The Only Gift List You Need! – Eid Gift Ideas – All from Modah!

Hey Salaam everyone!

I hope you are doing well! Here we are, more than halfway through Ramadan and I can’t believe it! I mean, I can feel the fasts for sure, but this month is definitely flying by. Which means, Eid is around the corner!!!

I know, it’s crazy! So, to make this easier on all of us, because we all know I need the help too, I’ve compiled a list of some great Eid gift ideas. This way, you can spend less time shopping and more time making use of the little time we have left of this Holy month! Yes I know, they don’t call me HijabiHeroes for nothing 😉

This list has something for everyone – the brothers, sisters, kids, and best of all, you can get all of these things from one convenient location: Modah, in Mississauga. It’s gonna be your one stop shop for all things Eid, and you can even pick something up for yourself. Quite handy, don’t ya think.

The first item on this list *just had to be* some LaModesty hijabs of course. If you know me, you know that 75% of my hijab wardrobe is from LaModesty. From chiffon (my personal favourite), to crinkle, and even the new modals for the summer, you’ll find a hijab, and material, for everyone. Or, you could always check out Modah’s big wall of hijabs as a perfect addition to your gifts.

If you have any hipsters in your house, or just a cool guy who likes to put his best foot forward, grab some funky socks from Halal Socks, available in kids and adult sizes! In my family, my brother and my dad LOVE some crazy socks. They have the brightest and coolest patterns, so I know they would appreciate some A1 sock game for Eid namaaz.

Another family favourite in my household (like I mean this product is in everyone one of our bathrooms) and something that’s great for everyone, is Oudlux body products and soaps! I’m not even kidding, my family has tried one of each of their products, from their body creams, hand soaps, shower gel, and even body sprays. They even have conveniently packed gift sets so there’s even less hassle!

For any new mothers in your life, I saw the CUTEST onesies that say “Eid Mubarak” or “My First Eid”. I know they have a good selection and variety of designs, so you can even gift a non-Ramadan/Eid design. Modah now carries onesies from Sidra Art Boutique, which are absolutely adorable and available in many sizes!!

Now this is something I personally have my eye on, so *cough cough* *hint hint* @ Momma HH/Dad/Broski/Other Broski/SIL/anyone reading this LOL. Modah has Black Orchid products, especially their backpacks!! They are probably my favourite product from their range. This is PERFECT for any boss lady you know, like I mean it. (Can you tell I really want this as well??)

This next product is actually super useful and a beautiful gift to keep the Ramadan spirit alive – it’s a Quran touch lamp, a product exclusive to Modah. It’s a great gift to give to any family and you’ll get your share of the reward when anyone uses it, so it’s a win-win! You can play the Quran and the translation in 15 different languages. I think anyone would love to have this in their home.

If you have a kid to give a gift to, then you’re actually set. Modah has so many kids toys and educational products. I wish I was a kid again just so I could play with some of these. One toy in particular that I love are the Muslim girl/boy dolls. As a kid, I would always play with my toy dolls, but I had to realize that I look different than my doll and I would always look different

Another perfect family and home gift is some art. I know, this may be a bit tricky, because you never know what will go with someone’s home or room, but I think a cool piece of art will always find it’s place. Especially if you get a neutral Islamic art piece from Modern Art, their canvases will not disappoint and it won’t break the bank either. Or you can always get something more specific for a kids room or office space.

This next gift is quite thoughtful and unique, and definitely nice for the reflective thinkers in your life. I have used the Dua Journal before and I appreciated its layout and prompts. It’s a great journal for connecting to God through gratefulness and understanding yourself. Another journal that Modah carries is The Journal for Muslims, which is similar in its aims.

A timeless gift option for anyone and everyone is a classic watch – YA GET ME?!?! But seriously, you can’t go wrong with a North Accent watch. Speaking from personal experience, I really love these watches, especially for their quality and design. My silver stainless steel watch goes with everything and they have different styles for everyone’s taste.

And if all else fails, just pick up a cute Eid Mubarak card and some Halal Gummies (peach rings for the win) for a simple and sweet gift, literally. I mean, who doesn’t love a handwritten card? I love writing notes and cards for my friends, it’s a nice way to express how much they mean to you and that you appreciate them. The gummies are a great snack for reading the said card, but depending on the content of the card, you may want to include a pack of tissues as well.

I hope you found this blogpost helpful! But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you gift or get gifted on Eid. What’s most important is to remember each other in our duas and encourage each other to keep up all of the progress we have gained in Ramadan!


