OOTD – Shumaila’s Bridal Shower! 💗

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I hope you are all doing well!

This past weekend has been a busy one! Among the many things going on, it was my good friend Shumaila’s bridal shower! Shumaila, better known as @shumidee from Instagram and Youtube, is getting married in August inshallah and her amazing bridesmaids and family threw her an awesome bridal shower on Sunday! You’ve seen her in my many #HijabiHeroes blogposts, so of course, I had to write a blogpost about her bridal shower! And you bet you’ll get a whole wedding week post when August rolls around 😅

Everyone was requested to wear black semi formal attire and the theme was black with pink and floral accents. Of course, Miss Shumaila wore all white, just like a bride! Her bridesmaids did an amazing job with the decorations, with a black wall and beautiful flowers, and there was also a sequins wall for a photobooth accompanied with some funny props. There was perfect seating and a gorgeous cake and desserts table! From the door to the decor (haha, bars), everything was so well thought out! There was decorations at the front door and pictures of Shumaila and her fiancé all over the walls, and even hanging from the ceiling!

Halal Food Fest 2016 in Toronto! #HFFTO16

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and I hope my fellow Canadians enjoyed their long weekend!
This past weekend was also the annual Halal Food Fest in Toronto and it was amazing, as always of course!

For those of you who do not know, or have never been, Halal Foodie, a halal food magazine, hosts an annual food festival with all halal foods! It’s a two-day affair and it’s always jam packed. It’s been recorded that around 30,000 people have attended over the two days!

There’s a couple of different sections at Halal Food Fest. First there’s Sample City, which has most of the restaurant booths where you can sample different foods from the various stalls using the HFF tokens. Each booth has a mini version of their dishes so you can try out a little bit of everything. Then there are the stalls of various businesses where you can shop for clothes, hijabs, jewelry, t-shirts, you name it! There’s also the Main Stage, where they have performances from groups such as Mustaqeem and also cooking demonstrations! It’s really cool because it’s a live cooking show! Baker Amanda Saab was one of the guests this year! And lastly, on the outdoor grounds is the Street Fest, which features BBQ and many food vendors grilling up some yummy food! Many well known restaurants have their booths outside where you can have some of their famous dishes. There’s also a Kid Zone inside with inflatables and other games to keep the kids entertained!

International Modest Fashion and Design Festival (IMFDF) Toronto!

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I hope you are all doing well!

Since my recent posting schedule has been quite irregular, I thought I’d quickly update you all on my new schedule for the summer months before I begin! Inshallah, I plan to post twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays/Fridays! It all depends on work and other commitments, but hopefully these days work out. I have so many exciting blogposts planned, I can’t wait to write them all!

Today, I wanted to share some news about IMFDF Toronto! If you don’t know what IMFDF is, it stands for the International Modest Fashion and Design Festival! This is the third year it is happening and it’s hosted in Toronto. I went last year with my cousins (hey there Zee), and it was a pretty cool event!

Basically, IMFDF is North America’s biggest modest fashion event and provides a unique space for modest fashion and female-led businesses to promote their brands! It’s a way to celebrate modest fashion, and network with some amazing people! This is a two-day affair, and will be held on August 13-14 inshallah!

Malikah’s Mind – Staplers and Giving without Appreciation

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I hope you are all doing well! Sorry for the delay in this blogpost! It really should not have been delayed, but I guess I got into the Summer mood too quickly 😎

Now you may be wondering, what’s Malikah’s Mind?! Oh gosh, is she really starting another series?!?! Not to worry, I have simply renamed my Reflection series to Malikah’s Mind! I thought the name was fitting for the out-of-the-blue thoughts that so often pop into my mind, such as my reflections! But, this also broadens the category for a wider spectrum of random writings hehe. Inshallah, I hope this series is helpful and insightful, and I plan to be posting more ‘reflections’ in the future!

