSO a Certified Personal Trainer, through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. Wow, that was a mouthful, mashallah!
You can obviously tell that Nazima is ultra-qualified to create this program, and she did so because she identified a need in the Muslim women community. This program is aimed to help us achieve our “not-so-realistic” goals in realistic ways.

When you sign up for the Healthy Habits Community, you are directed to your own account with a very friendly and interactive interface. It’s really dynamic and well laid-out!
Everything is formulated in cute and colourful infographics, so it’s easy to stay engaged.

What do you actually get from this program?:

Firstly, Each month you are given specific goals. It’s nice because there are others working on the same goals as you, so you’re in it together.

You are also given 4 recipe ideas a month. This month I got a Salad, Soup, Snack, and Meal recipe!
They are all quick and easy to make, so it’s not strenuous or super ‘healthy’ either. My point being, you’re not eating like you would in a fad diet. The recipes are wholesome, and more importantly, tasty and flavourful dishes!
And don’t worry, there are even more recipes scattered throughout!

One recipe I received this month was a Mango salad, so I thought I’d share this one with you!
See what I mean by colourful and fun graphics!

You also receive 4 nutrition tips per month, one catered to each week.
These are practical and encouraging tips to help you become a healthier you. It’s not just a motivational statement, but Nazima also provides explanations and ways to put this tip into practice.
So instead of just saying, eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, she describes the array of fruits and vegetables that come in a rainbow of colours and what nutritional benefits they have.
There are real life ways and ideas to implement this and there is a lot of health teaching involved.

There’s also a Livestream once a month, and if you cannot attend, they are recorded. You can email in your questions from before hand, so it really is personalized and you also get the benefit of hearing others’ questions. Sometimes, people will bring up things you never thought about or something you too were struggling with, but did not know how to express.

You also are involved in a support group on Facebook, which really integrates the ‘community’ aspect of this. You have access to all the resources, tips, and education, but you also have that communication aspect where you can work toward your goals together in sisterhood!

The program gives you certain ‘tasks’ you have to do and you get a check mark as you go through them. This is great to help you feel that sense of accomplishment and you know where you stand.

It would be cool if there was an integrated system into the existing interface to submit photos when the recipes have been tried for ‘extra points’ or even have a chat section. I know this is all on Facebook, but this could be used directly through one’s account.

Overall, I think this is a super cool initiative and a really great way to get on track with your goals, and become a healthier you! Obviously, with any sort of program like this, it’s only as good as the one using it. At the end of the day, if you are invested in yourself and making a change, you will succeed inshallah! And this is for everything right. If you use the program as it is meant to and engage within it, I think it will definitely be beneficial.

To find out more or see what other awesome stuff Nazima does, check out her website and Instagram!

P.S…. I’ll be doing a giveaway soon for a FREE ONE MONTH SERVICE of the Healthy Habit’s Community! So stay tuned on my Instagram!

Talk to you soon!


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#HHReviews – Asiyah the Book!

Hello there!

I know, I’m back so soon! I’m totally catching up for the lack of blogposts and knowing me, I’ll probably fall behind again right after my posting spree! Anyways, I’m enjoying some down time to finally tell you about this lovely new thing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen the above photo! But today I want to talk to you about a new book called Asiyah! Asiyah was authored by a friend and fellow community member, Zainab, and I just had to share all about it.

Before I give my full in-depth review, I just want to summarize my thoughts. I LOVED IT. I honestly, truly, actually thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Asiyah is about a girl, well, named Asiyah, who is growing up and attending university in Toronto. She and her family are from East Africa and moved to Toronto a couple years ago. She goes through the daily life of a young muslim woman – all the fun assignments and exams from school, spending time with her family, attending the mosque, hanging out with friends, and also wearing hijab.

Right off the back, this is super relatable to me – my parents are also from East Africa, I attend university, I am too balancing school with my mosque, social, and work life. And, if you didn’t notice I mean, I wear hijab.
However, I will say this. I can definitely see how this book may not be as applicable to other audiences, such as adults or even guys. The struggles and themes that are identified are so specific and hence, others’ may not relate, sympathize with, or even agree with them.