Talk to you soon,

🎀~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~🎀


Zanzibar – Trip of a Lifetime!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for over a month. Seriously. I went to Zanzibar in mid-July, why am I just getting around to this? Well, school just started back up after the last long weekend of Summer, and I’m already dreading it. The work is piling and stress levels are rising.

On my first day of class, bright and early this past Tuesday morning at 8:30, we had to do the usual introductions for our problem-based learning nursing class. One thing we had to include in our introduction was one of our goals after nursing school. I mentioned how I went to Zanzibar this summer and how I would like to continue travel nursing in the future. And that short anecdote brought back so many memories.

#HHReviews – Healthy Habits Community by NutritionByNaz!

Salaam Salaam… (I definitely said that in a ‘well well…’ voice LOL)

Look who’s back with another blogpost. Am I a Tim Horton’s cup, because I’m on a roll! Get it, like Roll up the Rim! Yes, no, maybe so?!

Today I’m doing another #HHReview, and this time, it’s the Healthy Habits Community by NutritionbyNaz! Well, that’s her Instagram name at least! I tried this program for a month, and I want to tell you a little about it.

So you may be asking, who is NutritionByNaz? Nazima is a registered Dietitian through the College of Dietitians of Ontario, with a Masters in Public Health in Nutrition and Dietetics, and is ALSO a Certified Personal Trainer, through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. Wow, that was a mouthful, mashallah!
You can obviously tell that Nazima is ultra-qualified to create this program, and she did so because she identified a need in the Muslim women community. This program is aimed to help us achieve our “not-so-realistic” goals in realistic ways.

When you sign up for the Healthy Habits Community, you are directed to your own account with a very friendly and interactive interface. It’s really dynamic and well laid-out!
Everything is formulated in cute and colourful infographics, so it’s easy to stay engaged.

What do you actually get from this program?:

Firstly, Each month you are given specific goals. It’s nice because there are others working on the same goals as you, so you’re in it together.

You are also given 4 recipe ideas a month. This month I got a Salad, Soup, Snack, and Meal recipe!
They are all quick and easy to make, so it’s not strenuous or super ‘healthy’ either. My point being, you’re not eating like you would in a fad diet. The recipes are wholesome, and more importantly, tasty and flavourful dishes!
And don’t worry, there are even more recipes scattered throughout!

One recipe I received this month was a Mango salad, so I thought I’d share this one with you!
See what I mean by colourful and fun graphics!

You also receive 4 nutrition tips per month, one catered to each week.
These are practical and encouraging tips to help you become a healthier you. It’s not just a motivational statement, but Nazima also provides explanations and ways to put this tip into practice.
So instead of just saying, eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, she describes the array of fruits and vegetables that come in a rainbow of colours and what nutritional benefits they have.
There are real life ways and ideas to implement this and there is a lot of health teaching involved.

There’s also a Livestream once a month, and if you cannot attend, they are recorded. You can email in your questions from before hand, so it really is personalized and you also get the benefit of hearing others’ questions. Sometimes, people will bring up things you never thought about or something you too were struggling with, but did not know how to express.

You also are involved in a support group on Facebook, which really integrates the ‘community’ aspect of this. You have access to all the resources, tips, and education, but you also have that communication aspect where you can work toward your goals together in sisterhood!

The program gives you certain ‘tasks’ you have to do and you get a check mark as you go through them. This is great to help you feel that sense of accomplishment and you know where you stand.

It would be cool if there was an integrated system into the existing interface to submit photos when the recipes have been tried for ‘extra points’ or even have a chat section. I know this is all on Facebook, but this could be used directly through one’s account.

Overall, I think this is a super cool initiative and a really great way to get on track with your goals, and become a healthier you! Obviously, with any sort of program like this, it’s only as good as the one using it. At the end of the day, if you are invested in yourself and making a change, you will succeed inshallah! And this is for everything right. If you use the program as it is meant to and engage within it, I think it will definitely be beneficial.

To find out more or see what other awesome stuff Nazima does, check out her website and Instagram!

P.S…. I’ll be doing a giveaway soon for a FREE ONE MONTH SERVICE of the Healthy Habit’s Community! So stay tuned on my Instagram!

Talk to you soon!


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#HHReviews – Asiyah the Book!

Hello there!

I know, I’m back so soon! I’m totally catching up for the lack of blogposts and knowing me, I’ll probably fall behind again right after my posting spree! Anyways, I’m enjoying some down time to finally tell you about this lovely new thing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen the above photo! But today I want to talk to you about a new book called Asiyah! Asiyah was authored by a friend and fellow community member, Zainab, and I just had to share all about it.