I have been wanting to write this post for a while now, as it really summarizes how I’ve been feeling for quite some time, especially over the past couple of weeks.

We meet people all the time, and those people stay in our life for seconds, minutes, weeks, or years. We are often motivated to do things for other people, whether it be out of selflessness, gratitude, or kind nature. We do these things for others because we believe it is the ‘right’ thing to do. However, we also do things for other people because we would want others to express the same kindness to us. Going a step further, we strive do things for others without expecting reciprocation. This behaviour is not easy to emulate, but should ideally be our routine practice.

Last May, I went to a leadership retreat, and it was a really eye-opening experience (I wrote about my experience here). Before the retreat, we were all told to bring one item that represents us. We didn’t know why or what for, but we knew we had to present this in one way or another. I thought long and hard, and I ended up bringing a stapler.
Yes, a stapler.
A stapler brings things together. It creates a solid, unified packet out of loose pieces of papers. I like to think that I bring people together. I also would like to think that I bring ideas together. Makes sense.
But, a stapler cannot function without, of course, you guessed it….staples! Therefore, I cannot do what I do, whether it is school, work, HH, or community related, without my staples. My backbone, my supporters, the people that keep me going- these being my wonderful family and amazing friends. When credit is given to me, it should really be given to them.
But what does this have to do with anything I talked about earlier?
Well, people also use a stapler as and when they need it- and rightfully so. A stapler does not have a special place in one’s life, or heart, or room. It stays in a desk or drawer, is utilized when needed, and thrown back in until next time. And sometimes, that’s how I feel. I will always be there for you, no matter what. Whether we talk everyday or barely say hello- if you need me, I’m there. And I won’t ask for anything in return.

This is the part that’s really been troubling me lately. I used to think I was great at this! A pro, an expert… always willing to give and be nice to people, even if they didn’t show me that same kindness back.
Giving to others, doing nice things, saying kind words- that’s the easy part. The hard part is forgetting about the favours you’ve done for others. The hard part is being caring and good-natured even if the person you are showing this behaviour to has done the opposite. We have to live our lives and do things without the expectation of gratitude or thanks in return. This is where true sincerity comes from.

This reminds me of of treating others the way you want to be treated. We should be able to treat others kindly regardless of whether or not they respond to you with the same respect or high regard. It is very easy to be nice to someone who has also been nice to you in the past. It’s an easy transaction, right? You give me one thing, so I give you one thing back. However, we struggle when it comes to giving someone something – a kind message, thought, or gesture- when that person does not reciprocate or show appreciation toward your action.

So again with the idea of treating others the way you would like to be treated… treating people the way you want to be treated is something that you have total control over. But what we don’t have control over is the way those around us treat each other. Our wish for society is that everyone treats those around them with the same respect and kindness we would like for ourselves. This is much different from treating someone the way you want to be treated, because you can’t control the way others act. Pure, genuine behavior is having the desire to see others treated with good will. I heard this in a lecture by my local Imam, Sheikh Jaffer, and it really struck a chord with me.

It’s easy to not want to be nice to someone who has wronged you- it’s human nature. Why should you show affection to someone that seems to have no interest in you or your life?! But we forget, well, I forget, that this is opposite to the teachings of our Holy Prophet (SAWW). He always treated everyone with kindness, even if it was the people that taunted him or threw garbage at him. He never changed his behaviour, or forgot his morals- he had the same composure when interacting with his enemies as he did with his friends.

And of course, there is the famous quote by Imam Ali (AS) that so beautifully illustrates this message and summarizes this entire blogpost in one sentence:

“Be Like a Flower, that gives it’s fragrance, even to the hand that crushes it.”
~ Imam Ali (AS)

Hence, we should give with open arms and open hearts. We should give because we want to give and be kind, not because we are expecting kindness in return, but to just simply be kind. And we should allow anyone to receive the beauty of our kindness. Even if the action is not appreciated by the individual, and they show no gratitude in return, we should not change our attitudes, or allow it to prevent us from being kind to them in the future. Of course, your reward will come and your efforts are not in vain. Being a better YOU is already payback and a half, because at the end of the day, you have to live with yourself and who you are.

