#HHReviews – Matte Lipsticks Part 1 – Revlon and NYX

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I hope you are all doing well! Yes, back with the 2nd blogpost of the week, feels so so so good!

I’m starting new series called #HHReviews. Surprise Surprise LOL!
Sorry, I just can’t help but to organize my blogposts into series! It’s almost like organizing your files into folders on your desktop. Just helps keep you mentally sane yenno 😅. This also gives me a chance to expand in the same format and review more types of products for you all!

I’ll be starting this series with a review of many brands and types of matte lipsticks! Since wedding season is in full swing, I thought this might be helpful and would be useful if you want to diversify your lip product collection. I will be having a Part 2 to this blogpost, I didn’t want to cram everything into one, so I thought splitting it up might work better!

Honestly, I never used to wear lipsticks, just tinted lip balms, but ever since I discovered the wonders of matte lip products, I’m sold! Even MommaHH, who has tons of lipsticks, only wears matte now! So you know this is a shared collection!

I’m going to be talking about Revlon and NYX matte lip products today!

  • Name: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour
  • Cost: $9-11 CAD (but can easily get coupon to use if buying from grocery store or drug store)
  • Pros
    • Applicator is good and easy to use
    • Good for everyday and short-wear
    • Good amount of product
  • Cons
    • Not super long lasting, contradictory to the name
    • More like in between of glossy and matte
  • Other Comments
    • Smells good
    • Sleek design of product
    • No colours/names to identify by
  • Overall product score: 3/5

IMG_7213 IMG_7219

  • Name: NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick
  • Cost: $9 CAD
  • Pros
    • Very matte
    • Smooth application
    • Long-lasting
  • Cons
    • Only nude colours
    • Will flake, so have to re-apply
  • Other Comments
    • Nice packaging
    • Honestly wish there were more colours because it’s definitely a favourite!
  • Colour Shown: Bedtime Flirt
  • Overall product score: 4.5/5
  • Name: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
  • Cost: $9 CAD
  • Pros
    • Super easy to apply
    • Quite Matte
    • Wide range of colours
    • Very pigmented
  • Cons
    • Small amount of product
    • Turns into a ‘lip-stain’ after a while
  • Other Comments
    • Smells good
    • Small packaging is convenient on-the-go
  • Colours Shown: Antwerp and San Paulo
  • Overall product score: 4/5
  • Name: NYX Ombre Lip Duo
  • Cost: $16 CAD
  • Pros
    • Cool that you get 2 colours, so you can use them together or separately
    • Very matte
    • Smooth Application
  • Cons
    • Small amount of product
    • You may like one colour and not the other
  • Other Comments
    • Average
    • On the pricier side for the amount of product you get
    • Lip Liner and Lip crayon
    • Love the liner
  • Colour Shown: Rags & Riches
  • Overall product score: 3.5/5

I hope you enjoyed the first of my #HHReviews post and liked the format as well! Let me know your thoughts on these matte lipsticks and stay tuned for my review on Milani and Colourpop next!

Talk to you soon!


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