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I’m really loving this whole 2 blogposts a week! I thought it would be a little much but with some planning and time management, it’s actually really fun! It feels so good to be able to write to you all so often so inshallah this momentum continues!

Today I have a post on how to style dainty jewelry! Personally, with hijab, I feel like it’s hard to wear dainty or delicate jewelry because it really doesn’t show that much. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it a lot easier to just throw on a statement necklace and be done with the accessorizing, only because I know it’ll actually show. So I thought it’d be cool to write about how to style simpler or more subtle pieces.

There are two main Style Tips when working with dainty jewelry:
1) Keep the outfit simple!
I know the jewelry is understated, but a simple outfit actually works better in this situation! Having a rather easy colour palette or even just simple pieces will really help the jewelry shine through and become more of the focus. Too many colours or a big print may easily distract the attention away from the jewelry.
2) Layer up!
With smaller pieces of jewelry, you can totally get away with stacking! Wearing a couple of rings, a small chain necklace, and earrings is not overpowering and the pieces actually compliment each other!

Just a heads up, both the necklaces I’m wearing in the two outfits are from Azha Workshop! Azha has a gorgeous collection of Islamic jewelry. The thing I love more than their jewels is the story behind them! Azha aims to empower women by allowing us to visually display our faith through jewelry! They wish to promote the Islamic identity and faith through the accessories we wear and I really think this is beautiful. They have “Visual Verse” necklaces which actually show the sound vibration of different words/phrase (aka Bismillah)! The Azha team is also super super super sweet and I’m so honoured to wear their jewelry! Check out more of their story, and their stunning pieces, on their website and Instagram!

And thanks to thenoorphotography for the gray outfit pictures and the Pops for the second outfit pics!


With your necklace, it can definitely be hard to see a more dainty chain rather than a chunky statement necklace. To oppose this issue, I actually use another necklace as an ‘extender’ and attach the necklace I want to wear to another small necklace. Together, it creates a longer chain and you can easily tuck in the other necklace into the back of your shirt or hide it with your hijab! This helps the necklace be seen and you don’t have to compromise your hijab neck/chest coverage to accommodate for your necklace.

Also, to help emphasize your necklace, either have your shirt be lighter than the necklace OR on the opposite end, make sure the shirt is an obvious contrasting colour to your necklace.
In the photo below, the necklace is silver and my top is a light grey. Even though these are very similar colours, the necklace can still be seen because the grey from my top is lighter than the necklace.

Like I mentioned earlier, this necklace is from Azha Workshop and it says La Illaha Illalah, Muhammadun Rasullulah. This is the Shahada necklace is Silver and I honestly love it so much! It’s so simple, yet makes such a big statement. And I love that I can have the message of “One God” around my neck and so close to my heart, literally!



Bracelets can also be tricky to style, especially if they are dainty and skinny! The problem I ALWAYS come across is that my bracelet ends up slipping underneath my sleeve and it’s like I never even put it on! With long sleeves, it’s really easy for bracelets to hide underneath, so my trick is to layer a dainty necklace with a watch! Watches don’t easily move around on your wrist, so if you wear a watch first and then wear the necklace, it’s definitely more likely to stay on your wrist and above your sleeve! Mindblown, I KNOW!



I know it’s hard for hijabi women to sport earrings, but sometimes, you can do it quite well with a modest turban hijab style that I’ll show you in my second example outfit! But when wearing a couple of pieces, I’d definitely opt for a cute stud! I love getting my studs from Aldo because they always have super cute ones and they’re slightly bigger, but not too oversized!


I feel like Rings are the easiest of them all to style! You can wear a couple of unique finger rings or even layer small midi rings to create a unique look! I always have three rings on my fingers – two rings with Islamic Stones, one of Aqeeq and one of Dur-e-Najaf, both of which have benefits on your day to day life. And my last daily wear ring is my Pandora Princess ring (hehe 🙊) that my best friend got me for my 17th birthday!

The ring on my pinky is an Aqeeq ring and the other is the Dur-e-Najaf!

Outfit Details:
Top – Zara, Palazzo Pants – Costa Blanca, Hijab – ModeSTyles, Shoes – Primark
Necklace – Azha Workshop (Shahada in Silver), Bracelet – Tiffany&Co, Watch – Armani Exchange, Rings – Iraq

Now that I’ve described each piece, here’s another outfit to show how it all comes together!

The total outfit, Love the ‘hijab’ flip! 💁🏽 Style Tip 1 – Overall Simple outfit, check ✔️

Necklace extended and either lighter colour top or complete contrasting colour top (this example shows the contrasting colour), check ✔️
This necklace is the Gold Origami Camel from Azha Workshop! I love how it’s totally unique and fun, and it’s meant to be a modern take on the ‘icon’ of the Middle East – the camel!

Bracelet stacked in front of a watch, check ✔️


Cute gold studs peeking through my turban hijab style! I actually bought a black ninja cap and wore it under my hijab to make sure my entire neck and chest are covered! I let the ends of my ears peek through for my earrings to show! Simple gold studs, check ✔️IMG_0262

And of course, last but not least, simple rings stacked, midi and finger rings together, check ✔️


Final outfit pic!

Outfit Details:
Top – Zara, Jeans – Joe Fresh, Hijab – ModeSTyles, Shoes – Aldo
Necklace – Azha Workshop (Origami Camel in Gold), Bracelet – Juicy Couture, Watch – Armani Exchange, Rings – Aldo and H&M

Did anyone notice the silver theme with the first outfit and the gold jewelry for the second outfit! I tried 🙈😁

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful! The next time you want to wear some dainty jewelry, don’t fret! Just pick complimentary pieces of similar tones and with a simple outfit, you can create an awesome look! Sometimes it’s better to be simple dimple and keep it classy!

Speak to you very soon 😉

Lots of love 💓


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