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I know, I’m back so soon! I’m totally catching up for the lack of blogposts and knowing me, I’ll probably fall behind again right after my posting spree! Anyways, I’m enjoying some down time to finally tell you about this lovely new thing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen the above photo! But today I want to talk to you about a new book called Asiyah! Asiyah was authored by a friend and fellow community member, Zainab, and I just had to share all about it.

Before I give my full in-depth review, I just want to summarize my thoughts. I LOVED IT. I honestly, truly, actually thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Asiyah is about a girl, well, named Asiyah, who is growing up and attending university in Toronto. She and her family are from East Africa and moved to Toronto a couple years ago. She goes through the daily life of a young muslim woman – all the fun assignments and exams from school, spending time with her family, attending the mosque, hanging out with friends, and also wearing hijab.

Right off the back, this is super relatable to me – my parents are also from East Africa, I attend university, I am too balancing school with my mosque, social, and work life. And, if you didn’t notice I mean, I wear hijab.
However, I will say this. I can definitely see how this book may not be as applicable to other audiences, such as adults or even guys. The struggles and themes that are identified are so specific and hence, others’ may not relate, sympathize with, or even agree with them.

This book is a story about how Asiyah grows as an individual and learns to love herself. There are so many relevant themes, and they are so universal to how growing up in the West is like. The struggles of hijab, incorporating religion in all aspects of life, peer pressure, judgments, SOCIAL MEDIA, and the pressures of marriage. The last being Everyone’s favourite topic right now.

I think the part that resonated most with me was about being judgmental. Whether intentional or not, we harbour certain judgments within ourselves because of thoughts and perspectives we’ve internalized as being ‘right’. This influences how we interact, behave, and even think about one another. We can be so quick to judge people without actually understanding where they are coming from. With the judgments, sometimes comes this attitude of being ‘holier than thou’ and we think we are doing everything perfectly. Like obviously other people are wrong. I personally am struggling with judgments myself, where it is my thoughts toward others or even how others perceive me and what I do. I appreciate how Asiyah’s character recognizes her flaw and then actively works toward being a more genuine person.

I don’t want to give out too many spoilers, but I just had to share this with you!

Overall, I would give this book a 9/10. It is honestly so relevant to me and I’m sure youth living in the West can understand the themes in this book!

You can check out more about Asiyah on Instagram (@asiyahthebook) and purchase your own copy at https://asiyahthebook.com/.

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