This book is a story about how Asiyah grows as an individual and learns to love herself. There are so many relevant themes, and they are so universal to how growing up in the West is like. The struggles of hijab, incorporating religion in all aspects of life, peer pressure, judgments, SOCIAL MEDIA, and the pressures of marriage. The last being Everyone’s favourite topic right now.

I think the part that resonated most with me was about being judgmental. Whether intentional or not, we harbour certain judgments within ourselves because of thoughts and perspectives we’ve internalized as being ‘right’. This influences how we interact, behave, and even think about one another. We can be so quick to judge people without actually understanding where they are coming from. With the judgments, sometimes comes this attitude of being ‘holier than thou’ and we think we are doing everything perfectly. Like obviously other people are wrong. I personally am struggling with judgments myself, where it is my thoughts toward others or even how others perceive me and what I do. I appreciate how Asiyah’s character recognizes her flaw and then actively works toward being a more genuine person.

I don’t want to give out too many spoilers, but I just had to share this with you!

Overall, I would give this book a 9/10. It is honestly so relevant to me and I’m sure youth living in the West can understand the themes in this book!

You can check out more about Asiyah on Instagram (@asiyahthebook) and purchase your own copy at

Speak to you soon!


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#HIJABIHEROES – Winter 2017!

Hey hey! I hope you are all doing well!

I thought, what better way to show my love and gratitude to you all than posting a #HijabiHeroes post on Valentine’s Day?! Seriously, I say it every time, and this time is no excuse, thank you for all of the love, support, and encouragement you have all given me. I love writing the #HijabiHeroes posts, because not only do I just get to gush about how cute everyone is, but I also get some style inspiration myself hehe.

If you’d like to be featured in my Spring #HijabiHeroes post, please comment below or message me! I would love to have you on here 🙂

Okay, without further delay, let’s get straight to our Winter #HijabiHeroes!

Dear World, I’m Crazy…

Dear World,

I hope you’re doing well.

I’m writing to you because it’s been a while since we last spoke. It’s also been quite some time since I last thanked you for all that you’ve done, for me, and the rest of us that inhabit you. You’ve come a long way.

Unfortunately, there seems to be an epidemic that is plaguing the world. I’m sure you can think of a number yourself, like greed, corruption, racism, poverty. I wasn’t satisfied when I thought of these. There had to be something that was the root cause for all of this madness. And in fact, the cause is madness.

You see, people have all become crazy. Being crazy is such a popular trend right now. Probably the most popular, with avocados and snapchat selfies being close runner-ups.  Some crazy for power, others for money, and others are crazy about themselves. Some are crazy for their ideology. They let their mind take over and their craziness consumes their thoughts.

But, if you look back in history, being crazy is really not all that new. It’s been there from the start. Then why such a surge in madness now? Maybe people knew how to control it better? Or maybe, without social media, everyone’s craziness was confined in their own rooms and homes.

I’m not here to hate, just to appreciate. These feelings of craziness, I want to deflate. I mean, I’m all for being crazy. It’s our craziness that has taken us to the moon, allowed us to build skyscrapers taller than we could ever imagine. It is this same craziness that has allowed us to eliminate disease from the world. Yet, it is this same craziness that has brought us so much grief.

In a world of #hashtags and profile photos to empathize with justice, we have forgotten the true essence of caring and compassion. We sit behind computer screens, like I am doing right now, and we articulate ever so eloquently, thinking we have done our part because now our ‘feelings’ have translated into a Facebook status.

It may be the tire sneaking in, but my eyes are heavy. They feel like they’re so sunken into my socket that one more tragedy won’t shake out a single tear, yet they’re so delicate and hopeful for change. I’m not sure what it is, but this craziness has crept into my soul.

