#HijabiHeroes – Fall 2016 Edition!

Hey lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well! AHHH, I feel like I am always apologizing for an absence with all the excuses! However, my site has been down for A HOT MINUTE so I’m really sorry for missing out on uploading and also if you tried to access my site and couldn’t. Inshallah this won’t happen again!
This post has been a long time coming, like over a month.

I’m gonna jump straight into today’s well-awaited post – #HijabiHeroes! In case you don’t know what my #HijabiHeroes series is, it’s a collection of blogposts  with different themes where I feature YOUR outfits! It is a way to show my appreciation for all of the support and love I receive for HH. So a HUGE thank you to all these ladies featured in this post, y’all are the real MVPs. Also, thank you to everyone for supporting and encouraging me with HH, reading my long blogposts, liking my Instagram pictures, the works. I APPRECIATE YOU 🙂

Also, if you’d like to be included in my next #HijabiHeroes post, which will be the Winter edition, please feel free to comment below or even email me at malikah@hijabiheroes.com!

I can’t wait to show you these super cute Fall outfits!!

I’m going to start off once again with the girl who started it all – Zahra Maryam. She sparked the idea for the series and I can’t thank her enough!
Her fall #ootd is so cute! I love her play on neutrals with this beautiful floral print on her shirt. She adds some colour with her forest green hijab, which is a STUNNING colour for fall. Wow, a true #HijabiHero :’)


Next up, I had to share a new edition to the hijabi club, and my family – my sister in law Mishaal! Yes, she started wearing hijab recently, mashallah, so of course, she HAD to be in this post…and probably all the #HijabiHeroes posts to come 😅 #realtalk
Although she lives in sunny Florida, where it’s basically Summer for 360/365 days of the year, her fall outfit is still on point. She paired two fall staples- chambray and burgundy – together to create a classic #ootd. Her grey hijab was the perfect touch to tie it all together!

Now we have a blogger friend of mine, who I’ve known for years and years, and was one of my inspirations for starting my own blog! She took a break for a little bit, but Style By FJ is BACK!
And of course, I love this girl’s style and her Fall outfit! Her military green jacket is my favorite! She paired it with a crimson red top and a beautiful pink floral hijab to complete the look. Florals are her THING, so you know who to go to!
Don’t forget to check out her Instagram and Blog!


On the topic of #BloggerFriends, I might as well feature a couple more!

I think I really need to stop intro-ing her,  I mean, she’s been in every single #HH post so far…well, almost. Shumaila aka ShumiDee is my homegirl and her outfits are always to die for. She recently got married and moved to London (cries), but even oceans apart, she’s still here. I LOVE this burnt orange skirt, and how she paired it with an open maxi shirt. This is honestly perfect, mashallah.

Another absolute cutie is Hira, aka TheDreamingAli. She lives in NY and currently is in Fashion School. I know, I’m jealous too. But also super excited and happy for her mashallah! I met her on Instagram and what a blessing. She is really sweet and friendly!
I had to include this iconic ootd in this post. I mean, LOOK AT IT. Her blue blazer is totally trendy and who else do you know that can ROCK a flower crown like that?!
Check out her Instagram and Blog!

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 10.53.03 PM.png

Up next is one of my good friends, Anisah! This vibrant magenta hijab looks gorgeous on her mashallah! I really like how she made this the focal point and let the hijab do the talking. Her laid back and modest sweater looks really comfy, perfect for a Fall day. She’s even wearing some over-the-knee boots, which are so cute!


These next two lovelies are two sisters – Ifrah and Isbah! I met Ifrah at Halal Food Fest (props if you remember the blogpost) and she was one of the sweetest people ever! She is so kind and SO Supportive of HH! I had to include her in this post as well as her sister!

Ifrah is totally rocking her faux fur vest with an all black outfit (Fur Vest + Neutrals…HTS Fur vests ayy). The maroon floral hijab was a great addition for a great fall look!


Isbah is sporting an all-neutrals outfit with a gorgeous flowy maxi skirt! I love maxi skirts and a blouse/top tucked in – it’s one of my go-to outfits.


Another sister duo up next – Shoaa and Zohaa! These two sisters have some style, even if they always make fun of mine 😂 Just kidding of course! These two are good friends of mine and always up for an adventure – like deciding to go to the movies 10 minutes before it starts.