I’m speaking to myself first and foremost, and then reminding myself again, and again. When we allow these thoughts of doubt and mistrust to linger with us, it really hurts us more than anyone else. This really demotivates us and makes us waver from our genuine intentions. At the end of the day, you are responsible for what you do or don’t do, and what you say or don’t say.

Be kind and give freely. Regardless of whether you get a “thank you” or a nice action in return.

Sorry for the rambling and randomness.

Much love,


🎀~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~🎀

OOTD – Winter Greys – #AZPhotoDesignxHHxMotives

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!

This collaboration has been a long time coming and I’m finally glad its here!

As you probably already know by now, considering she’s been in a couple of my blogposts, Azra from AZ Photography and Design is a really close friend of mine! She’s one of my best frans.
We have been talking about collabing for a while and we finally had a chance to pick a time that worked for our busy schedules for a fun winter photoshoot!
Kulsoom, aka What’s Your Motive, joined in as well, of course. She helped out with a very special part 😁

We shot in a park and near the Living Arts centre. It was freezing cold that day, but Azra was an absolute trooper! Not only was she willing to shoot in any location of my choice, she was also so understanding and never complained about the weather conditions or anything! Her flexible nature was definitely appreciated, because we all know HH is quite particular! 😉
She was well prepared for shooting in both locations and knew what poses would work well.  Everything was so perfect and every photo came out stunning!

She definitely knows what she is doing and has shot a variety of events in different settings. From weddings, portrait sessions, family shoots, or indoor, outdoor, snow, sunshine, you name it, Azra can capture it! And do a phenomenal job at it! I would highly recommend her for any occasion!

World Hijab Day!


A 5-letter word that holds so much depth and Beauty. The quintessence of modesty. It is a divine command, which exemplifies elegance and grace. It allows us to follow in the footsteps of our blessed role models of the Holy Household. The strong beautiful women who are the epitome humility and resilience.

This is Hijab.
And this is what it means to me.

Hijab is more than just a daily habit. It serves as a reminder of our beliefs, as we wave the flag of our religion ever so proudly. We are prevented from partaking in activities we would otherwise frown upon. No doubt that it is a full time job, that requires determination and a keen interest to continue treading down its path. But, it provides love to those who follow.

This is Hijab.
And this is what it means to me.

Modesty is a constant evolution, which cannot be accomplished overnight. Whomsoever chooses to represent such ideals will soon find that they receive respect and serenity. Regardless of if they are told they are oppressed, their unequivocal values and will cause them to represent this message with even more pride. For the lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of the sheep.

This is Hijab.
And this is what it means to me.

Hijab is all-encompassing of a person, a holistic nature. And it is applicable to everyone, not just as conventionally thought for the women. Lowering one’s gaze and having modesty is a universal concept and should be equally emphasized.

This is hijab.
And this is what it means to me.

Personally, I feel that hijab empowers woman to strive to be great and kindles a new perception, beyond one’s physical beauty and outer appearance. It’s not about the cloth wrapped around one’s head, concealing one’s hair and beauty, but it’s a mindset. An outlook that guides one to never accept anything at face value. It challenges the norm, and causes one to look deeper to uncover the genuine nature that lies within. It is understanding that ‘struggling’ for a greater reason, larger than life, is what keeps you going. And that’s what it means to be a true hero.

This is hijab.
And this is what it means to me.


Happy World Hijab day to everyone!
Proud to wear hijab, today, and always.


🎀~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~🎀


Streets – #DoneDoneLondon

Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing well!

