How I always create *NEW* outfits – My Favourite Outfit Equation!

Hey hey hey!

I hope you’re doing well! It’s been a while since I last wrote a fashion related post just for kicks. Seriously, it’s been ages since I’ve been on here to really share what I’M truly passionate about, other than the Zanzibar post of course! I’ve been feeling a little lost with what I want to really achieve with this space and I’m starting to recover what this blog is all about. With that being said, look forward to some new content coming your way inshallah! And as always, you can catch me on YouTube  (I actually have some lookbooks up there!!!) and on Instagram (I post on the daily, you already know) *shameless self promo* hehe.

ALRIGHT, class in session. The NUMBER 1 QUESTION I get asked, and I am not exaggerating in the slightest is: How do I always have new outfits or How do I always create new outfit combinations? People think I have 896,042,135,785 articles of clothing that I sift through to come up with outfits for events and shoots. Now, as much as I wish that was true, or slightly true, it is most definitely not! I don’t go shopping 24/7. I’ve actually barely gone shopping this year, after my primark excursion in May because, well, PRIMARK. It’s actually come to a point where my Mom is *pleading* with me to buy new clothes! I know, who would have thought that day would come.

WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School Outfits! FT. Luluwaah

Hey hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and getting into the routine life now that school has started! I know, it’s a bummer, especially after having a 4 month summer vacation!

But before I get into more details about school, I just wanted to apologize for not posting for about 2 weeks!! It’s unacceptable and I’m so SORRY! 🙁
I’ve just been really busy preparing for school and also helping organize the Al-Wahda Sports Festival held in Toronto. Also, last week our school begun but we already had about 4 chapters of reading to do before the first day of class! And we only found out two days before, which was on the Labour Day weekend! So the stress level is already elevated :’)

Anyway! I’m in my second year of University, studying Nursing! I’m taking 7 classes (usual full course load is 5…) only because that’s how intense and jam-packed the nursing program is! My classes for this term include Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Social Determinants of Health, Anatomy of Medical Terminology, and then my Clinical Placement course, my Service learning placement course, and the Problem-Based Learning course where we analzye different care scenarios and get a more rounded approach to Nursing.

As you can tell, I’m already exhausted and I’m JUST starting my FIRST full week of school. It’s going to be a looooong semester! I figured some of you may be in the same boat, so I thought I’d share some Back-to-School Outfit ideas with you all to ease the load of getting out of bed and dressed in the morning! I think I’m going to be wearing all of these outfits this week… LOL

These outfits are suitable for the Summer-Fall transition but can definitely be adjusted to fit the climate needs of a particular day!

With all of these outfits, I am wearing a hijab from Luluwaah! Luluwaah is a proud Canadian company that prides itself in providing affordable yet quality products to its consumer. I have known the owner of Luluwaah for a very long time and she is one of the most sincere and beautiful people I have ever met! Luluwaah also donates a portion of their sales to a village in Tanzania! I love that they’re a socially responsible company as well!
Luluwaah hijabs are really nice because they’re a great material! I’m pretty sure all hijabis know the struggle of finding the perfect material for a hijab. These hijabs are a great balance between super soft, but stiff enough so they don’t fall off and stay in place all day. They don’t fuss around, which is ideal for school, because you know you’ll be good all day long!

They also have a great variety and selection of printed and solid coloured hijabs with cute accents such as tassels and lace. These frills add a little something extra to a solid hijab which are awesome to enhance a plain outfit. Luluwaah also has the most unique ombre hijabs with the prettiest colour combinations!

From the packaging of the hijabs, their website, the quality of the hijabs, and much more – I was so impressed by the attention to detail from Luluwaah. Their packaging was very elegant and made me feel so excited and honoured to be opening a package! Their website is easy to navigate and their “Blog” section gives some ideas on how to style their scarves!


That gold wrapping though :))
A personalized note! Loving it!


The main point is to be comfortable and modest, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear sweatpants all the time! These outfits are all very casual, but yet put-together. I am a strong believer of the notion that the way you dress influences your mood and productivity. Even if I’m just at home but I feel as if I have a lot of work to complete – I change out of my pajamas (I know, it’s sad) and change into a shirt and jeans. This way, I’m mentally prepared for the day and getting ready helps with my efficiency.

I hope you enjoy! Check out Luluwaah on their website, follow them on Instagram, and like them Facebook!
A big thank you to my best friend Kulsoom for taking all of these cool pictures 🙂

Outfit 1: A little bit of Everything
Just a little Tassel – Bubblegum hijab

This outfit plays off of various ‘basic’ elements to create a complex look. You have the black and white stripes, black and white print on the cropped cardigan, light wash jeans, and contrast solid hijab.
I love mixing neutrals and basic pieces together because 1) it’s super easy to do, and 2) the final product will basically always look good!

This summer, I’ve totally been loving black and white stripes so I had to include this t-shirt in the outfit. The light wash jeans are super comfortable due to their relaxed fit, so they feel a bit like sweats! And then coral is an amazing summer colour so I had to add it in this outfit as well. The strong contrast and having the black in the outfit makes the look perfect for transitioning seasons. To be honest, I was SO totally tempted to wear my jean jacket instead, but by swapping one piece of the outfit, you can create a different look suitable for another season!