Shoaa’s oversized cream sweater is super cozy and cute. She wore some maroon pants (I think maroon is the theme of this Fall post TBH) and cute cream and black embroidered hijab. She loves her Timberlands, so she adds her own spin to the look.

Zohaa is wearing one of my other favourite outfits – a blouse and palazzo pants! Her light pink top with crochet detailing is so nice along with a black palazzo. She wore a beige embroidered hijab to finish off her outfit!


Next up is another familiar face – Khatija. She always has the best backgrounds/locations for her #ootds! Her outfit incorporates so many of my recent favourites – ombre hijabs, light wash skinnies, and maxi blazers! She wears all three so well for a prime fall outfit.


Sarah is our next #HijabiHero. She is a total sweetie and has been supporting HH for quite some time now! Her fall outfit is ON POINT! I love the cozy sweater vest, it’s really pretty and matches perfectly with her blueish-grey hijab. The statement necklace was an ideal touch to add some sparkle to her outfit!


WOW…that’s all I can say. Suman, a childhood friend from Florida, looks stunning in this dark red jumpsuit! Her lace t-shirt and black and red floral hijab were the best pieces to add to the look. They don’t shift your attention from the jumpsuit, yet compliment it so well. And the dark lips are 👌🏼


Zaynab is sporting some total trendy pieces right now. Her hat and hijab is on point – you go girl. She’s wearing an olive green bomber jacket, the epitome of the bombers. And her neutral hijab and blue jeans are great for the look!


The next #HijabiHero we have is Maryam! Her simple and cute fall outfit is perfect for some cozy fall weather. Her cowl neck sweater is a good neutral and staple piece to have, and she adds a pop of colour with her fun statement necklace. The tan booties are a great finishing touch!
And we can we just talk about how beautiful the trees look, subhanallah! They actually match her hijab, I live for things like this :’)


Aimon is a little too chic for all of us, yes girl 👌🏼 One thing about Aimon, she loves her fur! You’ve seen her before rocking a cute outfit, and today is no different my friend. I love how she pulls off an all black outfit, and then adds contrast with a little colour and texture. Her jacket is also really nice and great for the fall time!

Honestly, I love when people reply my Instagram stories and questions on my posts! Well obviously…but it really makes me feel that you guys truly read and look at my content. Natasha here did just that. I asked on my Insta stories if anyone wanted to be a part of my Fall #HH post, and I’m so glad she messaged!
Natasha is actually a travel agent in the GTA! She posed with her fall outfit and I’m loving the tribal print cape! Capes are so trendy and cozy for the Fall time. It’s a substitute for a blanket scarf, because you’re so comfortable and it looks like you put so much effort into your look!
Check out her instagram here!

Shani right here is my girl and she is looking so fierce in her fall outfit! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shani with MIST, but we recently got to hang out at IMFDF in August and it was a lot of fun! I’m in love with this outfit. I have really been wanting a leather jacket for aaaages now, so I’m living through Shani. Love how she rocks this leather jacket with culottes. The navy hijab and white converse are simple, yet the perfect additions to this outfit.
(I also just really love pictures with brick walls, so I’m biased 🙈)

The next two #HijabiHeroes are also fellow bloggers! Thought I’d save these cuties for last 😉

Huda is a fellow Canadian blogger, focusing on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle! I love her photos and her outfits, they are always so crisp and clean! This fall outfit is no different. I love the colour mustard for fall. I think mustard, forest green, and an eggplant purple are my top fall colours. So naturally, this outfit is totally my style! The dark floral hijab with matching accessories completes her look!
Check out her blog, YoursTrulyHuda, here!

Last, but certainly not least, we have JustBusyDreaming!
She is honestly so sweet – I met her via Instagram (I tell you, the wonders of this app), and I’m so glad I did! She is genuinely so kind and always wishes the best for others, mashallah!
If you know me or see any of my outfits really, you’ll know I’m a sucker for statement necklaces! And I’m obsessed with this one! Love how this necklace adds the perfect bling to a maroon dress. Also, the kimono-style abaya with a dress underneath is totally the most modest and trendiest thing ever, so I definitely appreciate this look! 😊
Check out JustBusyDreaming here!

Thank you all for joining me in another #HijabiHeroes post. Sorry this one is up SO LATE, like it’s basically winter now. I hope you can forgive me, and start prepping your winter ootds for the next #HH post soon inshallah 😉

Lots of love,


🎀~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~🎀


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