YES, I’m finally here with Part 2 of the #DoneDoneLondon blogposts – the Streets of London. I’m so excited to share, but I’m also a bit sad, because this blogpost officially means my trip is over 😭
OKAY yes I get it, I’ve been back for 2 weeks, of course my trip is over, but I was always looking forward to writing these blogposts and now we are here. Part 2.

In this post, I’ll be sharing all of my adventures after the wedding! I don’t have as many of my outfits to share as I would’ve liked, as some of the pictures of my trip got mysteriously deleted. But, there’s definitely lots to see from London, so don’t worry!

Central London chilling
The day after the last wedding event, the broskis, madre, and I went to do some exploring in Central London.
First, we checked out Baker Street to see where Sherlock Holmes is filmed!

After, we hopped on a bus to Camden Market to check out one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to – The Cereal Killer Cafe.


#FatsWedsDats Wedding – #DoneDoneLondon

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and winter break!

I’M BAAAACK! I just got back from London a couple days ago, and started school again yesterday, and that’s why this blogpost is late from my Sunday upload :$ It’s definitely sad to be back to reality and routine life, but alhamdulilah, always, because I had an amazing trip! It was so much fun to spend time with my family during the wedding and all of the other random activities we did! I miss it so much :'(

Of course, now that I’m back, I definitely have to share all my London adventures! I’ll be blogging my London trip in two parts – this blogpost contains all the details surrounding my cousin’s wedding, and another blogpost for the other sightseeing and fun!

The wedding consisted of 4 events – the Mendhi, the Friend’s Party, the Nikkah and Reception, and the Walima (a community dinner). I didn’t get any pics from the Walima, unfortunately 🙁

Before I begin the breakdown of the events, I had to share Zahra’s outfit from one of the family lunches. I loved her oversized and long forest green blazer! It’s so classy and modest. I loved how she kept the rest of her outfit quite neutral and added a necklace to tie it all together!

London Wedding-4

What It’s Like to Try a New Hijab Style!

Hello Hello!

I hope you are all doing well and had a great and relaxing weekend!
Before I begin, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 5,000 INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS! HOW CRAZY!! I really appreciate all the support, and as we hit these major milestones as the #HHSqaud, I like to renew my intentions and purpose of starting this blog in the first place! (Also, can #HHSquad be a thing, I’m really digging it!)

Last week, I mentioned that I had a cool post planned for this week, and I’m really excited about this!

Recently, I’ve been trying to find a new hijab style because I thought I needed a change. Also, I don’t necessarily think my current style suits my face shape very well. I tried out some styles and actually switched over to a new style for a bit. Btw, Love how I’m talking about this as if I physically made a modification to my life LOL. Anyways, I wore it for a week or so, off and on, and decided that it didn’t make the cut haha. I went back to my original style with a little tweak.

But, when I wore the new hijab style, which was a Dina Tokio inspired style, for my super long Thursdays (I have class from 8:30 am – 10 pm), I found all of these thoughts running through my mind! Thought it would make for a hilarious blogpost and maybe some of you can relate as well! Definitely was going for a Buzzfeed-style post, so I hope it’s funny as well!

Without further ado, I present the stages of wearing a new hijab style!

We all know, the entire process related to wearing the hijab is quite extensive in general. First of all, you must have a style or way of wearing it that you actually like. Then, there’s all the specifics about the hijab itself – the material, size, shape, etc etc. Then, it has to match with your outfit and you have to make the crucial decision – PRINTED OR PLAIN?!? And then if you pick plain, are we going with just a good ole solid, or a lace border, tassels, pearls, the list is endless! And even if you’ve managed to be successful thus far, with a stellar style and a gorgeous hijab, you could always end up with a bad hijab day!

Now, I’m just going to start off with one of basic, yet essential events. Almost an intervention to the whole process. WEARING A NEW HIJAB STYLE.

It all starts off with recognizing the need for change. After you’ve gone through the denial phase, you can finally admit that you need something different. Or maybe you just feel like having a new look!

