HOW TO STYLE: Fur Vests (FT. La Modesty)

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I’m back with another blogpost! I know it’s been AGES. To be honest, I’ve been kinda out of the blogpost flex lately, and I didn’t want to give you content I wasn’t proud of or enthusiastic about. Also, the new islamic year began, which starts with the two months of sorrow, Muharram and Safar (read more here), so I was also holding off until the first 12 days of Muharram passed.

School is so hectic right now, I’m really feeling the pressure haha! I just finished a midterm yesterday, and I REALLY have been wanting to do this blogpost for you all, so I had to squeeze some time in. Truth be told, this blogpost was a suggestion by a good friend – Fadak! She asked for this how to style post, and I’m happy to deliver! Thanks girl for your continued support ❤️

In this post, I’m wearing some gorgeous hijabs from La Modesty. They are honestly one of my new favourite hijab companies! I met Sonita, the founder of La Modesty, at IMFDF back in August! She came from Montreal to launch and debut her collection. She has a variety of hijabs – chiffon (my new favourite, wearing a chiffon hijab as we speak, well type), jersey, and the softest ever premium cotton hijabs! Sonita is the sweetest you’ll ever find, and I’m so glad we met! She is a gem 🙂

Check out LaModesty’s full collection on their website, and check out how some beautiful ladies styled them on their Instagram!

Alrighty, so let’s get started! Of course, all vests featured are FAUX fur!

Also, huge shoutout to the bff for the photos, check out her art instagram account – @whats.the.motive!

1) Solids and Fur (Monochrome)

The first way I like wearing fur vests are with neutrals. This outfit just happens to be a monochrome look, with a subtle pop of colour with this stunning lilac chiffon hijab from LaModesty. I decided to go with all black, since my fur vest is white!

I used very simple pieces – A staple black blouse, my favourite black jeans, and black boots. Very versatile and easy to style. I threw on the white fur vest on top, and added the accent from the hijab. I actually love how this chiffon hijab and the hijab style compliments the outfit so well. It’s so chic, and definitely works with the vibes of the outfit!

img_0501 img_8043 img_8053 img_8064 img_8076

Outfit Details:
Blouse – Primark
Jeans – H&M
Fur Vest – Target
Boots – Zara
Hijab – LaModesty (Lilac Chiffon Hijab)

2) Chambray and Neutrals

I love the way chambray/denim shirts work with fur vests! They just work so well together. The laid back essence of a good chambray shirt and the dressy look of a fur vest mesh so nicely. Pair with a couple of neutrals and you have the keys to a perfect outfit!

In this case, my fur vest was actually less fur-ry and more carpet-y LOL. My friends liked to call me a sheep, but yenno, whatever helps them sleep at night (GET IT BECAUSE YOU COUNT SHEEP IF YOU CAN’T SLEEP LOL). Anyways, this vest is cream, so decided to also go with a matching cream hijab. This is LaModesty’s signature Premium cotton hijab. They are SO unbelievably soft and great to style. This is probably the softest hijab I own. To finish the look, I went back to my trusty black jeans and then added some bling with this gold statement necklace.

img_8122 img_8095 img_0442 img_0441 img_0440

Outfit Details:
Chambray top – Cotton On
Jeans – H&M
Fur Vest – H&M
Boots – Zara
Hijab – LaModesty (Nude Premium Cotton Hijab)

I hope you found this post helpful! With these simple looks, you’re good to rock the fur vests all Fall and Winter long!

Thank you for your continued support!

For more outfits from me, check out my Instagram, because you know I’m always posting there haha!

Lots of love,


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