Glittering Gown – FT. ModestWear!

Hey Salaam!

I hope you’ve all been doing well! I know it’s been a while since my last post and so much has changed in the world since then. Seasons are changing, semesters ending (THANK GOODNESS), but don’t worry, the weather in Toronto still isn’t quite Spring-ready yet. So, I guess I’m not too behind.

Speaking of behind, since I’ve been gone, I thought I’d try to work forward and try to get ahead this time! So I’m swinging straight into Ramadhan/Eid/Wedding outfit ideas! And my first post of this kind is featuring this gorgeous navy and silver kaftan from ModestWear!

Okay, confession, I’ve never worn a Kaftan before 🙈 I know, I know, but I was almost too nervous to try one. They’re so elegant and embroidered with all these dazzling jewels, so obviously it must be worn to match. However, this kaftan was so easy to wear and lightweight, I felt like a princess! I was honestly pleasantly surprised at how at ease I was wearing this.

What I love about this kaftan as well is that it is fully lined, with long sleeves underneath as well. I’ve seen so many pretty kaftans or kaftan-style dresses, but the lining is never full length, which is so upsetting.

There is also a belt inside that you can tie to accentuate the butterfly style. The silver beading and design of this kaftan are very elegant. There is the perfect amount of jewels to keep it fancy and chic. One of my favourite aspects is that the beads continue from the shoulder to the sleeves and around the cuffs.

One thing I will say is that these kaftans are quite long, so make sure you have a pair of trusty heels to help stay on top of things! Get it, on top of things, because you’re wearing heels. Wow, I haven’t blogged in ages, but the corny jokes haven’t left!

To finish off my look, I wore a light grey chiffon hijab from Alisra to match the silver and nude heels, which you can’t really see. This kaftan would honestly be perfect for Eid, or even if you had to go to a wedding, as it’s an ideal balance between glam and class.

You can get this Kaftan from ModestWear at their OWN store in Scarborough (565 Markham Rd. Unit #3) or at Modah in Mississauga!

Hopefully I can share more inspiration for Ramadhan and Eid as well as new blogposts soon inshallah!
Make sure to check out ModestWear on Instagram and you can always find me there as well!

Talk to you soon!


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