BTS 1.1 BTS 1.4 BTS 1.3 BTS 1.2

Outfit Details:
Striped t-shirt – Urban Outfitters
Cropped Cardigan – Gift
Jeans – Target
Hijab – Luluwaah (Just a little Tassel – Bubblegum)
Shoes – Target
Bag – H&M

Outfit 2: I swear it was Summer yesterday?!
Lacey Affair – Azure hijab

This outfit is my salute to Summer. It says “I’m in denial that school is over”, but more importantly “Why does school have to start”. And lastly, it also says “I’m dressing as if I was on vacation (basically how I dressed all Summer)” :’)

But honestly, pants like these that are tapered but also flowy are so perfect for summer and long days! They’re lightweight and comfortable but they also make you look put together. These are my next favourite after palazzo pants but less maintenance, so they’re perfect for long school days!

I paired the printed pants with a simple black blouse (a no-brainer) and a blue lace hijab to complement the hues of blue in the pants. The lace adds a nice touch to a casual and super easy outfit!

BTS 2.1
This hijab was so unbelievably soft, I just can’t <3 <3

BTS 2.4 BTS 2.3 BTS 2.2

Outfit Details:
Blouse – Target
Printed Pants – Urban Planet
Hijab – Luluwaah (Lacey Affair – Azure)
Shoes – Aldo
Bag – H&M

Outfit 3: Blanket in an Outfit
Glittered Ombre – Earth hijab

This outfit was especially designed for the days that you wish you could bring your blanket to school! Oversized sweaters are the way to go. Anything oversized is to be honest. There’s nothing else to say. This oversized olive cardigan/sweater screams “cozy” to me! It looks like it is made out of a light material, but it is actually pretty warm! This way, you can be snuggled up all day and if you squint and try really hard, you could pretend you’re still in bed :’)

BUT, can we just talk about how beautiful and wonderful this hijab is?!?!?!
It’s an ombre hijab with light grey, cream, brown, and burgundy! 4 total fall colours in one hijab and a little glitter to top it all off! This hijab is probably my favourite! I totally adore the other two, but this one is just SO unique and gives off a really nice vibe once layered and styled.
The slight sparkle and complexity of the hijab balances the oversized nature of the sweater and adds a hint of sophistication to the look.

BTS 3.1

BTS 3.4 BTS 3.3 BTS 3.2

Outfit Details:
Oversized Sweater – Macys
Black Pants – H&M
Hijab – Luluwaah (Glittered Ombre – Earth)
Shoes – Aldo
Bag – H&M

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Thank you all for the support, and my apologies once again for not posting for a bit! Inshallah I have some great blogposts lined up for the rest of September 🙂

Speak to you soon!


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EID GUIDE – Decor, Outfits & Gift Ideas! FT. Modah

Hey everyone! Salaam Alaykum 🙂

I hope you are all doing well!

There’s less than 2 weeks left of Mahe Ramadhan :O :O :O
I can’t believe it! The blessed nights of Qadr are approaching – the nights that mark the martyrdom of the successor of the Holy Prophet (SAWW), Imam Ali (AS) and the night when the Holy Qur’an was revealed. Please remember me in your prayers during these holy nights and inshallah I will do the same as well 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking of Eid now. With so many Eid gift exchanges coming up and having Eid be on a weekend this year inshallah, there’s no time to waste when it comes to Eid preparations! Hence, I put my thinking hat on and decided to make an Eid Guide for you all! 😉 (yes, I really just wanted to say that hehe :$)

Last year, I didn’t share any Eid Outfit Ideas and I actually ended up having people ask me for ideas or tips on their outfits. This year, I didn’t want to repeat that mistake!!
Of course, I have to share some outfit ideas for different styles and tastes, but I also wanted to give you some more ideas and help for Eid this year! Have to make up for last year right 😉
Hence, I also have some Eid Decor ideas as well as some ideas for Gifts that will be perfect and suitable for everyone on your list – your parents, siblings, friends, cousins, uncles/aunts, you name it!

I headed straight to Modah – an Islamic lifestyle store – to help find all these things! Modah is basically an Islamic Department store haha, it houses many different brands and ranges of products. A one-stop shop basically! I knew they’d have everything Eid and their unique store is an ideal place to get everything you need.
An all-in-one store for an all-in-one blogpost :))
BIG BIG BIG thank you to Modah for this wonderful opportunity! I had a great time 🙂

Also, Special thanks to my lovely mother dearest and my two cousins, Sukaina and Sayyeda for joining us at Modah! Also, thank you Sayyeda for the outfit pictures 🙂

Let’s get right into it!

Eid Decor

Before you get dressed for an event, you have to set-up first right?! Hence, let’s prep this Eid Party with some super cute Decor Ideas.

With any decor, it’s always nice to have a theme or colour scheme! Modah has perfectly themed and matching decor for all aspects of the event – the different size plates, napkins, balloons, ribbon, even the invites!

