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Hope you are all doing well! Thank you once again for the amazing feedback from the #HijabiHeroes Spring edition post! I’ve already been asked by some people to be a part of the Summer one, which is awesome! If you want to be included in that one, please send me a message or comment below, and I won’t forget to add you in!

Today’s post is another instalment of my Malikah’s Mind series! A lot of you liked my last post, so I hope you like this one too!

Recently, I’ve found that I’m getting to be quite forgetful. I know I have many things to do, many commitments to fulfill, and many blogposts to write 😝 Yet despite being fully aware of my responsibilities, I can never remember them all. As we live in the age of information overload, we are constantly being bombarded with information. Whether it’s TV ads, pop-ups on webpages, or even the ‘Promotions’ tab on your gmail inbox, there’s always something in your face, telling you about something or the other. When this happens, we tend to lose sight of what we need to know or remember, and quite literally!

Hence, we write more lists – to-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, and the list goes on (heh get it). We do this, all in attempt to remember everything and to keep the most important information at the top of our thought processes. Not that any of this is bad, but sometimes, we become so overwhelmed with keeping up with the day-to-day worries and stressors, that we forget the bigger picture. In effort in remembering one thing, we forget another! It makes sense. Just think about school. We study for Test A this week, but next week there’s Test B and C. So by the time Test C comes around, we’ve already forgotten all of the material from A and B!

We live by the phrase, Monkey See Monkey Do 🙈. If we see something in front of us, we will know what we have to do. Although at times this can be used to our advantage, it can also cause us to miss out on all of the things that cannot be verbalized or written down. We can’t write down everyday to be grateful for God’s blessings, or to remember to pray for those suffering all around the world, or to always be content with our life. These feelings and things should come to us naturally, without reminding.

There’s a belief that you should always keep dear things near to you. No wonder our phones are always in our hands or our pockets! The minute we think we have lost or misplaced it, our expression on our face changes and we start to freak out. Similarly, why don’t we keep such beautiful thoughts and reminders dear to us? We have so many resources at our fingertips, yet we make a million and one excuses for why we forget to pray on time or why we lose hope and faith. I strongly believe that we should keep inspiring quotes, motivational sayings, or thought-provoking reminders close to us, so we never forget!

Way back, I made a post on how to make 2015 YOUR year, and it was all about the characteristics we should try to have or small changes we can implement so we can become the best version of ourselves. In that post, one of the things I suggested we do is to keep inspiration near. Today, I am echoing that statement. I really think it’s important to keep inspiration close to us, whether its your favourite hadith, quote, or even a witty saying. Anything that reminds us to do good or keeps our heads up high when we feel down, should be plastered all around us! Well, even a cool new desktop background is good enough!

I love these two prints from Fatima Zahra Prints, whom I found on Instagram a while ago. Honestly, Instagram is so handy.
The first one is called “The Only One” and the second is “Whatever Good You Send“, both from the Fatima Zahra Prints Etsy shop!

I especially love these two. The first serves as a reminder that whatever good deeds we do, even if we don’t think they are being noticed or appreciated, are ALWAYS recorded by the Almighty. As you know from my last Malikah’s Mind post, you would know that I’ve been struggling with this lately, so this is very applicable!


The second one, “The Only ONE who can truly satisfy the heart is the ONE who created it”, is also so beautiful. This reminds us, well of course, this is all a reminder for myself first and foremost, that however much we seek satisfaction from other sources, we won’t find it in anything except for God. That is like saying, we appreciate the shadow more than the sun, but it is the sun that provides us light. Without the sun, the shadow would not even be of any existence or have any value. Sometimes, when something is bothering me, I turn to my family or friends for fulfilment or relief of my problem. Not to say that this isn’t good to do, but I easily forget that I should first turn to the One who created me, as He won’t forget me or give me a load that is beyond my capabilities. il_570xN.871062304_zhgk
I’m working on creating a ‘gallery’ wall in my room, on top of my desk. This way, when I’m working on my computer or studying, I can look up and be reminded of the bounties of our Lord.
Basically all of the pieces are from my best friend Kulsoom, aka What’s Your Motive (I have Queen and Knowledge is, and more, in case you’re wondering!) and I can’t wait to add these two prints from Fatima Zahra Prints to the collection!

And of course, if you want to order from Fatima Zahra Prints, make sure to use the coupon code “HIJABHEROES” (yes, there’s no ‘I’) for 30% off your purchase 🎉
The offer is only valid for a week, so until May 24, so make sure to order soon!

I hope this was relatable and I also hope you choose to keep inspiration near! Please share some of your favourite quotes or hadith so I may also learn and benefit from them!

Speak to you soon!


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