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Sorry for not uploading yesterday! I had a presentation this morning at 8:30 AM that was worth 20% of my grade, so decided to brush up for that 😅
I’m currently in the library writing this during my class break, so you know I survived HAHA!

I wanted to share an update on my personal fitness and my trainer, Aishah, from Grains and Gains (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to Part 1)! But before, that I want to share one of my favourite workout outfits with you all. Hopefully, it may inspire you as well!

Now, as a hijabi, a key component to a good workout outfit is, well, a good hijab! Wearing a viscose or cotton hijab can get really hot and sticky. I would be sweating on my neck and a cotton hijab is a not a good combination for that. I’m so used to wearing viscose, and my hijab collection only contains viscose and chiffon, and obviously, I wouldn’t even consider chiffon for this LOL. Then, I came across Sadaf Scarves at IMFDF, and I found the solution to my problem! I know, cliche and lame, but literally, it honestly could not have been better timed!

Sadaf Scarves specializes in Ajmaan scarves, which are actually the authentic and first ‘pin-free’ hijab! They’re from South Africa and are a luxury designer brand. The scarves are made from bamboo and cotton, making them super soft and easy to style! They’re similar to jersey hijabs, except a good 5x better! The no-pin feature is honestly my favourite part of this hijab – I can work out and not have to worry about my hijab moving around or coming undone.

You definitely have to check out their website! They have such a wide variety of these scarves, in two-toned, jeweled, roughed, and printed varieties! They even have undercaps/bands that you can layer for a cool look. And don’t worry, they have tutorials in case you want a styling tip or two!

So, I guess you already know the first part of my outfit – an Ajmaan hijab from Sadaf Scarves, of course LOL. I either wear this as a turban style if the top I’m wearing has a high/turtle neck, or just tied around my neck.

The next part of my #workoutootd is my long zippered hoodie! I love this grey one that I randomly found in the sale section at SportChek and I haven’t looked back since. It’s so nice and long, and it’s not tight at all! It also has a double zip – so I zip it up all the way and then unzip a little from the bottom, just so I have more flexibility during my workout. When I don’t wear this, I wear either a Nike track hoodie that’s really lightweight and made of a great breathable fabric, or a lightweight long sleeve tshirt, again made from that ‘sporty’ material haha.

The last essential are my Adidas Track pants. You know, those pants. The soccer pants, the famous pants. The TRENDY pants. No lie, I totally wanted them because they were super cool, but since I’ve had them, I always wear when I work out or do anything remotely active. To be honest, it just makes me feel better and more ‘sporty’, so I stick to it 😂

#WorkoutOOTD = 1) Ajmaan no-pin hijab + 2) Long hoodie + 3) Track Pants


Outfit Details:
Hoodie – SportChek (Brand is Diadora)
Track Pants – Adidas
Hijab – Sadaf Scarves in Charcoal Grey
Shoes – Reebok

And finally, for an update on my ‘fitness journey’ LOL.
Okay, so the first half went really well, I was working out in the gym according my exercises. I thought that when I went on my trip, it would ruin everything because I wouldn’t be mindful of what I was eating and wouldn’t have time/resources to go work out. But, I went swimming a lot and during our road trip, we were on our feet ALL DAY, so I was doing a lot of walking. So overall, I would still say that I was being active.

The slump hit after I came back from the trip and school started. When reality hits, you’re so focused on trying to adjust back into routine and the swing of things. But this is when my eating became better, so it’s really a catch 22.

But overall, I really liked Aishah and she was really helpful. It’s really hard to stay motivated, especially when school came back in full force, and so soon. It was nice to have someone that you can just message when you feel down or bored!

Check out Aishah’s links – her Instagram and her website – she’s really helpful and I would definitely recommend her to any one looking for some direction and help with their fitness!

Alrighty, speak to you soon!

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