For decor ideas, I thought I’d share 3 winning colour combinations that would be so pretty for Eid! And Modah obviously has some great decor that’d fit all three 😉

Classic and Contemporary – Orange, Teal, White, and Gray

5dbc73e472b033b60908feb11c1d537d 9de3233b4eb96d50003125c05a249dd9

These colours work together so nicely! The orange and teal are bright and definitely more popping colours, but the white and gray tone them down to make for a modern and classy look!

Some plates, napkins, and even paper hanging lanterns!

How cute is this DIY letter banner? Use it for any message!

Lantern 1 arabesque-9



Totally Glam – Black, White, and GOLD

Black and white – classy, solid, essential. Black, white, and Gold – glamorous, sophisticated, bold. Adding gold always takes anything to the next level, so might as well add it the classic black and white and make it a win-win!

Some plates and lanterns to go with the theme from Eastern ToyBox!

170_165_csupload_58712970 170_170_csupload_59422932

Who wouldn’t love this Eid cube garland with lights on the inside!


Find these beautiful gift bags from Made With Hab near all of the other decor!


IMG_3541 IMG_3542

Fun for Everyone – Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, and White 

These colours just scream SUMMER and have something that everyone will like! The more colours the merrier because you can mix and match cute decor and it’ll all still fit together!

Eastern ToyBox has the best line for this colour combination!

Wrapping paper, ribbon, gift bags, balloons, and banners!

Isn’t this banner amazing?!?
These cupcake liners and toppers are super sweet! Ya get it 😉



Some fun wrapping paper!
Ribbon, napkins, garlands, plates, banners, invites, you name it – it’s at Modah!
Big inflatable balloons and more decor!
Had to get an artsy picture with the ribbon :’)

Eid Outfits

Okay yay, my favourite part :$ As much as we want Eid to look super festive and cute, we want to make sure our outfit fits the bill 😉 All these pieces are available at Modah!

Lacey and Elegant – Navy Blue Lace Maxi from HijabiMama

Lace is my favourite thing in the world if you can’t already tell. It embodies class and sophistication and is the quintessential fabric for any occasion. This lace maxi dress from HijabiMama and comes in a couple different colours. The fitting is so nice too – it’s not too tight or loose and it just falls so smoothly. The fact that this dress is also FULLY LINED and LONG SLEEVES makes is absolutely perfect for any Eid occasion there is. Whether it’s Eid prayer at the mosque or even an evening dinner, this dress will make you feel comfortable and chic all day, or night, long 🙂

To complement the navy, I opted for a beige hijab with some silver and gold sparkly stripes and a gold belt from Aldo to add another dimension to the dress.

Posing next to the deep purple and coral pink dresses 🙂

IMG_3465 IMG_3468

Floral and Girly – Floral Printed Ball Gown Skirt from HijabiMama and Silver Lace Envelope Clutch from Beaudefy

Florals are a summer time staple. Whether you like big florals or small florals, bright or muted, flowers are just happy and a good go-to. Normally, I’m not one for big floral prints, but when I saw this ball gown maxi skirt from HijabiMama, I actually fell in love! I was pretty surprised, but the fitting is so elegant as there’s a slight poof with the ball gown style.

With this gorgeous skirt, I wore a soft pink lace top that I tucked into the skirt. The soft pink lace isn’t too overpowering and doesn’t clash with the big and bold print of the skirt. This is key – a great alternative to mixing prints is to mix textures. The bigger floral print of the skirt works with the smaller lace fabric of the shirt and thus, the two complement each other. To add some contrast, I finished the outfit with a maroon hijab.

Now, I definitely wanted an accessory to tie the look together. This oversized clutch from Beaudefy is great. It has lots of space and adds the perfect amount of ‘shine/sparkle’ without overdoing the outfit.

This would be perfect for an Eid brunch or lunch event 🙂 This skirt comes in a couple different prints!

Signature pose 😉

IMG_3486 IMG_3487 IMG_3490

Chic and Effortless – Modesty Palazzo Pants, Modesty Maxi Cardigan, HijabiMama Statement Necklace

If you’re not a dress or skirt person, this outfit is ideal for you! Palazzo pants are one of my new staples. They’re not only great for the summer time but are so effortless! All you have to do is throw on a simple blouse or top and you’re done! They’re also very modest and super comfortable with their wide leg, so you’re covered in all aspects 😉

With these navy palazzo pants from Modesty (or now Mode-Ste), I wore a white short blouse and a black and white printed chiffon maxi cardigan. These pants are so lightweight and comfortable. The fabric is a bit shiny so they are great for a more formal or fancy occasion! This cardigan is also really soft so it feels really good all together. To add some sparkle, I wore this gray chunky floral statement necklace that is a little bit more edgy, but still cute. Lastly, I wore a periwinkle hijab to add a little bit of colour to the outfit.

Yumm, Chai Bar!
Favorite picture! Not sure why, but it’s my favourite 🙂
You can also tie this cardigan at the front if you’d like 🙂

IMG_3492 IMG_3496

Showstopper Glam – Ruby Ball Gown Skirt from HijabiMama and Statement Necklace from HijabiMama

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how BEAUTIFUL this ruby skirt is. I mean….I’m speechless. This is my favourite outfit from the entire post!