Before I give my full in-depth review, I just want to summarize my thoughts. I LOVED IT. I honestly, truly, actually thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Asiyah is about a girl, well, named Asiyah, who is growing up and attending university in Toronto. She and her family are from East Africa and moved to Toronto a couple years ago. She goes through the daily life of a young muslim woman – all the fun assignments and exams from school, spending time with her family, attending the mosque, hanging out with friends, and also wearing hijab.

Right off the back, this is super relatable to me – my parents are also from East Africa, I attend university, I am too balancing school with my mosque, social, and work life. And, if you didn’t notice I mean, I wear hijab.
However, I will say this. I can definitely see how this book may not be as applicable to other audiences, such as adults or even guys. The struggles and themes that are identified are so specific and hence, others’ may not relate, sympathize with, or even agree with them.

This book is a story about how Asiyah grows as an individual and learns to love herself. There are so many relevant themes, and they are so universal to how growing up in the West is like. The struggles of hijab, incorporating religion in all aspects of life, peer pressure, judgments, SOCIAL MEDIA, and the pressures of marriage. The last being Everyone’s favourite topic right now.

I think the part that resonated most with me was about being judgmental. Whether intentional or not, we harbour certain judgments within ourselves because of thoughts and perspectives we’ve internalized as being ‘right’. This influences how we interact, behave, and even think about one another. We can be so quick to judge people without actually understanding where they are coming from. With the judgments, sometimes comes this attitude of being ‘holier than thou’ and we think we are doing everything perfectly. Like obviously other people are wrong. I personally am struggling with judgments myself, where it is my thoughts toward others or even how others perceive me and what I do. I appreciate how Asiyah’s character recognizes her flaw and then actively works toward being a more genuine person.

I don’t want to give out too many spoilers, but I just had to share this with you!

Overall, I would give this book a 9/10. It is honestly so relevant to me and I’m sure youth living in the West can understand the themes in this book!

You can check out more about Asiyah on Instagram (@asiyahthebook) and purchase your own copy at

Speak to you soon!


🎀~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~🎀

Dear World, I’m Crazy…

Dear World,

I hope you’re doing well.

I’m writing to you because it’s been a while since we last spoke. It’s also been quite some time since I last thanked you for all that you’ve done, for me, and the rest of us that inhabit you. You’ve come a long way.

Unfortunately, there seems to be an epidemic that is plaguing the world. I’m sure you can think of a number yourself, like greed, corruption, racism, poverty. I wasn’t satisfied when I thought of these. There had to be something that was the root cause for all of this madness. And in fact, the cause is madness.

You see, people have all become crazy. Being crazy is such a popular trend right now. Probably the most popular, with avocados and snapchat selfies being close runner-ups.  Some crazy for power, others for money, and others are crazy about themselves. Some are crazy for their ideology. They let their mind take over and their craziness consumes their thoughts.

But, if you look back in history, being crazy is really not all that new. It’s been there from the start. Then why such a surge in madness now? Maybe people knew how to control it better? Or maybe, without social media, everyone’s craziness was confined in their own rooms and homes.

I’m not here to hate, just to appreciate. These feelings of craziness, I want to deflate. I mean, I’m all for being crazy. It’s our craziness that has taken us to the moon, allowed us to build skyscrapers taller than we could ever imagine. It is this same craziness that has allowed us to eliminate disease from the world. Yet, it is this same craziness that has brought us so much grief.

In a world of #hashtags and profile photos to empathize with justice, we have forgotten the true essence of caring and compassion. We sit behind computer screens, like I am doing right now, and we articulate ever so eloquently, thinking we have done our part because now our ‘feelings’ have translated into a Facebook status.

It may be the tire sneaking in, but my eyes are heavy. They feel like they’re so sunken into my socket that one more tragedy won’t shake out a single tear, yet they’re so delicate and hopeful for change. I’m not sure what it is, but this craziness has crept into my soul.

I’m really not sure what to do, World. I don’t want us to stop being crazy. But how do we do it in moderation? I mean, why aren’t we crazy about each other? Crazy with love, compassion, empathy, and kindness? Where did we lose sight of what to be crazy about? When did our values shift?

Dear World, I just want you to know, that I’m crazy. I’m crazy because I want to love one another instead of hate. I want to support one another instead of fight. I want to welcome one another instead of ban. And I want to live with one another, with peace, harmony, and justice.

And, a little bit of craziness on the side.

Yours truly,

Malikah aka HijabiHeroes

🎀~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~🎀

IMFDF 2016 Experience!

