#HIJABIHEROES – Winter 2017!

Hey hey! I hope you are all doing well!

I thought, what better way to show my love and gratitude to you all than posting a #HijabiHeroes post on Valentine’s Day?! Seriously, I say it every time, and this time is no excuse, thank you for all of the love, support, and encouragement you have all given me. I love writing the #HijabiHeroes posts, because not only do I just get to gush about how cute everyone is, but I also get some style inspiration myself hehe.

If you’d like to be featured in my Spring #HijabiHeroes post, please comment below or message me! I would love to have you on here 🙂

Okay, without further delay, let’s get straight to our Winter #HijabiHeroes!

This first #HijabiHero is just too cute. She just radiates happiness and it’s always a pleasure talking to her. She also definitely has mastered the side pose mirror ootd, and it truly is an accomplishment.
I love her super cozy sweater and that casual laid back look. The colours work well together and she looks good, but the like looking good where you look good without trying #yafeel

What can I even say about this #HijabiHero, mashallah! She exudes elegance in her winter ootd! I absolutely adore the plum purple and forest green, they work so well together! Her outfit is literally a perfect equation: Cute blouse + modest trousers + flowy vest. You can never go wrong. Her hints of nude really bring out the print of the blouse. A+ my friend.
Check out Anmol on Instagram, @anmolazhar and her blog!

If you don’t know this fabulous woman already, what are you doing!! She’s the owner, beauty, and of course BRAINS behind The Hijab Souq! I love their hijabs and especially their modest clothing
Fatema is definitely being practical this winter, and I love how she can make being comfortable and warm so cute!
A big scarf, long socks, and gloves are the staples and reality of Northern winters, but she’s embracing them so well! And a pop of colour with a fun coat always helps tackle those winter blues (Get it, because she’s wearing blue l o l)

Our next #HijabiHero is also going the comfy route this winter, and I’m all for it. Insiyah is looking super cute in her oversized grey jumper and baggy distressed jeans. She knows how much I love these jeans, they’re super cute!
Her burgundy scarf added dimension and texture and all the glorious warmth as well.
I also really like how she wore a cream/beige hijab, which does a good job of incorporating her winter boots into the outfit!

Hey there sister friend 💁🏽 I know Florida doesn’t really have the classic winter weather, but a winter-themed outfit is more than just layers and big coats.
I love the maxi on maxi look of Mishaal’s outfit! The colours lend themselves to winter and of course, the entire outfit is super modest. She’ll be Canadian soon so she’ll be able to get some real winter outfits in LOL #YouCAN #ifyouknow

The next HijabiHero is a Toronto based blogger friend. Her style is definitely more edgy, and I love how is able to make the latest trends very modest!
I am in love with her coat, like the cut, length, and colour are just perfect! It’s so sophisticated, but can be dressed up or down. Her simple yet classy outfit is a great pair and these boots are to die for. They’re so unique and a fun take on a classic black chelsea boot.
Check Nilofar out at @styledbynilo!

This cutie knows how to layer for a great winter look 👌🏼 You can never go wrong with some army green, denim, and of course, some heeled booties!
Sakina is embracing the winter layers and I love how casual yet classic her outfit is. Again with the whole looking good without trying. Her staple pieces come together to make a great go-to look and the booties just give the outfit the perfect amount of charm.

Very few people can make a big fluffy winter coat look good, and Sanaa is definitely at the top of that list. Like her jacket is so nice!
Her plaid blanket scarf adds depth and warmth to the outfit. The rest of her outfit is made up of classic pieces. Her khaki pants and black boots are wardrobe essentials that will never fade.

This next #HijabiHero has been a supporter from the start. Sayyadah is super sweet and always messages me about HH, which really encourages me! She is such a kind person and has a loveable personality!
Also, she’s totally a trooper for her outfit in the middle of the snow!! I also love the bright pink hijab, definitely adds some sunshine on a cold winter day!

I think big blanket scarves are a theme for this post, but I’m not even mad.
I love Shelina’s black and grey outfit. She rocked her look on the streets of New York and it’s very well fitted! Comfy and casual is always a great way to go, and she’s obviously still super cute! Her big black bag adds a cool vibe to the look.

This Californian HijabiHero and fellow blogger doesn’t let the LA heat rain on her parade. Wow so many weather puns.
The dark colours of her winter ootd definitely make up for the lack of winter weather! Yes, I’m being salty because I wish I too could enjoy the sunshine and snow-free days.
Fatema loves her florals and she incorporated them so well for the winter season. Normally you don’t see florals as often this time of the year, but when there’s a will, there’s a way!
Check out Fatema’s Instagram @fatemastylebyfj and her blog!

I guess I’ll feature another blogger. You’re probably tired of seeing her by now, just kidding 😅
Shumaila aka ShumiDee is in Toronto, so she gets to experience the buckets of snow as well
I love her casual winter ootd, but my favourite part would definitely be her light grey maxi coat! I love the shape and length, it’s a perfect ‘put-together’ piece!
Check Shumaila out on Instagram @shumidee!

I feel like this entire winter season, I’ve barely worn any flannels/plaid print, and now I’m really upset
Clearly, Sakina is rocking the plaid for her winter outfit of the day, and using grey and black accents to complement her look.
Also, knee-high boots are very popular this season, and I love hers!!
And thank you Sakina for reaching out to me :))

Okay, we have the next Prime Minister for our next Hero. But really, Samahat is owning the day. Her long brown coat is super classy and cute! I’m actually in love.
Her pinkish nude hijab is one of my favourite hijab colours (is that a thing) and it fits perfect with the caramel in her jacket and black of course.

Another Floridian #HijabiHero, so let’s excuse the footwear 😝 Just kidding, I’m IN LOVE with these heels, they’re so nice and funky spin on the classic black sandal.
I also love Asiya’s outfit of course. The rusty orange goes so well with the light grey maxi waterfall cardigan! These colours honestly look really pretty together!
Honestly, with Asiya’s outfits, I can’t expect anything less than pretty!

This #Hijabihero is another blogger friend and a gem of a person! Huda is super kind and sweet and I love her style!
Like I mentioned earlier, I absolutely love this dusty rose pink colour and I love how she paired it with an all-neutral outfit. Her light brown top, white and grey vest (which is so adorable) and black pants make for a stellar look.
Check Huda out on Instagram at @yourstrulyhuda!

I met this #HijabiHero back on Christmas Day actually at the RIS convention in DT Toronto! Ameera and I started talking randomly with Nourka92 and we instantly clicked! She is super sweet mashallah and I’m so glad we met!
Even though it might not be a crazy winter in Texas, Ameera’s outfit is still cozy and cute. Her cardigan just looks so warm and comfortable! And I love the touch of olive in her hijab.

And last but not least, we have the super mom and fellow blogger, Zehra! Not only can you take fitness and healthy living inspiration from her, but also fashion! What can’t she do?!
Of course, I had to end the post off with another blanket scarf, and I love this black and white one! Paired with her long navy coat, maxi top underneath, and casual light blue jeans, this outfit is a classic.
Check out Zehra’s Instagram at @zallibhai and her website!

Thank you all once again, especially to these lovely ladies!

Catch you later (or ousside, you choose)


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