Fitness Journey and Having Personal Trainer! #GrainsAndGains

Hey everyone!
Hope you all are doing well!
This summer I really wanted to get my life together – you know, finally do things that I’ve been meaning and wanting to do. Things that I said I would do when I had more time. Seeing that my ‘summer’ (saying it that way because summer weather really didn’t start til like mid June) vacation is now almost over, I really have to get stuff done!
One such thing was getting into a more healthy lifestyle. I’ve never been one to exercise, and I’ll openly admit, so I really wanted to start getting more active and healthy.
I really didn’t know how to go about this, it’s such an overwhelming task to do on your own, especially when it’s something you have no knowledge and no particular interest either.
This is where Aishah from Grains and Gains comes in! Yes, I got a personal fitness trainer to help out! I KNOW, I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME. Now, it’s important to note that this is an online personal training service!
I guess you could say it’s the start of something new, it feels so right to be here with youuuuu!

Full on disclaimer – I’m not doing any of this to lose weight or to be trendy or anything of the sort. I honestly just want to be more mindful of what I put into my body and treat this body the way it deserves to be treated. Allah (SWT) has blessed us with many things, our body, the food we eat, and the life we live. We shouldn’t take it for granted and as we plan out our lives to ensure we are successful in the future, being ‘fit’ now is to ensure that we have long and healthy lives, inshAllah!

After some emails back and forth, we finally were able to set everything up. First there’s an initial consultation with an online form and phone call. In addition, I had to track a food diary for 3-5 days. In the phone call, we went through a lot of things – What I want to gain, What I need from her, My habits, What I eat and why I eat certain foods (going off the food diary), and really just to gain a better understanding of what this will consist of. I found the phone call super helpful to iron out the details and get comfortable.
I really just wanted to share some of my expectations, thoughts, and fears with you all. Obviously going into a program like this, I really didn’t know what to expect or how to feel.
I’m being totally honest from the get go.
I guess I’m expecting a dedicated person to push me towards my goals and go through everything with me. It’s always more comforting to do something new with someone else by your side, so this will be good. But, I also expect that I’m not gonna follow through or that I’ll be a flop! WHICH I DON’T WANT TO BE BUT JUST KEEPING IT REAL WITH YA.
And my major fears are that I won’t be motivated to do anything and that I will simply not comply. I fear my lack of accountability. Because this isn’t something I’m so so interested in doing, I’m scared I’ll just skip and not feel bad.
One thing that I found very reassuring is that this service is super personalized. Everything is what you want to focus on. She makes it really helpful for YOUR needs and YOUR feelings.
Another thing I want to highlight is how Aishah is very NON-JUDGMENTAL. I really wanted to stress this because obviously as this is an online service, first impressions are even more important and when you don’t know someone at all, you see them for black and white and it’s hard to appreciate a grey area. But I really appreciate that Aishah is totally comfortable to talk to and maintains a professional and non-judgemental. I felt like I could be honest with her and wasn’t shy to admit some things – like how I don’t like exercising or how I only want to ‘work-out’ 3x a week, and even then, I’m already so scared for the commitment and work!
The program has the work out plan that is according to the goals I want to achieve and lays out all of the exercises to do and how often. She even sends workout videos on HOW TO do the actual exercises, because obviously someone like me doesn’t know what to do haha!
I’ll have to send in a weekly check in to see how I’m doing and progressing with the plan. And she will also send daily motivational emails to support me through this challenge haha!
Aishah seeks to provide a service for Muslim Women to encourage them towards fitness, but something that is worth their time and feasible to commit to. I have her by my side for 6 looooong weeks, but I think this session will really help me in building the foundation for the changes I want to make in my life, and for my family as well.
I started my workouts today and this new step to a healthier and better ME!

Mid session, I’ll do another update to see how this is ACTUALLY going and what changes I see or don’t see or how I’m feeling 3 weeks in!

Make sure to check out Aishah’s blog, Grains and Gains, as well as her Facebook page and Instagram!

Til next time, From one Soul (more like Sore) Sister to the other (LOL, I’m too corny)


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