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Salaam everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and the fasts are also going beautifully 🙂
Sorry for not posting twice last week, I haven’t been feeling too well, so haven’t been on my game. But inshallah, I can get back to it!

Now with Ramadhan amongst us, many have labelled this month as #AbayaSeason. Abayas are all the rage, and you know what, I can’t blame anyone for sporting them more often this month. First of all, they are super modest, like the epitome of modest garb. They are also really comfortable, because you could honestly be wearing your PJ’s underneath, and no one would know! And if you are wearing a front opening abaya, then you can just wear a flowy skirt or comfy pants and be happy. All in all, this is #AbayaSeason, and I’m embracing it! 😝
Jokes aside, abayas are actually a great option and inshallah I hope to integrate them more into my wardrobe! I have been wearing abayas more lately, especially the front opening ones. Since they have a kimono-like style, they are great to wear with palazzo pants, skirts, or even jeans! I wore my Dara Boutique one to Halal Food Fest and my friend Shumaila’s bridal shower! I’ve even posted some abaya inspiration outfit pictures on my Instagram recently! You know I like to start the trends before they go mainstream 💁🏽😂

Hence, with all of this Abaya lovin’, I had to pick up a new one from Modah, the Islamic Lifestyle store aka a big Muslim department store as I like to call it! If you don’t know about Modah, it’s located in Mississauga, at Dixie and Eglinton in the Halal Square (it’s called Dixie Square but there are so many Halal restaurants, therefore the nickname). They have so many brands and businesses all under one roof subhanallah – Haya Boutique, BeaudefyLive the Deen, HijabiMama, S’more Treats, Eastern Toybox, Hayah Collection, Modestwear, Mode-Ste, HijabPins Canada, Henna Souq, Olive Tree Soap, and many more! They even feature items from Kabayare Fashion, Louella, Made With Hab, and more! Phew, that was a mouthful!

Baaaasically (*Dina Tokio voice*), they have a lot of great products! They just recently got a bunch of new abayas from Dubai, and since I’m not heading over to the Gulf anytime soon to get my abaya fix, I decided to go to Modah instead! I literally saw their Instagram post about having this new collection of abayas and told my mother dearest we had to go! When I walked in, I was searching for them, and I stumbled upon this magical rack of abayas. They were still putting all of the designs on the hangers, but I fell in love with their lace trimmed ones, because you know my love for lace.

Also, who said you can’t have ‘fun’ with abayas?! Why stick to only black? They had this beautiful lace-trimmed abaya in grey, beige, and burgundy. It was super tough to choose (rest assure, I tried them all on), and finally chose the burgundy! It was just so unique and different, because I’ve seen abayas like this in other neutral colours aside from black, but never in a gorgeous maroon!

Open front abayas are actually super easy to style, easier than you might think. After getting this one, I literally wore a black t-shirt tucked into a black maxi skirt underneath, and it was a great outfit. Low maintenance and no fuss. I wore a matching maroon hijab with diamantes and a crochet edge. I wore it to the mosque that night and everyone really liked it! I also serve iftaar at the mosque on a daily basis, and it was easy to do so in this abaya too!

You can even wear this style of abaya with pants too, and dress it down for more casual wear. You can really do a lot with abayas, especially this one in a fun colour!
Honestly, I really really like wearing abayas in this style. Just like Leena (With Love Leena) said in her latest blogpost, before abayas weren’t really thought of as stylish, but now we appreciate them more!

I hope you like this #AbayaOOTD, and share yours as well!

IMG_1033 IMG_1037 IMG_1039 IMG_1046 IMG_1050
Outfit Details:
Abaya – Modah
T-shirt and Skirt – Target
Hijab – London
Sandals – Aldo

I hope you liked this blogpost and see abayas in a new light! I definitely felt pretty cool in this one and it was beyond comfortable!

Speak to you very soon inshallah!

Happy Fasting!


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