So you go on your computer and open your pal, YouTube. Oh trusty YouTube, thank you for being my saviour once again. If it’s for watching Crash Course videos on Transcription or Translation (Biology tings) or watching a little kid open his toys (it’s a real thing you know), YouTube is always there for anything your heart desires.
You search for every and any hijab tutorial out there. From DinaTokio, to YaztheSpaz89, Amenakin, the whole lot. Yep, I went to the depths of YouTube and came out with barely anything…

Once you find something that seems like it could work, you pull out a trusty hijab and start going at it. You take a deep breath and hope this hijab won’t fail you.
Once you adjust it, this is what you think:

Looking in the mirror likeeeeee

Later on, one brave day, you remember that hijab style you tried out. You’re feeling confident so you take a chance and decide to wear it!

As you’re getting ready, your mind starts to slip about the exact details of this new chosen style.
Was it 2 pleats or 3?! How long is the short side and long side? Do you fold it 1 inch or 2?! This is all so hectic!

After ending up with a big mess, you realize that it wouldn’t really hurt to re-watch that video. Just a refresher, ya know :’)

After spending WAAAAAAAY too much time trying to adjust your hijab, flipping this side over, tucking this end under, and perfecting the pleats (Perfect the pleats I like it), you are finally (somewhat) content with the end product.
“Alright, this could work, I can deal with this”

As you go on about your busy day, you totally forget that you are wearing a new hijab style. You’re accepting this new look, the new YOU. You think about all the wonders this hijab can do for you – new confidence, new outlook on life, and new Instagram pictures. Ya know, the usual.

You tough it through and delay any bathroom visits or mirror checking. Once you’re hundo p sure it’s falling off, you go to fix it.
The minute you glance into the mirror – this is all you can think:
“This is so hectic.”
“I can’t believe I walked around for all day with this mess!”
“I ain’t about this”

Once you take it all off and do it over again, and you think you’ve salvaged all that’s left of your dignity, you continue your day and pray that this episode never happens again. We ain’t about the rerun life.

You may check it one or two more times, and thankfully, it’s holding up.

Once the day is over, you realize that it wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe you and this new hijab style have a real future together. I mean, it’s not too bad right?! I could see it working out!
I like you…enough.

And as you think about it for a couple seconds more, you throw in the towel.
Who needs change.
I looked fabulous before, and I’ll look fabulous now.
*Flips Hijab*

And there you have it:)

Just a disclaimer – this post is totally light-hearted, but I’m sure you can relate to some of my exaggerated points! I really hope you enjoyed this!
I’ll be back with a fashion related post next week inshallah!

In the mean time, make sure to keep in touch! You can follow me on Instagram and Like HH On Facebook. You can even sign up for my mailing list to get a new blogpost straight to your email! How convenient 🙂

Hope you have an amazing week and speak to you soon inshallah!
HAHAH, sorry, just had to!!

Peace out, Girlscout!

Malikah <3

~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~

Annual Ebrahim Eid Celebration 2015!

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!
Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving everyone!! I am so grateful for HijabiHeroes and all of the support I receive from you all! This whole journey has truly been a blessing, Alhamdulilah 🙂

Sorry for not posting last week! I had a midterm and assignments, and also, I was preparing for this celebration!
Just as a heads up, I will not be posting for a week or two for respect for the first 12 days of Muharram as well as midterm season! Inshallah, after the 12 days, I will have some new posts up.

Yesterday, my family hosted an Eid party to celebrate Eid ul Adha, Eid e Ghadeer, and Eid e Mubahila! This was a family (and friends) party for the ‘Ebrahim’ family! There was about 50 of us! This is our 2nd celebration and inshallah it remains an annual event!
It was so much fun so I had to share some pictures with you all!

