#HHReviews – Matte Lipsticks Part 2 – Milani and Colourpop

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I hope you are all doing well! Thank you all for the great feedback on #HijabiHeroes Summer edition. I haven’t really felt like I’ve been on the ball with blogging lately, but after seeing all the comments and the views, it felt good to actually be back!

I’m back with the Part 2 to my #HHReviews on matte lipsticks! Surprised how easy the transition from fashion to beauty was haha! You all seemed to like it and I’m so glad, because I was pretty nervous about it tbh 😁 I don’t really know much about makeup so I’m pleasantly surprised (and honoured) that you would trust my opinion aha 😅

Let’s get right into it with Milani and Colourpop matte lip products today!

  • Name: Milani Colour Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks
  • Cost: $7-9 CAD
  • Pros
    • Easy to apply
    • Smooth finish
    • Not drying
    • Feels like nothing on the lips (in a good way LOL)
  • Cons
    • Not *super super* pigmented
    • Lasts long but may need to reapply
  • Other Comments
    • An actual ‘lipstick’
    • Easy to identify which colour as there’s a name and number
    • Their regular (aka glossy) lipsticks are in the same tube and hence with the names, it says ‘Matte’ so it’s easy to distinguish
    • Overall, it’s a really good product and I love my Milani lipsticks!
  • Colours Shown: 61 Naked, 62 Blissful, 67 Confident
  • Overall product score: 4/5

BTW, I always get questions on where to find Milani makeup products in Canada! I’ve actually seen their range in grocery stores like Walmart, Fortinos, and The Real Canadian Superstore. Just in their makeup aisles, there’s been a little section! I’m not sure if every single location will offer it, but I have seen Milani in those grocery stores near me, so inshallah you can find it too! And comment below other places you’ve found Milani North of the Border 😉🇨🇦 #WeTheNorth

img_2832 img_2834 img_2836

  • Name: Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks
  • Cost: $7-8 CAD ($6 USD via website)
  • Pros
    • Long-lasting
    • Highly pigmented
    • Easy application
  • Cons
    • Flakes off
    • Because it’s super matte, it’s very drying
  • Other Comments
    • Can only purchase online on their website
    • Honestly would’ve given this a solid 5 if it didn’t flake
    • Colours may appear darker on lips than in tube (for me, that was Solow, Bumble, and Tulle that look darker on me)
  • Colours Shown: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Succulent, Zipper
  • Overall product score: 4.5/5

img_2838 img_2840img_2857 img_2856

I hope you enjoyed the second half of my review on matte lip products! Let me know your thoughts on these matte lipsticks and please let me know what you’d like me to review next!

Peace out, girl scout ✌🏽


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