Because the skirt is already a statement piece, I just tucked in a plain black long sleeve tshirt. I didn’t want the top to compete the with skirt as I wanted to add an accessory as well. Now, I know this ball gown skirt speaks for itself, but I couldn’t resist wearing this gorgeous statement necklace. To be honest, I think the necklace with the skirt pumps up the glam and the two work together. To finish the outfit, I wore a black and white ombre hijab to lighten up the look.

Prepare to look and FEEL like a Queen in this outfit! Can’t wait to wear this skirt again soon! It also comes in black, royal blue, and emerald!

Isn’t this necklace just divine?!
A side twirl 😉

Bright and Bold – Louella Marrakesh Dress (Louella is a part of ModestWear) and Caramel Hijab

Brace yourselves…This is a completely new and different look for HijabiHeroes.

This bold mustard, purple, and white maxi dress from Louella is brighter look than my usual, but I totally loved it! I can’t lie, at first, I thought the colours would be really bright, but when worn, this dress looks beautiful! The colours totally work together and the fitting is wonderful! Plus there’s pockets, which is always a plus!

Now, the real different look comes with the way I wore my hijab. This caramel hijab from Modah is surprising soft and felt so nice! The frayed edges add a nice touch to any hijab look. Instead of draping my hijab the way I normally do – this time I wore it….turban style!
Yep, NEVER thought I’d EVER wear a turban style hijab. I don’t know why, but never imagined it for myself. But here it is… Hope you like it :$

For more blessings, use a bigger tasbih 😉
Look at that flare! :’)
Close up of my hijab 🙂
Mid twirl 🙂



Eid Gift Ideas

Last but not least, behold are some gift ideas that are perfect for everyone on your list! I’ve classified some typical people who are pretty standard to shop for to make it a little easier for you 😉

Friend/Sister/Cousin (Any girl really)

Okay, there’s lots and lots for this one! You have some cute stationary from The Pampered Muslimah, modest clothing, fancy necklaces, and of course, can’t go wrong with a hijab!

IMG_3574IMG_3561 IMG_3560

Aren’t these tote bags so cute?


Parents/Aunt-Uncle (Anyone really)

For someone older, I suggest a good book, Islamic art, or some pretty tableware. Modah has many books and a whole giant wall of pretty art. They even have some wall decor pieces from Modern Wall Art that have a light in the back! They’re so cool! They even have products from Reviving Islamic Art, which makes handmade calligraphy items, such as wooden art and laterns!
Or these teacup sets with arabic calligraphy are so pretty! They have plates and cups with similar designs. I know my mom loved these!


Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.35.07 AM
Taken from Modah’s instagram!
Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.50.46 AM
Taken from Reviving Islamic Art’s Instagram!
How pretty is this mug!



Boys are pretty hard to shop for. Grab them a tee and you’re good to go. Live the Deen has some great ones! Or get them some Beard oil from Oils By Balance to help their beard grow hehe!



Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.06.24 AM
Taken from Modah’s Instagram!

Sweet Tooth

This is me. Yep, I’m basically telling you what I want for Eid LOL! Just kidding! But I definitely qualify under this category!
If you know a sweet tooth like me, they’ll definitely love any of these products from Blossom & Bean! Coming from an expert 😉

The candy display :)))))
S’MORES! Perfect for some outdoor fun!
6 for $10 Halal Gummies?! WHAAAT <3
B&B even has some packaged sweets for cute little Eid gifts!

Tea Enthusiast

If you like chai, be prepared for a tea overload at Modah! Not only do they have a billion different types of tea, they also have a chai bar! Yes, it’s really hard to go to Modah while you’re fasting haha, so I went after iftar so I could sip on some yummy chai 🙂
They have these great gift sets or you can just buy the boxes and mix and match your own!

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.17.10 AM
Tea gift sets! Taken from Modah’s Instagram!
Caught drinking chai :$

Makeup Junkie 

Ahh, we all know and love one. A beautiful friend/sister/cousin who loves makeup and everything pretty! Modah has Tuesday in Love, a unique brand that has water-permeable, wudhu friendly makeup and nail polish. Modah also is one of the only places with the halal certification for Tuesday in Love!
They have nail polishes, lipsticks, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and more!

Ayy that Halal Certificate showing through 🙂


Natural Spa Lover

The Henna Souq and Saaboon have the perfect gift for you innit! I know one of my friends loves fun bath stuff. Another really likes skincare!
Henna Souq has natural henna and clay powders that are good for hair colouring and face masks! One of their clay powders, the Organic Rhassoul Powder is so gentle and great for your skin! I used it as a face wash/mask and it made my skin super soft and face brighter and illuminated!
Saaboon has vegan handmade soaps and bath products that are natural and environmentally friendly 🙂
The Urban Forest even has bath melts, similar to bath bombs from Lush!

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.07.23 AM
Pretty soaps! Taken from Modah’s Instagram!
Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.06.56 AM
Henna Souq display! Taken from Modah’s Instagram!


These toys and games are so cute! They are so colourful and educational as well! There’s also a large selection of islamic books for the young ones which is definitely a good gift idea to encourage reading!


