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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!

Okay, I know, I’m a terrible person 🙊 I am SO off my game! My posting schedule is basically nonexistent because #HHSundays aren’t even a thing anymore! I’m really sorry! I started summer school last week so things have just been really busy with assignments and projects! But, to make up for it, I’m doing 2 blogposts this week. The much awaited #HH Spring post is coming, sooner rather than later inshallah! So definitely stay tuned!

Before I begin, Congratulations to you all on the Birth Anniversary of the Grandson of the Holy Prophet, Imam Hussain (AS), and the son of Imam Ali, Hazrat Abbas (AS), and then the son of Imam Hussain, Imam Zainul Abideen (AS)! I cannot believe it’s already Shabaan and these 3 holy nights are upon us!
In celebration of these blessed events, I thought I’d just share a quick outfit with you all!

I actually ordered this outfit online from Falak-E-Noor Boutique! I found them on Instagram, and unfortunately their account is down for some reason, but I was pleasantly surprised with the great service! The outfit arrived exactly how it appeared in the picture and the stitching was also really great. It fit perfectly!

I like that is has a double layer, with a plain black layer underneath, and a thin cream to navy blue ombré on top! It definitely gave the outfit a unique dimension and made it an elegant ensemble. The pearl embroidery on the top half was also very beautiful!

I know ordering online is a bit scary, especially if it’s from another country (Falak-E-Noor is based in the UK). Honestly, I am really happy with this outfit and would definitely order again! Just some encouragement in case you’re nervous to order hehe 😁

I paired my outfit with a lace navy hijab and this embroidered clutch from Monsoon! My mom ordered this a while ago and since I found an outfit to wear it with, I thought, why not!

Hope you like it!

Falak-1 Falak-2 Falak-3


With my girl Shumaila – Check her out on Instagram and YouTube (@shumidee)

For more outfit pictures and to see what I wore on the other nights, follow me on Instagram as I post a lot of my daily outfits on there!

Speak to you (very) soon!


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