#HijabiHeroes – Summer Edition! ☀️🌴

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! I can’t believe summer is coming to an end and people are starting school soon! I don’t start until the beginning of September but it still feels like school is starting tomorrow 😫
What better time to lift our spirits then a #HijabiHeroes post, Summer edition 😎

Once again, thank you to all of the ladies that approached me to be a part of this, as well as the ones who agreed to participate upon asking. It really means a lot that so many people believe in the HH mission and want to see it succeed and flourish. I also appreciate them taking time out to snap an OOTD, it’s not easy, and I hope y’all see my daily struggles LOL.

If you would like to be featured in the next #HijabiHeroes post (I’m thinking Fall already mhmm), then please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message! You can just let me know that you’d like to be involved and I’ll remind you before it’s time for the post so you can send me the outfit picture, so don’t worry about that!

Okay, without further ado, #HijabiHeroes, Summer edition 💕

Our first #HijabiHero is a familiar face to these posts. We all know I love Maxi dresses so I’m all about Insiyah’s outfit. I also love her colour combination. I absolutely adore her lavender hijab with the white  lace, it really ties everything together!

#HH Summer Insiyah

Up next is Sakinah, my cousin (well niece) from Orlando, Florida! She’s sporting a classic top and skirt outfit, which is perfect for any event. I really love the pop of colour with the hijab. The Broadway NY background is pretty cool too 😏 She’s also got that #HH Signature pose going and totally owning it too!

#HH Summer Sakinah

Next we have the first of our two sister duos, Mariam from Michigan (I like the sound of that hehe)! I met her and her sister at Camp Taha in Detroit 3 years ago and she’s actually the sweetest ever! She’s so hardworking and kind, I love being around her!
Her outfit is super cute and the rain boots literally show how diverse summer weather can be! 😅 I love the colour of her hijab, looks so good on her mashallah 😍

#HH Summer Mariam AlR

Next is her sista sista, Rabab. Fun fact, Rabab and I share the same birthday, but she’s a year older! No wonder we have such similar personalities! Rabab is so ambitious, I’m so impressed mashallah. She’s also really supportive and I’m so glad to have a friend like her!
Her outfit is casual and comfortable, which is great when you’re travelling, as she did so this summer! Kimonos and maxi cardigans are the best to just throw on top of any outfit and just like her sister, this hijab colour suits her so much!
This background is giving me life though 🙌🏽

#HH Summer Rabab AlR

Our next #HijabiHero is an #HHAdvisor and helped create the concept of #HijabiHeroes!
Palazzo pants are the best for summer because they’re breezy, loose, and super comfortable and Zahra Maryam pulls them off so well. Love the colours in the outfit as well, and a light pink hijab was a great choice! This outfit would even be great to transition into fall with!

#HH Summer Zahra Maryam
I’m totally in love with all of these long vests this Summer, they’re so modest and chic, and Zainab shows us this in her outfit! I love how she paired her black waterfall vest with a striped top and tied it all together with a matching charcoal grey hijab.
Zainab is such a sweetheart and amazing support, I really appreciate you 🔑

#HH Summer Zainab A

Sarah is rocking a stunning outfit with some vibrant summer colours! Fun fact #2, my favourite colours for a solid 10 years were the combination of pink, purple, and blue, so you know I love this. Her lace hijab completes the entire look. THIS IS TOO STUNNING MASHALLAH.
And look at her signature pose, wow wow she got this, #HijabiHero 💪🏽💁🏽

#HH Summer Sarah M

So glad Sudduf was eager to be a part of this series. Her top is a hijabi’s dream: long sleeves, long, and loose. What more could anyone want?! 🙌🏽  Also the printed hijab was a good choice as it adds contrast and a fun element to the outfit! A swing and some fun sandals and that sounds pretty awesome to me!
#HH Summer SalamS

Zaynab was one of my camp girlies and I was (and will forever say that I am) her cabin counsellor! It’s been great seeing her grow up these past 4 years (wow) and she is quite the young lady!
She’s rocking some denim on denim, way better than I could. Everyone also knows that jean jackets are my favourite clothing piece so you know I’m down for this outfit 👌🏼
Check out her Instagram!

