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Hello there!

I hope you are all doing well and the fasts are also going well! I know they’re long with these hot summer days, but inshallah we can do it! 🙌🏽💪🏽

As we are still in the beginning days of this blessed month, and to fully maximize on its benefit and greatness, I wanted to create some goals for myself. These are aside from deeds such as giving charity, reading and understanding the Holy Qur’an, and getting closer to God. These goals go beyond that to focus on my inner self and how to become a better person, inshallah!

I urge you to also introspect and find areas you wish to improve and better yourself! There is no better time to do so and we all know the reward will be even greater, so it’s really a win-win situation 😉

I decided to make goals in regards to being intrapersonal and interpersonal.

Intrapersonal Goals
These goals affect me directly, and are more about changing my inner self.
1) To Be More Humble
In everything I do, especially HH, I strive to remain genuine to the cause, and have talked about this a lot on here. I feel like I need to make a more active effort to shatter my ego and release the butterfly within (totally a reference from a lecture series by Br. Khalil Jaffer (it’s honestly too good) that you can check out here!).
2) Diminish my Anger
I do not have too big of a temper alhamdulilah, but sometimes, little things can really irritate me, much more than they should. We can always work on reducing our anger and not allowing small issues to get to us. Hunger and anger go together, so working on this in Ramadhan is definitely the challenge, and that’s why it’s on my radar!
3) Positive Thinking
Positive thinking really changes your outlook on everything and affects more than just your thoughts. It changes your behaviours and causes you to do more good deeds. This will help me see the beauty in Allah (SWT)’s plans.

Interpersonal Goals
These goals are pertaining to my own behaviours, but they directly affect my interactions with others.
1) To be less critical of others
It’s so easy to be judgmental or conclude what a person is like based off one small interaction or encounter. This is always an ongoing goal for myself, but especially in this month. Sometimes, we see one little behaviour from a person and think “wow, how can they do such a thing?!”, and this completely changes our perspective on them. This is not fair, because we do not know why they did it and we do not see what happened before or what happens after to judge them for this.
2) To always give the benefit of the Doubt
To go along with my first goal and promote it even further, I want to increase giving the benefit of the doubt to explain others’ behaviours and/or actions. The Holy Prophet (SAWW) has told us to give 70 excuses to our brothers and sisters in humanity, for we do not know their life or circumstances. This will only help make me more forgiving and think better of others.
3) Give a Helping Hand when I can
The blessed month of Mahe Ramadhan is the month of giving and selflessness, and hence, I want to give a helping hand whenever I can. If it’s donating a couple dollars to a charity or volunteering my time. I help at my mosque during iftaar time, but I’m sure there’s always more that can be done, and inshallah I can work on this.

Honestly, Ramadhan is really a time for self-reflection and to focus on our spirituality. If you’re stuck on ideas, you can talk to your family or friends, I’m sure they’d be ever-willing to help in this regard! I talked to my mom, and let me say, she definitely had to say a thing or two 😂

Please let me know what you think and what your goals are for this Ramadhan!
Please don’t forget me in your duas and inshallah I will do the same!

Talk to you soon!


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