Dolls, Puzzles, Arts and Crafts!
More books and fun stuff!

And for that perfect bundle of joy…


This onesie is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

If all else fails…a nice card and some money!

But really, if you can’t decide what to get for a loved one, pick up a pretty Eid Mubarak card from Modah and stick some cash or a gift card inside and you’re good to go!

A whole rack of some pretty Eid cards!
Close up!
And some more cards 🙂
Here’s a pack of 5 with envelopes if you need some more 😉


Alrighty, that’s all from me!

I know this was a SUPER LONG post. But, I really hoped it helped you! I put a lot of effort into this post – a fun trip to Modah that was so fun, they had to keep the store open for an extra hour and a half!! (Thanks Modah for that hehe!) and lots of hours of editing and writing! Feedback would be greatly appreciated! (Please excuse Grammar mistakes, I’m sick and can’t think straight LOL).

Sharing with your family and friends would also be appreciated!

Check us out on Instagram and Facebook for more fun!

Thanks again!

Lots of love!


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WHAT TO WEAR: Retreats, Camps, Cottage – Outfit Ideas

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all doing well!

I have started a new series on my site called “What to Wear”! I love starting new series because I feel like it’s opening a new door to endless possibilities of blogging and creating many more opportunities for new and different content on HijabiHeroes! I did a post that would fit into this series quite recently – my Formal Wear Outfit Ideas Guide – but I am officially launching the new series today! (LOL sounds so fancy!)

When many events or occasions come up, I get a lot of questions from friends and family about what they should wear and outfit ideas that would be fitting and appropriate for said occasion. Hence, I did the formal wear post and now I’m going to do one about Camps and Cottages! Yep, you read the title correctly! I went to a retreat two weeks ago and for the week leading up to it, all my friends would talk to me about was what I was going to wear and what they should wear LOL. That got me thinking – It seems like some people could benefit from this!

Now, this may seem like a No-Brainer – just wear some comfy sweats and you’re good to go! But sweatpants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and being modest is also something to remember.  I for one personally struggle with wearing sweatpants LOL. I mean, I love them and practically live in them when I’m at home, but I always have trouble styling them when I’m in public. I find it hard to be modest and look and feel good at the same time. Hence, with these outfit ideas, I hope to strike a balance between comfortable, cute, and modest, but mostly comfortable of course! 🙂

This is the campsite we attended during the long weekend!

Outfit Idea 1: Comfy Jeans

Okay, I know jeans are standard, but they’re not always the most comfortable if you’re wearing them for long periods of time and for a lot of running around. As much as I love skinny jeans, it can get really hot during the day and participating in a lot of activities only leads to a sticky mess. Hence, I recommend wearing a pair of looser, very comfortable jeans. They don’t have to be super baggy or ‘boyfriend’ jeans, but maybe opt for a straight cut instead of a skinny fit.

These light wash jeans shown below are quite loose, without being overwhelmingly big. They’re super comfortable and allow air to flow in and out, keeping me cool throughout the day.

I wore my jeans with a denim shirt, as denim on denim is a big summer trend. (See fashionable and comfortable can work!)

A stop from our long road trip to the camp site!




Outfit Idea 2: Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a really easy, one stop fix to any outfit trouble! (Literally, because they’re one piece of clothing :’) ). Jumpsuits made from lightweight, flowy material are the best option! They’re super easy to style as you probably just have to throw a cardigan on top and they keep you from getting too hot. They’re a simple and great piece because you’re still put together but you’re also very cozy and casual all at the same time!

I styled this black and white jumpsuit with a gray cardigan and a plain coloured hijab to add some colour to the outfit!

IMG_5442 IMG_5415


Outfit Idea 3: Track Pants

Ahh, the track pant. Cousin to the sweat pant, identical twin to the comfort they bring! I find track pants a good alternative to sweat pants, for many reasons. Not only are they still comfortable and perfect for activities, sports, and games, but they’re also easier to style. Track pants can be of a slimmer, more tailored fit, and thus, easier to wear a looser, more modest fitting top with them. The problem I find with sweatpants are that they can be really baggy, so it’s hard to wear a loose shirt with them because there’s no balance or structure in the outfit. With track pants, you can wear a bigger top because the two pieces balance each other out.

I kid you not, probably 70% of the people at the camp I went to two weeks ago all had the Adidas Slim Fit pants! No kidding! I mean, they’re really comfortable and quite stylish, giving off a sporty and chill vibe without looking too much like pajamas 😛

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a full outfit picture with my track pants but my friend Kulsoom wore some during archery! Her outfit perfectly exemplifies this tip! Her baggy shirt compliments the slimmer fitting track pants and the look is totally casual and fitting for the activity!


Exhibit A: Adidas Slim Fit Pants aha:) Zohra, Mohaddisa, Me, and Nida <3

Outfit Idea 4: Maxi Cardigans/Long Hoodies

This is actually my favourite idea and the best advice I could give anyone on this topic. Maxi. Cardigans. My love. Honestly, maxi cardigans are the solution to the hijabi’s everyday struggle. LOL.
But actually, maxi cardigans are so versatile and not all of them are thick and heavy, so they’re perfect for the day time. The warmer ones are definitely a great option at night, especially to snuggle up next to the bonfire! Maxi cardigans are perfect because you can literally wear anything and just throw a maxi cardigan on top and the outfit is completely modest and put together with 0 effort required. They work on top of jeans, track pants, sweat pants, harem pants, slouchy pants, ANYTHING! Can you tell I’m obsessed?!

