Kaamilah’s Welcome Ramadhan Event!

Hey Salaam everyone!

Ramadhan Mubarak to you all! I pray that this month is filled with blessings and bounties for you and your family! Please remember the entire Ummah, all those in need and less fortunate, as well as myself and my family in your duas, God-willing. And of course, I’ll do the same!

In the spirit of welcoming the month of Mahe Ramadhan with open arms, we have to remember our duties towards our Creator and fellow community. To bring everyone together, Kaamilah, an east-end muslim collaborative, had a Welcome Ramadhan event! There were speakers, workshops, crafts for the kids, and many muslim businesses sharing their unique and personal products. It was really nice to see the bonds that were being created, through conversation and similar interest. It was refreshing to participate in the homey atmosphere. Everyone was so kind and friendly, you just couldn’t help but smile!


One aspect that was really unique was a Nutrition workshop hosted by Nazima Qureshi, aka NutritionByNaz. She was talking about nutrition in Ramadhan, and specifically about eating well for Suhoor! She shared her Suhoor planner and gave me a personal breakdown (I legit felt so special ahah!). Essentially, for Suhoor, you should be eating protein, whole grains, healthy fats, and a fruit or vegetable. I’m so glad she told me this because I’m already eating better and I definitely feel like I have more energy throughout the day! You should definitely check out her page to learn more!!

Here she is doing the signature HH pose with her meal planner! (Her beautiful skirt is from Hayah Collection ❤️)

Now the essence of the event was a bazaar! There were vendors/pop-ups featuring many different businesses and brands!
Here are some of the people I met 😊

Of course, I have to start off with the heart and soul of Kaamilah – The Craft SouqHafsa Creates, and S’more Treats!
All of the Ramadhan and Eid decor they had was too cute! They had so many new designs and products that I had never seen before!

IMG_6904IMG_6907 IMG_6906 IMG_6905

Close to the entrance, there were also Indian clothes for sale, and I was all about that 🙌🏽


When I started my rounds, I first met Strokes and Passion, founded by artist Iqra. The passion and effort in her work was amazing and incomparable. I loved hearing about her story on how she started and what tools she uses to create her handmade and intricate boxes and and cards!


Neighbouring her was Let’s Celebrate, with unique party decor! They had some really neat stuff for Ramadhan/Eid, and even had a Party in a Box, which gives you all the supplies you need! My favourite were the water bottle labels with the precious nutrition label!

IMG_6915 IMG_6916IMG_6917

A couple tables down, I stumbled upon a new friend, Azha Workshop! You know I’ve worn their necklaces before, and love them so much!

IMG_6921 IMG_6919

And then of course, I met an old friend, The Fashion Caravan, with all of her sparkly jewels and vibrant hijabs!IMG_6933 IMG_6930

And of course, there has to be some artwork involved! I met Islamic Canvas Paintings with her gorgeous canvases and frames! For some of her pieces, she makes her own pigments – how cool!


As I take my full circle, I come across HijaBasics, buddied next to the Kaamilah trio! There were lace hijabs in every colour, my weakness 😍


Another aspect I really liked and appreciated about this event was that there was a collection of food stuffs for the Takbeer Food Bank. While occupied with all of the busy preparations, we can easily forget the spirit of Mahe Ramadhan – to give back to those less fortunate! We know that the reward for charity in this month is increased 70x, so I thank Kaamilah for the reminder!
Now of course, the first 50 guests got a fun Swag Bag, which had coupons, exclusively to use for the event, and even some goodies. It was a really nice and worthwhile gift because you got a little bit from everyone, and those coupons really came in handy! Also, I really love the “Salaam From Toronto” postcard and I can’t wait to mail it out hehe 🙈

Among the coupons, flyers, and business cards, you also got a Ramadhan/Eid card, postcard from the Craft Souk, a handmade mini Eid Mubarak card from Strokes and Passion, some yummy mummies from S’more Treats, a fun little craft from Handmade Beginnings, and a leather laser cut keychain from Zeena Hamid!

And then, as a super sweet gesture, Kaamilah also gifted me my own little bag of my own, and I’m so so so grateful! This was honestly so perfect, thank you so much Farheen, Hafsa, and Farhad! I got a framed print (which is already in our living room), a pack of Ramadhan Mubarak postcards (that I’ve already mailed out and was too excited for 🙊), and a pack of Halal Gummies, because not like you can ever have enough!


And finally, here’s my outfit! I wanted to keep it simple yet dressy, because, we’re celebrating the arrival of Mahe Ramadhan!
As I always suggest, you can wear a short top over your maxi dresses to double up on their use, because now it looks like you’re wearing a skirt! So I did just that. I love this maxi dress, it’s so standard in it’s silhouette, but I love the classic colour combination and design. I also ventured out with a print on print and wore my new favourite black and white hijab from ModeSTyles!

IMG_6944 IMG_6942 IMG_6941

Outfit Details:
Dress – Charlotte Russe
Top – Forever 21
Hijab – ModeSTyles
Purse – Vince Camuto
Shoes – Primark

And there you have it! It feels like you all came along with me the entire day! If you want to see more behind-the-scenes of my life or to follow me around the events I attend, follow me on Snapchat, @hijabiheroes!

Stay tuned for more Ramadhan related posts inshallah!

Happy Fasting!


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