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I always get asked how I come up with so many outfit combinations and everyone thinks I have 8706532 articles of clothing. I am not *always* shopping, as per popular belief hehe. I do have a closetful of clothing, alhamdulilah, and I am always thinking of new ways to wear the clothes I already have. I think that’s the essence of fashion. Especially as I’ve been getting this feedback recently, I thought I’d make this blogpost about how to expand your wardrobe!

When it comes to ethnic wear, it can be difficult to re-wear the same outfit in a short period of time. The eye-catching intricate glitz and glamour that accompanies ethnic wear can even be difficult to style in ways other than its original form. But, if you’re going to spend a good amount of money on such pieces, you want to wear them in more than one way!

I recently came across the company Doch at the Run the World Ladies event back in April and I fell in love with their pieces! I love that their cardigans are so unique and one of kind, so you won’t see people walking down the street with the same things. Although I love my fast fashion (you know I was totally down for the Zara sale mhmm), it’s nice to know that you have something that no one else does.

Embroidery has always been timeless, but it’s currently quite popular right now, which makes their modest clothing even better. Their designs actually originate from Balochistan, an area I had personally never heard of until I spoke to the founder of Doch during our fashion show dress rehearsal. Balochistan is bordered by Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran and each cardigan embodies a unique sense of culture, history, and rich design.

Their cardigans are a nice fusion of ethnic and modern, so I thought this would be perfect to style for this post! For one of the cardigans, I decided to make it ‘more’ ethnic and for the other, I styled it more casual for every day!

Find more about Doch here and follow them on Insta too!

Style 1 

I took the Doch Kharan cardigan for my first look and paired it with an all black outfit. To make it fancier, I added a silk dupatta/shawl and some glittery sandals. I wore a matching maxi hijab from LaModesty’s new summer collection.
This outfit is easy to wear and still looks like an ethnic outfit. It’s crazy what a colourful dupatta can do!

Outfit Details:
Cardigan – DochKharan Cardigan
Black Tshirt – Target
Pants – Costa Blanca
Hijab – LaModestyModal Wrap in Maroon
Dupatta – taken from another outfit
Sunglasses – Aldo
Sandals – Wardrobe Fashion House

Style 2 

For the next look, I wanted to style the Doch Mandh cardigan in a more casual way. I pulled the colours from the cardigan for the rust orange blouse tucked into these khaki pants. I added some strappy sandals and a pearled chiffon hijab from Mahal ul Jannah to seal the deal. And some reflective sunnies because they’re my favourite.
This outfit is so effortlessly chic and you look so put together when the pieces are so simple.

This outfit was actually SO EASY to create, no joke, it took me like 2 minutes to do. This goes to show that 1) You don’t need to constantly buy new clothes to create new looks and 2) You can repurpose your clothes in ways you wouldn’t normally think of!

Outfit Details:
Cardigan – Doch – Mandh Cardigan
Blouse – Forever 21
Pants – Sirens
Hijab – Mahal Ul Jannah
Sunglasses – Aldo
Sandals – Urban Planet

Hope you liked the outfits and these tips were helpful! I am always trying to find new ways to wear my clothes, so if you liked this post and want more, I’ll definitely try to share more!

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