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Hi Hi!

I’m super stressed with exams this week (3 back to back 😰), but I needed a break from a long day of studying, so thought I’d whip up a quick blogpost 😋

Before I continue on with this post, I never announced it on here, so I wanted to tell you all!
*drum roll please*
The Hijab Souq launched a blog called Aspiring Muslimah and I’m one of the 11 aspiring muslimahs part of it! Hehe get it 😏 It’s a blog for fashion, lifestyle, design, and much more and I’m beyond excited and honoured to be involved! You can check out my first post here!

A while back, I realized my wardrobe was consisting more of a bit dressier items, and I never really had anything to wear for casual days. I couldn’t just throw on a t-shirt, because I didn’t really own any LOL (excluding the t-shirts I use as PJs obviously hehe)! I was on the hunt for long sleeve, long, loose fitting t-shirts at the mall, and that was predestined to be an unsuccessful mission. The 3 L’s. Long Sleeves, Long Length, and Loose Fitting. I might as well have been looking for thick chunky sweaters in the middle of Summer in the Bahamas!! Alas, at the store I least expected to satisfy my needs, I found these super cute long baseball tees from VS Pink! I was so excited, and they were on sale too! 🙊

VS Pink actually has some really nice long sleeve, loose fitting shirts in the Fall and Winter months, so I was definitely happy when I found some! And now that I’m playing softball in the summer inshallah, I felt the need to prep my uniform attire by wearing my grey and blue baseball t-shirt on Friday 😝

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring/Summer in Toronto and I think we are all singing Hallelujah. As we are amidst exam szn, my only outing is when I go to school to take my exams! So, Friday was my first ‘going out’ in a while LOL. I had an evening exam, and during the day time, it felt so nice outside! It was sunny and hot, with a slight breeze. I couldn’t stand my jackets/coats/or even sweaters for any longer, so I decided to just take a flannel along with me for back up. Normally the exam halls can get pretty cold, so it seemed like a sensible solution.

I thought, since I’m bringing this along, let me wear it like the cool kids wear it these days – tied around your waist! Total throwback to when I was little, and anytime it got hot, we would tie our jackets and hoodies around our waist like totally cool cats! As history repeats itself, so do the trends, and we’re back at it again with the shirt tied around your waist 😉 I wore my black and white plaid shirt, which is a good neutral to match with any outfit!

To add on to trying new things, I also wore my favourite new shoes, aka my sneakers. I wore a pair of jeans and to tie the colours together, this charcoal grey premium chiffon hijab from Voile Chic! I wrote a whole post on how to style chiffon hijabs, and Voile Chic definitely has the best ones out there! I actually wore a plain black hijab under this, almost tied like a turban style, to keep my hijab in place. It totally held up all day and I did not have to fuss or worry about my hijab the entire time! Thanks to my girl Shumaila aka ShumiDee for the great tip!!
I even wore this beautiful hijab in a different style! Wow, not bad Malikah..!

I know this outfit probably won’t be everyone’s style, but like I always say, I like to try new styles and fashion pieces to see what works and doesn’t! You never know if you’ll truly like something until you try it out for yourself, so this time was no exception!
Hope you like what you see and/or can appreciate this look!

And thanks to the realest, my bro for putting up with me and taking these pictures for me. Love you, fam ❤️

FlannelFlannel-1Flannel-3Flannel-2 Flannel-8 Flannel-7 Flannel-6 Flannel-5 Flannel-4


Outfit Details:
Baseball T-shirt – Victoria Secret Pink
Plaid Shirt – H&M
Jeans – Joe Fresh
Hijab – Voile ChicCharcoal Grey Chiffon Hijab
Shoes – Reebok

And there you have it, short and sweet, just like me 😏😝
Inshallah, I’ll be back with a new blogpost next week when I’ll be done exams for this school year!!

And some exciting things coming up soon inshallah, so stay tuned 🙊

Thank you, as always.


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