Zip-up Hoodies are a great and similar substitute for sports and other active situations. I found this long zip up hoodie at Sport Chek last year and I was beyond excited! It’s perfect for playing sports and games because it’s the same concept as a maxi cardigan as you’re still modest and dressed appropriately for the situation.

I wore my zip-up over sweatpants and my “Just Dua It” Tshirt 🙂

My friend Nida wore her super cute and comfy maxi cardigan a lot during the camp and she totally had that look all figured out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any full outfit shots of her in it 🙁
I do have a picture of my other friend Fatima wearing a longer cardigan so I decided to add that in!


Long hoodies come to the rescue for sports and outdoor activities 🙂


Outfit Idea 5: Harem Pants

My favourite type of pants – Harem pants! They are super slouchy yet totally acceptable and hence, are still modest and stylish! Harem pants give the vibe that “hey, I know how to be casual and fashionable, I got this whole thing down” 🙂

I simply tuck in a plain tshirt into mine and wore a super light cardigan on top! You can still do activities in them or take a stroll on the dock, but you’re not overdressed or uncomfortable either!

They’re definitely one of my summer wardrobe essentials to keep you cool and protect you from the sticky feeling you get with tighter pants. They’re also really easy to style so you don’t have to worry about anything super difficult when you’re at a camp or retreat!


Outfit Idea 6: Plaid

Plaid shirts are one of the best yet casual tops that you could own. They’re simple yet enough. They’re casual yet put together. They’re just the right amount of cute yet comfort.

My cousin totally rocked her plaid shirt at the camp and it was a wise decision!


Outfit Idea 7: Maxi Skirt and Jean Jacket

You really think I would’ve let you go that easily eh?! Come on, what’s a HijabiHeroes post without a Jean Jacket-Maxi Skirt power combo?!

This is definitely ‘fancier’ so it’s more suitable for the evening times, the closing event, or big dinner. When my family and I go to the cottage, we always have a nice big dinner designated on one of the nights, so therefore, I thought it was worth including this look too!

There’s not much to say about this really. Any time you pair a maxi skirt or dress with a jean jacket on top, you’re literally set. They’re the best duet 🙂


And that’s a wrap, folks! I hope this was helpful and that my tips can benefit you in some form or another! The best part of camps is that everyone is equally as sleep-deprived as you are, so no one really cares about what you wear 😛 But honestly, being comfortable is of number one priority! I just like to feel a little bit nicer while also being comfortable 🙂 Long live sweat pants though 🙂

Lots of love and Speak to you soon!


~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~

“So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” – Surah Rahman <3


WHAT TO WEAR: Formal Occasions – Outfit Ideas + Where to buy Formal Clothing! FT. Salam Shop

Hello Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing well!

Believe it or not, one of most common questions I get from family, friends and messages on Facebook (lol) are what to wear for fancy events and where to get such clothing from. Whether it’s for long sleeve maxi dresses, lace looks, or even a great maxi skirt, I’m always trying to help my fellow muslimahs find modest formal attire. Hence, I thought I’d make a little handy guide for some outfit ideas, my personal tips, and places to get classy formal outfits! These looks are perfect for the many formal events in our lives – weddings, graduations, proms, banquets, parties, and anything and everything in between! The best part of this post – I partnered up with Salam Shop and had a great morning of playing dress-up in their adorable store! Most of the pieces from my outfit ideas are all from Salam Shop so you have easy access to all the gorgeous items! 😉
Check them out – / @mysalamshop

I just had to add a picture of this pretty scarf display! Spring has arrived at Salam Shop!

A big thank you to Salam Shop and my dear friend Kulsoom for coming along and taking all of these wonderful pictures!


Outfit ideas for more formal occasions can be tricky! You don’t want to be overdressed but you don’t want to be too simple either. You’re never sure if you should wear cultural clothing, or stick to a for-everybody look. Also, depending on the time and season of the event, you have to modify your clothing choices and selection. So basically, dressing up may be fun but can be pretty hectic to coordinate!

Here are some basics, right off the bat:
– Plain hijabs are always a safe and pretty option – Go with neutrals or soft tones like nude, mauve, or dusty pink
– Don’t overdo with the prints – Keep it classy! Depending on the event, such as a wedding, you don’t want to be the centre of attention! One simple print in a small accent to an outfit is a great amount!
– Wear what makes you comfortable! – Chances are, your event may be a long one so you want something you are physically comfortable in and something that makes you feel great!
– Think of the entire outfit! – Think about each individual piece and if it’s a practical choice for your event. Those 6-inch heels may be gorgeous, but it won’t be pretty when you fall on your face 😛

Let’s jump into some outfit ideas!