I’m really not sure what to do, World. I don’t want us to stop being crazy. But how do we do it in moderation? I mean, why aren’t we crazy about each other? Crazy with love, compassion, empathy, and kindness? Where did we lose sight of what to be crazy about? When did our values shift?

Dear World, I just want you to know, that I’m crazy. I’m crazy because I want to love one another instead of hate. I want to support one another instead of fight. I want to welcome one another instead of ban. And I want to live with one another, with peace, harmony, and justice.

And, a little bit of craziness on the side.

Yours truly,

Malikah aka HijabiHeroes

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Malikah’s Mind – 16 Favourites of 2016!

Hey Salaam everyone!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2017 bring you lots of happiness, health, prosperity, and blessings 🙂

I’m not gonna lie, 2016 was NOT the year I thought it would be. 2015 ended on a great note, and I was so beyond excited for 2016, thinking it would be my year! However, as many people can say, 2016 was Felicia, and to her we say BYE. Okay…maybe I’m exaggerating just a little, but I do feel this to some extent.

As I was thinking about this new year, I saw something on Instagram (s/o to Subhi Taha though) that said (paraphrased), “If you complain about how 2016 was, you were obviously blind to the 365 days or just ungrateful for everything”. This really struck a chord with me. Here I was complaining and just thinking about how I was so ‘miserable’ because 2016 ‘sucked’ and how I’m just not doing anything during the winter break except working. This really opened my eyes. Alhamdulilah. Praise to the Almighty. For I have been able to breathe, sleep, rest, study, learn, laugh, love, and LIVE these past 365 days that encompassed 2016. And for that, I must be eternally grateful.

Hence, I really wanted to compile a list of 16 of my favourite things that happened in 2016. They are in no particular order, but coming up with this list really made me happy and smile at all of the wonderful times 2016 has brought. Obviously, these are the good things that happened. I’m not overlooking the fact that there are days for you and days against you, and both of these days are a test for you (Imam Ali (as)). A lot of things happened in 2016 that I wish didn’t – I lost a lot of loved ones in my family, friendships have left (but new ones formed), and just a lot of things I wish I could have been more positive about. This upcoming year inshallah, I can work on being more positive about every situation.

For now, I hope you can enjoy reading my list and I encourage you to come up with your own. Some of these things are so minuscule, yet have just made me genuinely happy. Alhamdulilah, Alhamdulilah, ALHAMDULILAH :))))))))

