Malikah’s Mind – Why I’m not “Aesthetic”

Let’s face it. These days, Instagram has become a portfolio to showcase your best selfies and highest quality photos. Each photo must be meticulously edited and your account should be cohesive, so you can be “aesthetic”.

I have no problem with those who take pride and enjoyment from making their Instagram feeds creative. I think it’s quite awesome that people can express themselves in so many ways and this is their form of art. I am in no way throwing shade or trying to single out any person. I’ve just been feeling like this for a little while, and I wanted to share it with you.

The only thing I see is that this is becoming the norm. The spontaneity, personality, and genuine nature of Instagram are being lost.

Now, I know a lot of factors come into play that determines which photos are the “popular” ones, such as the new algorithm and the explore pages. I don’t want to get into those, nor am I trying to be upset or a crybaby about it because I feel like I’m not getting the attention I think I “deserve”. But honestly, what happened to posting a cute picture of your friends hanging out or a random photo of some flowers you see on your way to school/work.

My issue lies with how young people in our society are force-fed this idea that people should always be looking like this or dressing in a certain way. As if this is the regular thing nowadays. You have to wear your hijab like this, you have to have this eyebrow shape, or you have to take a selfie with a certain angle because, that’s what is trending. We are so consumed with others’ opinions of us. We are validated by the likes we get and the increasing follower count. And maybe it’s just me, but I can’t deny the fact that this is true. It’s okay to have that self-esteem boost, but at the end of the day, we can feel pressured to change ourselves to fit a certain mold. I think Instagram can be quite destructive in this way. Now, everyone has a brain and the intellect to decipher what someone has framed in a certain way and what is someone’s everyday reality. We know that Instagram is a highlight reel, in a way to just show what we want others to see. However, seeing so much of this around you does impact mental health and feelings of insecurity.

I see people I know changing the way they dress, or pose, or take selfies, all for Instagram. Again, don’t get me wrong. But I see the effects this pressure has. Because it affects me too.

Every other fashion or blog or whatever account is almost forced to be like the other “popular” accounts, or else, they won’t do well. Now this also brings up the question, “oh are you doing this for yourself or for others?!” Now obviously, when someone creates a business or brand, they are doing it out of interest and the passion that comes from within. However, if they lack support or feel that their work is not being appreciated, feelings of demotivation are bound to occur.

So back to the title of this blogpost, why I’m not “aesthetic” when it comes to my Instagram account. I use Instagram as a supplementary tool to my blog. I take pride in writing blogposts and sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all. That was my entire intention all along. Instagram is just a fun way I can share my outfits and looks in an instant. I don’t have to sit down at my computer and write up a full blogpost. It’s not practical time wise. However, snapping a quick pic of my random outfit is an easy way to be more connected with my audience and share more content in a less labour-intensive way. I like having my old outfits and pictures up on my account because it’s a constant reminder of where I was and how far I’ve come. Not just as a blog in general, I can see how my personal style has evolved and how I’ve changed throughout time. It’s nice to see those old pictures and think, wow, what the heck was I wearing!! It reminds me to be humble and genuine. To be 100% real.

It’s not that I’m against having a unified feed and wanting to share the best quality content. I’m not against Instagram themes or only posting pictures taken by a professional camera. If it works for you, you go for it.
However, I am totally over the pressure to be like “everyone else”. My main intention with HijabiHeroes has been to be as genuine as possible. I want to be relatable and show that anyone can be modest and stylish. Not just me. Anyone can be empowered in their hijab because the essence of hijab is modesty and empowerment. I want to show that I’m a real life person behind the screen and random captions. Yes, sometimes I will try to be trendy and make my pictures look really cool. But hey, no pressure, right?

Let me know what your thoughts are on Instagram’s new revolution? Do you agree?! Maybe you think nothing’s change and I’m being extra! That’s probably right.
Anyways, leave me a comment and let’s talk 🙂

Thanks for reading, as always,


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