Look 1: Maxi Skirt

This definitely should’ve been expected from me haha! Maxi skirts are super versatile and can be transitioned from casual to fancy with the addition of a few pieces such as jewelry, a pretty clutch, and neutral colours. But, sometimes, you want to have a statement piece that’s a little bigger than normal! This maxi skirt look is traditional in the sense that it’s super simple in it’s components. All you do is tuck a blouse into a skirt and add a neutral hijab and you’re done! However, it’s this sequinned beauty that adds the perfect pop and glam to this outfit! This gold maxi skirt is from Hayah Collection and it’s actually super comfortable! The fabric is pretty stretchy and isn’t tight so you can walk easily in it. It has a concealed zipper in the back and is very easy to zip. ALSO, did I mention this skirt is on sale right now?! YES! Make sure you grab it before it’s all gone!
Now, picking the perfect hijab wasn’t easy, I’ll have to admit! I was looking around to find a hijab that would balance out the skirt without being too distracting and making the outfit goddy. I opted for this stunning beige/nude hijab from The Fashion Caravan and it has these small pearls around the rim of the hijab – the perfect touch to tie in the entire outfit and add a last bit of glam to the look!

My favourite picture from the entire shoot!
Surprising, this bedazzled skirt isn’t too too flashy and is perfect for a formal occasion!

11150574_10203227807970958_4871313022519757698_n 11193330_10203227808650975_9041754896903969689_n 11202952_10203227812131062_4714297623030059145_n
Style Tip: Since there is already a heavy skirt and a contrast with light and dark from the colours of the blouse and skirt, strike a balance with your choice of hijab. Let the pieces themselves do the talking and don’t turn any one article against the other.

Look 2: Maxi Dresses

Surprise Surprise! Malikah’s 2nd favourite thing after maxi skirts – maxi dresses! What can I say, I have an obsession! But you really can’t blame me! Maxi dresses are so ambidextrous, and when you score a long sleeved one, I think you’re allowed to throw a party just for that 😉 (and then you can wear it at the party because you’ll need a formal outfit LOL)
Long sleeve maxi dresses are so elegant and having one-piece that flows from top to bottom is a classy and chic outfit option. It’s also very effortless because you can just slip on one article of clothing and basically be ready! This emerald green dress is from Daya Couture, another brand from Salam Shop! This dress is an Infinite Abaya, and let me tell you, there was a lot of fabric in this dress! So of course, I was very excited to twirl in this dress and strike my signature pose! I think I’m getting pretty predictable haha! 🙂
To make the outfit more light and Spring-y, and also great for occasions in the day time or evening, I decided to wear a pink and green printed floral hijab. What I love about this hijab is that the floral pattern is housed by a neutral cream base, which still keeps the hijab elegant. Again, this one’s from The Fashion Caravan. To complete the look, I added the “Sunshine” pink necklace from Silk of Paradise, which really helped to bring all of the colours together while also adding some sparkle!

Starting off with the signature pose!
And then a classic twirl :’)
Just casually reading a book haha! The page I was on was about the method of sending Salutations on the Holy Prophet (SAWW) and mentioned to ask Allah (SWT) to send His blessings on Prophet Muhammad and his family, the Ahlulbayt <3
Had to get a shot with the gorgeous fresh flowers available at Salam Shop, all from Zuhoor Designs!


Style Tip: Add in some pops of colours as accents and use accessories to tie them back into the original look. This is especially great for lighter and day-time events because you can play with prints a little more freely hah 🙂

If you can’t find a long sleeve maxi dress, you can always go for a ‘regular’ sleeveless fancy dress. Now, unfortunately, with Summer around the corner, many of the dresses available right now are either sheer, have slits, or both. But, of course, looking at the glass half full and the beauty in every situation, you can always work around these “haram” parts LOL. For this maxi dress, there is a sheer bottom half with two long slits. To halal-ify this outfit, I wore a matching pink long sleeve tshirt underneath the dress and actually wore a….pleated skirt underneath the dress! WHAT?! Yes, you got that right! Many people dislike layering and I agree, it can get heavy and very hot. But with this dress, since the bottom skirt part is all sheer anyway, it is so lightweight that wearing a skirt underneath isn’t really a big deal at all. This skirt matches really well with the dress and just hides behind with no one noticing. Because the outfit was quite plain as it was all one colour, I added a lace printed hijab that also had neutrals and pink to finish the outfit.

IMG_4902 IMG_4909 IMG_4914 IMG_4920 IMG_4924

Look 3: Midi Dress with Leggings

A dress with leggings – the classic look for our preteen selves LOL. Wearing a dress with leggings can actually work really nicely and make for an elegant and sophisticated outfit. The key for this is to find the perfect top/dress that not only maintains modesty, but is also super cute yet classy! This long sleeve midi dress is from Daya Couture once again. It’s very flowy and oversized with fitted sleeves that equalize the baggy nature of the ensemble. Plus, the mustard colour is perfect for the Spring time and isn’t too bright for a fancy event. With the hijab, I opted for a small floral print hijab from The Fashion Caravan, that again, is based off a neutral colour, to add some more spice to the outfit. Instead of wearing a heavy statement necklace, I felt the looser nature of the top only deserved a long and sleek necklace to add the finishing bit of excitement. This necklace is from Silk of Paradise and the gem/natural stone jewelry is very in right now.

