#HijabiHeroes – Spring Edition!

Hey Hey everyone!

Long time no talk! 😉
Sorry for being off my game, but I can finally present the long awaited #HijabiHeroes – SPRING post! I originally intended on doing this post at the end of April, but since the weather in Toronto hasn’t really felt like Spring, I thought I’d push it back a couple of weeks!

Before I begin, I want to thank you all for the continued support in these #HijabiHeroes posts and overall! Thank you to all of the lovely ladies for being a part of this post! Doing these posts just makes me so happy because I get to see so many different ways of wearing hijab and dressing modestly!
Quite a few people asked to be included in this post and I was so overjoyed! If you’d like to be featured in the next #HijabiHeroes post (Summa Summa!), please please please let me know! I don’t bite, promise 🙊 I love seeing new faces in these #HH posts, so do not hesitate!

Alrighty, here is #HijabiHeroes, Spring edition!

For our first #HijabiHero of the post, I would like to introduce my good friend Zahra! Of course, she’s been supporting HH from the start and often does the HH pose in her pictures and always acknowledges HH, too! 😏 I love this picture, not only because I love the colours, but this is definitely a power pose! “Not all heroes wear capes” but some have a hijab and a cute cardi that do the trick! 💕

Next I present Sprinkle of Surprise! She’s a fellow blogger and reached out to me right after the Winter post went live! I was so excited and it’s been a pleasure getting to know her! She writes about a little bit of everything and you have to check her blog out here and her Instagram! Her floral blouse and scrappy sandals are super cute!

Damnnn Insiyah, back at it again with the cute outfit (or white shirt!!) 😏 The next #HH is a total cutie and I love her outfit taken in a classic NY fire escape! The maroon definitely suits her and the lace is also very pretty! Insiyah, your words of encouragement and support are always appreciated ❤️

Alima is also another favourite of course! Her sweet personality and stunning smile are definitely hard to miss! She’s a fellow nursing student and her help throughout the years has been much appreciated! I love her simple outfit and pop of colour with a gorgeous green hijab!

The next #HijabiHero is Zaynab! She’s a cutie and I really like her mostly white outfit! Love her fierce pose but also, her fierce poetry! Zaynab does some amazing spoken word, and you can check out her award winning performance here!

Sahar is next! Even though I only got a chance to really know Sahar a few months before her wedding, I have really enjoyed our constant laughs! She now lives in London aka the best place ever haha! She always super pretty outfits and this picture exemplifies that! Loving the layers and the necklace!

You’ve seen her before, but I think she has a permanent spot in the #HijabiHeroes posts 😅 Of course, you guessed it, it’s Shumaila aka Shumi Dee from Instagram and YouTube! We have some things planned for you all, so get ready 😉
I love her bright top and printed palazzo pants! And she’s also rocking a hijab from Covered in Confidence‘s new line!

This next #HijabiHero is Aamena and she also wanted to be in this post! I really like her overall casual outfit and I think the raspberry red colour suits her quite well! The floral hijab definitely ties it all together and was a great choice for this look!

You know and love her talented sister Azra, so now I present her equally-talented and awesome sister Ailya! Ailya has been my mentor for the past year and has always encouraged me to strive for my goals! She looks stunning in this outfit and also as a bride as she just got married this past weekend! Wishing you two all the best inshallah and of course, love the HH signature pose 😍
Photo by her awesome sister Azra, Photography by Azra (see, just couldn’t leave her out haha)

Speaking of mentors, this next #HijabiHero actually taught me in sunday school back in Florida when I was little (so way back that it used to be saturday school hah)! It’s a pleasure having her on HH and I honestly appreciate her support so so SO much! And this outfit is just 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼. I love the mix of the neutral colours and the shoes are the perfect finishing touch, not to mention, absolutely stunning!

Another fellow Floridian, here’s Mahek! She’s a super cute and sweet girl and I had lots of fun with her last year when she came to visit Toronto! Her outfit is so beautiful mashallah! I’m a sucker for maxi skirts so you know that I love her flowy skirt and also her accessories! Very well put together!

And here’s, ANOTHER ONE 🔑
There’s a lot of Florida gals in this post! Well, Fatima doesn’t count because she used to live in Toronto first haha 😝
You know me and my love for lace, so of course, I love her white lace maxi cardigan (I have one too 🙋🏽)! I also really like the mint ombre hijab, a perfect spring time colour!

The next #HijabiHero always makes me laugh and we always have a good time together! We’ve actually performed in a couple of plays together and can always make the best of any situation! Love Fadak’s super spring outfit with a gray maxi cardigan, printed flowy pants, a cute top with crochet detailing!

Here is a family member, because we all know I’d be no where without the amazing support from my familia! This is Amina and she always makes me smile. Totally love her sporty chic look and neutral tones! This is a perfect spring outfit because it’s layered, which is great for the on-off weather, and it’s still simple enough for an everyday look!

This next #HijabiHero is super smiley and super sweet (that alliteration 😉)! Here is Sepeedeh and she is rocking this beautiful navy dress and bright floral hijab during her induction into the Honour’s Society in her Medical School! Mashallah, brains and beauty, a killer combination. Thank you for all of the support girl!

Finally about time this one is in one of my #HH posts! (jk, I can say that because she’s my little sis 😂😇). This is Zohra, and she’s my cousin but also one of my best friends! She basically approves most of my Instagram pictures, because I can never decide which pose, and is also editor-in-chief of my blogposts (Happy now). Love the pose and of course, the super adorable backpack, which I’m totally borrowing 😉
Thanks for waking up at 8 am to take this picture and thanks to Alaya too! 😚

Meet Roshaneh, someone who I’ve known but recently became closer with! She’s so nice and it’s been great getting to know her more! I love her #FromWhereIStand Outfit! Very classy yet simple! You can never go wrong with a great blouse, black pants, and a rose gold watch! We were actually supposed to go to New York together this weekend, but I can’t make it anymore, but I know you’ll have a lot of fun!

Last but not least is the ever-beautiful Fatema from The Hijab Souq! She is honestly so incredibly sweet and I’m so glad I met her! Love love love her long white blazer, it’s so pretty, along with all of the modest clothing from The Hijab Souq! 🙈 But honestly, I really like this outfit, it’s simple, yet a great look for the Spring/Summer!
And if you haven’t already, check out The Hijab Souq’s blog, Aspiring Muslimah, where I’m part of the blogger team! 💗


And there you have it! #HijabiHeroes – Spring! I just realized that this post is shorter than my previous ones, so please message me so I can include more of y’all next time inshallah 😭❤️

Honestly, summer is coming so there’s no excuse of bad weather that will prevent you from taking some super cute #ootds! Girl, stop thinking so much and shoot me a message 😘

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Thanks for always believing in the HH message and helping our family grow!

If you want to see more HH, then please follow me on Instagram and like HH on Facebook!

Love you all 💕


🎀~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~🎀


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  1. Malikah, Such a great post! You are the sweetest!! I absolutely love everyone’s outfits!! ❤️

    Missed seeing you in this post though! ☺️

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