Hey lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well!
So I just realized I forgot to do a 2nd blogpost last week! WHOOPS! Sorry everyone! Things are just super busy as IMFDF was this past weekend, this week is a double wedding for us (two family friends, one is ShumiDee!), and then next week, I’m off to Orlando, FL! Lots and lots going on! Alhamdulilah, busy is good but I may be behind on blogposts 🙈

Like I said, IMFDF was this past weekend!! The International Modest Fashion and Design Festival (IMFDF) is a super cool event hosted annually and sponsored by the halal cosmetics company, Tuesday in Love! As always, the 2-day event features a Yacht party and a Fashion Show with a bazaar!

Of course, I had to share my experience with you all! First of all, it was so nice meeting so many of you! It’s always nice to connect faces to ‘likes’ hehe, and I’m so so SO appreciative that we got to talk and chill together! I had an amazing time!
Also, HUGE Shoutout to Taam Media for collaborating with me and sending me to IMFDF!

Fitness Journey and Having Personal Trainer! #GrainsAndGains

Hey everyone!
Hope you all are doing well!
This summer I really wanted to get my life together – you know, finally do things that I’ve been meaning and wanting to do. Things that I said I would do when I had more time. Seeing that my ‘summer’ (saying it that way because summer weather really didn’t start til like mid June) vacation is now almost over, I really have to get stuff done!
One such thing was getting into a more healthy lifestyle. I’ve never been one to exercise, and I’ll openly admit, so I really wanted to start getting more active and healthy.
I really didn’t know how to go about this, it’s such an overwhelming task to do on your own, especially when it’s something you have no knowledge and no particular interest either.
This is where Aishah from Grains and Gains comes in! Yes, I got a personal fitness trainer to help out! I KNOW, I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME. Now, it’s important to note that this is an online personal training service!
I guess you could say it’s the start of something new, it feels so right to be here with youuuuu!

Full on disclaimer – I’m not doing any of this to lose weight or to be trendy or anything of the sort. I honestly just want to be more mindful of what I put into my body and treat this body the way it deserves to be treated. Allah (SWT) has blessed us with many things, our body, the food we eat, and the life we live. We shouldn’t take it for granted and as we plan out our lives to ensure we are successful in the future, being ‘fit’ now is to ensure that we have long and healthy lives, inshAllah!

#HHReviews – Matte Lipsticks Part 2 – Milani and Colourpop

Hey Salaam!

I hope you are all doing well! Thank you all for the great feedback on #HijabiHeroes Summer edition. I haven’t really felt like I’ve been on the ball with blogging lately, but after seeing all the comments and the views, it felt good to actually be back!

I’m back with the Part 2 to my #HHReviews on matte lipsticks! Surprised how easy the transition from fashion to beauty was haha! You all seemed to like it and I’m so glad, because I was pretty nervous about it tbh 😁 I don’t really know much about makeup so I’m pleasantly surprised (and honoured) that you would trust my opinion aha 😅

Let’s get right into it with Milani and Colourpop matte lip products today!

#HHReviews – Matte Lipsticks Part 1 – Revlon and NYX

Hello there!

I hope you are all doing well! Yes, back with the 2nd blogpost of the week, feels so so so good!

I’m starting new series called #HHReviews. Surprise Surprise LOL!
Sorry, I just can’t help but to organize my blogposts into series! It’s almost like organizing your files into folders on your desktop. Just helps keep you mentally sane yenno 😅. This also gives me a chance to expand in the same format and review more types of products for you all!

I’ll be starting this series with a review of many brands and types of matte lipsticks! Since wedding season is in full swing, I thought this might be helpful and would be useful if you want to diversify your lip product collection. I will be having a Part 2 to this blogpost, I didn’t want to cram everything into one, so I thought splitting it up might work better!

Honestly, I never used to wear lipsticks, just tinted lip balms, but ever since I discovered the wonders of matte lip products, I’m sold! Even MommaHH, who has tons of lipsticks, only wears matte now! So you know this is a shared collection!

I’m going to be talking about Revlon and NYX matte lip products today!

Kaamilah’s Welcome Ramadhan Event!

Hey Salaam everyone!

Ramadhan Mubarak to you all! I pray that this month is filled with blessings and bounties for you and your family! Please remember the entire Ummah, all those in need and less fortunate, as well as myself and my family in your duas, God-willing. And of course, I’ll do the same!

In the spirit of welcoming the month of Mahe Ramadhan with open arms, we have to remember our duties towards our Creator and fellow community. To bring everyone together, Kaamilah, an east-end muslim collaborative, had a Welcome Ramadhan event! There were speakers, workshops, crafts for the kids, and many muslim businesses sharing their unique and personal products. It was really nice to see the bonds that were being created, through conversation and similar interest. It was refreshing to participate in the homey atmosphere. Everyone was so kind and friendly, you just couldn’t help but smile!