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I’m slowly trying to get back into the groove of regular blogposts! It’s definitely harder than I remember, to be honest. Definitely, appreciate all my fellow sisters hustling and achieving their dreams. You go girls 👏🏽

This week, we are styling some bright colours and prints. My style has totally changed since I’ve started HH. Two years ago, I definitely wore a lot of prints and bolder colours, but more recently, I’m drawn more to the neutral hues, because they are so easy to style and versatile. However, I want to prove that brighter colours aren’t a challenge, but they can literally bring your outfit to life.

I have two outfits to demonstrate this. The first is a neutral outfit with a trendy POP of colour. Brighter colours are definitely “in” right now. The second is a mixed print outfit that even I was nervous about at first, but I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out!

Some of the pieces from my outfits are from Ghazala Fashions, which you can get from Modah in Mississauga or from their store in Scarborough. They have some wardrobe staples as well as some fancier dresses! I particularly like their long and modest tunics that are great to just throw on and head out the door with no fuss. They have an affordable range of clothing and are worth checking out!

The photos from this blogpost were taken by @upstream37, do check it out if you can!

Outfit 1 – Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana 😉

For this outfit, I went outside of my comfort zone and decided to wear some ORANGE. I know, it seems so daunting haha. Warm tone colours like red, orange, and yellow are definitely a highlight this season, and I’m really not one to keep up with trends that much, but I do appreciate this one! I ventured out to red in the summer and I totally love it! So I decided to try to go for 2 for 2 with orange, and it did not let me down!

I paired my orange chiffon hijab from Zehrat Hijabs with a classic black and white number. Hijabs are one of the easiest ways to integrate something a bit funkier into your outfit. They give enough of an impact with low commitment.
My top is from Ghazala Fashions and wow, it is so flattering! This top is the epitome of a modest silhouette and a comfortable fit. I love how sleek it looks, yet is so effortless. It’s nice to have a long-sleeve blouse that always works for anything you need. I matched these two pieces with some black pants with a little flare at the end, just to add an extra dimension to the look. I certainly see myself wearing this outfit combination a lot in the future!

Outfit details:
Top – Ghazala Fashions – Available at Modah
Pants – Primark
Hijab – Zehrat Hijabs
Necklace – Aldo
Watch – Lord TimePieces
Boots – Zara

Outfit 2 – Mixing it up!

Right off the bat, like I mentioned earlier, I was not sure how my mixed patterns outfit would turn out. I haven’t worn prints or even printed hijabs in ages, only because chiffon hijabs are only just starting to come out in prints. I know, I’m a bit of a drama queen 👑 #teamchiffon
However, I really like how this look came together! The trick with wearing something a bit more ‘daring’ or outside of your comfort zone is to pair it with something you rely on, something that’s foolproof. I think I mention this in most of my blogposts, because it’s definitely how I govern my style! So for this outfit, I went to my perfect outfit combination and let it do all the work for me.

Cardigan/vest/blazer + top + Nice pants = Best outfit

For this outfit, I wore a long black blazer with frilled sleeves (it could not be more adorable, I promise) and a cropped sweater underneath because WINTER LOL. I wanted to stay warm yet not take away from the outfit so layering is the way to go! Then, I wore these navy and white striped pants from Ghazala Fashions, which are super comfortable and really nice. They also make me look taller than I really am, which I’m definitely not mad about 🙋🏽
Now, this is where the mixed prints come in. I decided to finish this outfit off with a rainbow pastel floral hijab from LaModesty. This is a new hijab, and isn’t on their website just yet, but you can get your hands on it soon 🙈
At first glance, I totally thought this outfit would not turn out so well, but once I tried it on, it really came together. I think the neutral colours of the clothing items allowed for the colours of the hijab not to clash with the stripes. Also, stripes are a timeless pattern and are understated in comparison to the print of the hijab, so they work well together.

Outfit details:
Blazer – Sirens
Sweater – H&M
Pants – Ghazala Fashions – Available at Modah
Hijab – LaModesty
Watch – Lord TimePieces
Shoes – Zara

I hope this post inspired you to step outside of your box and try something a little different! Life is too short to dress boring 😹
If you have any specific blogpost requests, please message me on Instagram and let me know!

Speak to you soon!


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