  1. Just because this is number 1, I should start with JANUARY 1, 2016! I spent the entire day with my eldest brother in Central London, UK and we had a blast! We explored random places, these Nigerian girls in the elevator told me I was very pretty in hijab, and we were able to catch up after being a part for so long. – January 2016London-6
  2. When one of my bff’s Kulsoom invited a bunch of us over to watch Documentaries. Random, kinda? Awesome, totally! It’s honestly so nice to have a good group of friends where you can laught and chill but also talk about serious issues. It’s so refreshing, honestly. – January 2016
  3. Our annual Family Day celebration at my uncle’s house (yes, Family Day is a real holiday in Ontario, Canada). It was the big family celebration and if you know my family, we can definitely get loud and crazy. We are good at games and even better at cheating.
    And, it was with my Late Uncle (please remember him with a small prayer or Surah Fateha) – Feburary 2016
  4. MIST Toronto Regionals – It was my first time being Competitions Manager and although it was very hectic, it was also super fun. I learnt a lot about myself, how I work in teams, especially as a head of a large team, and things that stress me out. All of which, has helped me become a better person – March 2016
  5. Hitting 10K followers on Instagram on HijabiHeroes (currently at 16.6k) because 10 GRAND is a lot of people and I’m just a little girl – April 2016
  6. Spent the weekend with my Grandma and cousins from Orlando and went to a volleyball tournament and Demetres and of course, to MODAH! Honestly, that weekend was just nostalgia of my childhood – May 2016
  7. Getting my braces off! #BraceFaceIsFinallyBraceFree after 3 very loooooong years! HALLELUJAH – July 2016
  8. IMFDF and interning backstage for Cover Me Beautiful by Hakeemah, a muslimah stylist! I was her intern for a REAL LIFE fashion show, and I got to hang out with so many cool ladies on a yatcht! – August 2016
    Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.55.14 PM
  9. Random Bashosh cousins reuinion dessert with some lovely FL and UK cousins. We pranked our cousin’s husband by telling the waiter it was his birthday and having everyone sing him happy birthday. The snapchat vids were lit – August 2016
  10. Disney. Magic Kingdom. Need I say more?! – August 2016
  11. My Brother’s Engagement and the entire Orlando, FL trip because BEACH. I went to the beach after 5 long years, ate italian ice, and many Wawa runs. Oh yeah, and I gained a sister #TRUE – August 2016
  12. Okay, last Florida Moment – Playing Carbles (mix of Cards and Marbles with a super cool board) with my cousins, sista sista, and a bunch of my brother’s friends until 5 am because, why not – August 2016
  13. Road trip to Washington D.C. and visiting all of the National Monuments. There was so much history there and it was so awesome to see – August 2016
  14. Philly, Philly, Philly! Stop 2 of the #SibsTakeTheUS trip did not disappoint. Love this city and of course, their cheesesteaks – August 2016
    (In case you couldn’t tell, August was hands down my favourite month of 2016)
  15. Passing my exams (with A’s alhamdulilah) for Semester 1 of 3rd year of University because YA GIRL was stressing and I had no hope and even less motivation – December 2016
  16. Last but not least, I guess a favourite would be last night. New Year’s Eve. We didn’t watch any fireworks and we even missed the countdown to 2017, but honestly, it didn’t even matter. Because last night I laughed like crazy and I’m thankful for the friends I could do that with. And I bussed from work to my friend’s house, and from her house straight back to work today. Oh yeah, and tricked some people on my Snapchat that I was at the airport for a one day getaway heheheh  – December 2016

Thank you for sharing these moments, and every other moment with me in 2016, and the years before, and inshallah the years to come. Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you all and of course, my outfits 🙂
I cannot express my gratitude enough to everyone for supporting HH, and inshallah, we can keep growing from here.

Lots of love and well wishes for the new year,

Malikah <3

🎀~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~🎀

Malikah’s Mind – Why I’m not “Aesthetic”

Let’s face it. These days, Instagram has become a portfolio to showcase your best selfies and highest quality photos. Each photo must be meticulously edited and your account should be cohesive, so you can be “aesthetic”.

I have no problem with those who take pride and enjoyment from making their Instagram feeds creative. I think it’s quite awesome that people can express themselves in so many ways and this is their form of art. I am in no way throwing shade or trying to single out any person. I’ve just been feeling like this for a little while, and I wanted to share it with you.

The only thing I see is that this is becoming the norm. The spontaneity, personality, and genuine nature of Instagram are being lost.

#HijabiHeroes – Fall 2016 Edition!

Hey lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well! AHHH, I feel like I am always apologizing for an absence with all the excuses! However, my site has been down for A HOT MINUTE so I’m really sorry for missing out on uploading and also if you tried to access my site and couldn’t. Inshallah this won’t happen again!
This post has been a long time coming, like over a month.

I’m gonna jump straight into today’s well-awaited post – #HijabiHeroes! In case you don’t know what my #HijabiHeroes series is, it’s a collection of blogposts  with different themes where I feature YOUR outfits! It is a way to show my appreciation for all of the support and love I receive for HH. So a HUGE thank you to all these ladies featured in this post, y’all are the real MVPs. Also, thank you to everyone for supporting and encouraging me with HH, reading my long blogposts, liking my Instagram pictures, the works. I APPRECIATE YOU 🙂

Also, if you’d like to be included in my next #HijabiHeroes post, which will be the Winter edition, please feel free to comment below or even email me at!

I can’t wait to show you these super cute Fall outfits!!