Of course I had to pose with the candy! That was the only thing that was on my mind haha!
This turquoise ring is also available at Salam Shop
Some pretty Silk of Paradise sparkly bracelets!
Behind the scenes! Owner Sudduf taking a picture for Salam Shop! Thanks for letting me pose with the pretty flowers 😉


Style Tip: Your hijab doesn’t always have to be a perfect match, just like the first outfit. This hijab doesn’t exactly have yellow in it but the white matches the leggings and the other colours complement the dress so it doesn’t look out of place. The purple gem stone necklace helps to draw in the colours from the hijab.

Look 4: Pants

Yes, pants. If you’re going to a less formal event but still need to look dressed up, then wearing a nice trouser is a perfect option. A classic black trouser in your favourite fit really is a staple in one’s wardrobe and can be worn with blazers, maxi cardigans, sweaters, and can always be accessorized to spice them up.
This outfit is from the MIST Award Ceremony. Even though I was a volunteer and not a participant in the actual ceremony, I still wanted to look presentable lol as I am on the MIST dream team! I wore these black straight pants with a peplum top and a lace maxi cardigan. Because the lace and sequinned patterns are already in the outfit, I wore a coloured plain hijab to add some colour in a monochrome look.

10865880_801158683297048_1354392476106541477_o 11080351_801158736630376_3076797973242584034_o 11072202_801158623297054_6652798918870669405_o

For more details on this outfit, check out my MIST weekend outfits post!


Yay, you’ve made it to the shopping portion! This is one of the hardest struggles for Muslimahs – Finding modest and fashionable evening wear that will dazzle the crowds without breaking the bank.

Hayah Collection
Hayah Collection sells the beautiful golden maxi skirt along with lace maxi cardigans, which are also another great piece for formal occasions! You can check them out at Salam Shop!

Daya Couture
Daya Couture has a wide selection of abayas, long sleeve maxi dresses, midi dresses, cardigans, and much more! They have it all and you can have it all at Salam Shop!
aa101e_2c26f6360ee14aee885e94ba13d7f349.png_srb_p_420_630_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb The Fashion Caravan
The Fashion Caravan is your one stop shop for every hijab you’ll ever need – from printed, to plain, to lace, to accordion! The Fashion Caravan also shares tip on dressing modestly in the workplace, how awesome! You can see all their great hijabs at Salam Shop!
Grey-Fade Silk of Paradise
Oh, Silk of Paradise


USA – Kabayare Fashion
If you’re in the States, Kabayare Fashion is a great place to find some modest formal wear! They have a variety of dresses from casual to very formal and even have (lace) maxi cardigans and lace and pleated skirts! So basically, a hijabi’s dream LOL!
(KF does ship to Canada but it may get a little pricey with shipping and duties)

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.11.02 PM
UK – Inayah Collection
And if you’re in my favourite England, then you definitely have to check out Inayah Collection! Their clothing epitomizes perfection in the balance of style and modesty! Honestly, I’m in love with everything they have! I have the Blush Lace Gown from there and it fits like a glove (a modest one don’t worry haha!) and the overall dress is very high quality.
Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.15.31 PM Dara Boutique
Dara Boutique is one of my favourite places to get hijabs, I’m sure you all know by now! They have a stunning collection of plain hijabs and they even have a glittered collection, which are plain viscose maxi hijabs with speckles of sparkle throughout. These hijabs are absolutely perfect for formal occasions because you can stick to a plain colour but have a little extra touch with the sparkle! Dara Boutique is available at Kaamilah Boutique in Scarborough and does free drop-off services in the GTA for online orders! You may even find a familiar face in their “Lookbook” Section 😉


HijabiMama also has a great variety of kaftans, maxi skirts (tulle, ball gown, printed), maxi dresses, jewelry, head pieces, and hijabs! So basically, many options for formal wear! You can shop HijabiMama at Modah in Mississauga!

11008830_789334767829983_4283777588972654842_n Modesty Collections
Modesty Collections sell Abayas, modest dresses, modest trousers, palazzo pants, cardigans, skirts, blouses, and hijabs. Their products range from everyday wear to formal wear. Also, their products are their own handmade designs which makes it all more personal and you know the quality will be great! You can also find their clothing at Modah in Mississauga.

US – Urban Modesty
Urban Modesty is a US brand based on similar principals as HH – you don’t need to sacrifice fashion or modesty for the other! They have maxi skirts, maxi dresses, maxi cardigans (basically everything maxi!).

IMG_0083US – The Hijab Souq
Last but not least, we have The Hijab Souq! They have so so so many hijabs! They have plain, ombré, printed, sparkly, and tasseled hijabs. They even have calligraphy purses and sparkly jewellery. I especially think the ‘Special Occasion’ section is perfect because you get their expert view on some great choices for formal wear! They even have pictures of their hijabs styled by many muslimahs and give you outfit ideas styled with their hijabs.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I sincerely do hope that all the tips and ideas were actually helpful inshallah.

Another big thank you to Salam Shop, I honestly had a wonderful time and to Kulsoom for being there with me the entire day!

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Thank you always for the support!


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