The theme was Black and White and we requested that everyone wear some sort of black/white! EVERYONE’S outfits were on point for the theme and it looked SO CUTE! It was so nice that everyone was matching and fancy as well! And of course, we also had to decorate with black and white! We had streamers hanging from the ceiling and black, white, and polka dot balloons to add a festive touch!

We started off by reciting Surah Yaseen, and then after Maghrib salaat, we had a poem and the dinner. After dinner, we had the main part, the GAME! We always having a game that gets everyone involved so it’s really fun! After, we had some dessert and then a little family superlatives to end it off! We also had a little photo wall section so everyone could take some cute and funny pictures with our polaroid frame and props!

Eid Party -6
The photo wall area!

Eid Party -1

Eid Party -3
The full hall!

Eid Party

Eid Party -12
My cute little cousin Sahar posing with the frame <3

My cousin Zohra from London, ON came on Friday evening to spend some time with me and help us with the party prep! Well, she didn’t have much choice hahah! I’m so glad she came and it was so nice having her 🙂

Eid Party -10
She made it to the blog once again #famous :’)

As everyone arrived, we served them strawberry mojitos as a little entrance drink! (Virgin of course hehe)! It’s a mixture of strawberries, mint, and lime, topped with some Sprite! One of my friends gave me the recipe and it was a hit!
Eid Party -11

The game we played was Jeopardy! But not just any Jeopardy! Everyone was split into teams by their birthdays. Everyone had to line up in order from Jan 1 to Dec 31, without talking! Then, we split everyone into 4 teams. Each team was to chose an animal as their mascot. After they all chose, we told them that their buzzer for answering the questions was the sound that animal made! Boy, they were not expecting that! Then, each team would select one player to go up to play. The 4 players were facing the board and had to choose their question by throwing a ball at the category and point value they wanted! If you had bad aim, you got unlucky haha! #sorrynotsorry! The game was hilarious and everyone really enjoyed it!

Eid Party -5
Jeopardy board with the categories covered so no one knew about the game before we started!

We also always celebrate the October birthdays at our party. Also, it’s one of my cousins Sayyeda’s birthday on thanksgiving weekend, so we especially had to celebrate hers! We just got a cake for us all to cut and it was really nice!
We also had some other yummy desserts and everyone worked up their appetite again after a thrilling game of Jeopardy!

Eid Party -13
Even the cake was black and white :’)

Instead of just giving out our favours as everyone leaves, we have little award ceremony/family superlatives. This gives us a chance to poke fun at once person from each family and highlight our family members. This year, our favour was a Hadith Jar that we made ourselves. We put 365 hadith from our Holy Prophet (SAWW) and from our Holy Imams (AS) in a jar. The aim is that every day, as a family, they can read one hadith and learn from it. This is also reusable because you can use the same hadiths for years to come.

Eid Party -2

Okay, for the part you’ve all been waiting for….MY OUTFIT!!
I really REALLY loved how my outfit turned out alhamdulilah! I always wear maxi dresses or skirts, so this time, I wanted to do something different! I FINALLY had a chance to try out a midi skirt! I was super excited when I found this black lace midi skirt at Modah! It’s so flowy and perfect! They also had it in cream and burgundy!
I paired the midi skirt with a white lace crop top. Both of the laces were simple and elegant, so the double lace actually worked well together. I finished the outfit off with a black and white polka dot hijab and some sparkly flats!
I’m really glad I chose to go with something a little different but yet, stick to key elements that I am comfortable with. For example, I love lace and I know that I can always add a cute statement necklace to any outfit to make it more ‘me’! This way, wearing something new felt a little easier 🙂
Eid Party -4 Eid Party -7 Eid Party -8

I hope you liked this little post about our Eid Celebration! We hope all of our family and friends had a great time and alhamdulilah we all enjoyed!
Love my amazing family and I’m so thankful for them on this Thanksgiving weekend and always!

Eid Party -9
Fantastic Four <3 <3

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Thank you!

Speak to you after the Muharram 12 days break!

<3 <3


~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~