#HH Summer Zaynab J (WavingFlags)

Absolutely in love with Fahmida’s outfit and she knows this too. This girl can pull off anything and her light weight jacket is perfect for the chillier summer days, and yes, we get those in Canada sometimes 🙄 Also, her sandals are perfect and so is she.
Check out her IG for some beautiful ootds (fahmidafromcanada) and her blog (tamfoandkamalia.com)

#HH Summer Fahmida

Our next #HijabiHero is Raazia. Her outfit is sporty, chic, and super causal, and is great for doing fun summer activities like enjoying nature and going on hikes. She’s repping Toronto with her We the North shirt and her classic Adidas kicks finish off her monochromatic look! #YoureSoTRENDY

#HH Summer Raazia K

This one’s a regular on this series 🙄 (jk LOL)
White has been the colour for Summer 2k16 and Shumaila’s outfit beautifully exemplifies this trend. Love how she pulled off this white long blazer from The Hijab Souq with some casual jeans a fun pink hijab. The elements are so simple but create such a wonderful outfit!
Check out Shumaila’s (aka ShumiDee’s) Instagram and Youtube Channel!

#HH Summer ShumiD

Zahra’s outfit is so cute, casual, and comfortable, fulfilling the 3C’s for a successful everyday outfit. I really love the yellow, like I mentioned previously, it’s so bright and fun for summer. Also everyone’s sandal game has been on point, and Zahra’s is definitely strong! Overall, I just really like her style!

#HH Summer Zahra K

Danggg #HijabiHeroes, back at it again with another stellar white (and black) outfit ✌🏽
Rubab is sporting some classic black and white stripes, which I definitely appreciate. I appreciate her’s being vertical, makes her look even taller! I love how she kept everything else in her outfit white to keep things light and fresh!
Background wall on point 🙌🏽🙌🏽

#HH Summer Rubab

Another favourite combination being worn by another #HijabiHero. Sarah is wearing some cute stripes and a denim top! Love how her denim top doubles as a jacket over her striped maxi dress, and then she accessorized with light neutral accessories for a completed look! Matching the Hijab and purse was definitely a good choice ✔️

#HH Summer Sarah Kerm

This next #HijabiHero is like a big sis to me and a bride-to-be in less than 2 weeks 😱
I love Atiya’s simple yet classic summer time outfit! Who can go wrong with a blouse and a maxi skirt?! Love how she added a vibrant pop to her outfit with her beautiful coral hijab, she’s glowing mashallah!
Photography by NoorPhotography 💕

#HH Summer Atiya

The next couple of #HijabiHeroes are fellow blogger #HijabiHeroes! 💕

The first to start off the blogger is Marwa Diaf from California (#goals lol)!
Honestly, I’m living for all of these neutral outfits 😍 I love her flowy white lightweight jacket/blazer, it’s perfect for any outfit and can be dressed up or down! Again, loving how she paired it with black articles of clothing and then neutral accessories. Another hijab and purse matching success 👌🏼
Check out Marwa’s Instagram! She’s super kind and her photos are 😍

#HH Summer MarwaD

The next #HijabiHero is Nazima Mogra, better known as Miss Mogra on Instagram!
I honestly love her style! You can always see her wearing something long, loose, and flowy, and always on trend! LOVE how her outfit is so put together but also works for more casual settings and for everyday!
Check out her Instagram and Blog!

#HH Summer MissMogra

I can’t believe she replied me when I asked her to be a part of this series, but she did and she’s super sweet and kind (which I already knew from her videos tbh).
This blogger is BubbleGumHijab! Mashallah, I’ve honestly been watching her videos for so long, love her lookbooks, DIYs, and of course, Primark hauls! So honoured that she agreed to join in on the #HH love.
ALSO, can we talk about how amazing she looks in this hat!! Not many can pull off the hat and hijab (I’ve tried with a big floppy hat) and she is totally succeeding! Also love her printed pants, her outfit in general is just really nice okay 😁😍
Check out her Instagram and Youtube Channel!

#HH Summer Bubble Gum Hijab

And our last two #HijabiHeroes of the post are the second sister duo, and are actually twins! I present Zehra and Fatema Jaffer!

I swear this whole blogpost has a theme of yellow and white, and also stripes! I’m so down for this 🙌🏽
Love how Zehra took a classic essential, a striped shirt, and gave it a casual and cute spin! Love all of the classic accessories as well, a boyfriend watch, envelope clutch, and some good ole’ sandals. And then, she took this outfit all the way home with her mustard yellow hijab! 💛
#HH Summer Zehra Jaffer (twin)

Her sista sista Fatema took a more elegant approach to a striped top! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the lace panels on the sleeves, they are beyond gorgeous! Also love the white hijab and black pants that compliment each other, and then bag, a statement purse to finish it all off. 🔥
#HH Summer Fatema J (twin(

Alrighty, there you have it, 21 amazing and beautiful ladies, inside and out of course 💕
Thanks for joining me in another #HijabiHeroes post. If you’d like to be in the next one, please feel free to message me or leave a comment below!

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Talk to you soon inshallah!

With lots and lots of love,


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