HOW TO STYLE: Little Black (Maxi) Dress (Back to Basics) FT. ModeSTyles

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I hope you are all doing well, and if you are amidst exam season, I hope those are going well! My first exam is Friday and I finish exams next week! Sorry for the delay with this blogpost, it’s just been super busy these past couple of days.

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know about my How to Style series! You might also know that HTS posts are actually one of my favourite blogposts to write! I find them helpful to myself, so I really enjoy it! As my style is transitioning to more basic pieces, I really wanted to show how I style my wardrobe essentials. So an off-shooting from the How To Style series is the Back to Basics stream! Back to Basics will feature my wardrobe staples, including a simple black maxi dress in this post! I’m so excited for upcoming posts inshallah 🙉

Ahh the Little Black Dress! Known to be a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. In this case, it’s a Little Black (Maxi) Dress! They’re super easy and essential in my opinion, and can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion. Maxi dresses in general are very convenient to just throw on, and black ones especially are pretty awesome. I’m wearing a simple straight cut black maxi from H&M in all of the pictures!

All of my hijabs in this post are from ModeSTyles! They honestly have SO many different types of hijabs – from plain, printed, ombre, glitter, pearls, embroidered, shimmer, tasseled, pom poms, and the list goes on and on! I am not lying at all when I say this, I’ve never seen such a big and varied collection!! They have a lot of unique designs and prints that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Of course, the material is great and they look really elegant!
They even have square hijabs, which are not common at all for hijab companies to have, but I know a lot of people who love them (including my madre!).
Make sure to check out their Website, Instagram, and Facebook page!! ModeSTyles always is bringing out new styles (hehe) and having sales, so you won’t want to miss out! You can use “modeSTyles15” at Checkout and get 15% off!!

The post ascends from more casual looks to more fancy and sophisticated. You know I love organizing my posts with some sort of theme, so this is how it is today!

Here goes!

Style 1 – Jean Jacket

You really thought I could write a post about maxi dresses and NOT wear one with a Jean Jacket (omg Malikah you say this like every time 🙄)!??! But it’s so true, I feel like the Jean Jacket is such a big part of my style! Maybe I need to do a whole Back to Basics post on it 😏
But of course, I really like the combination of a good jean jacket and maxi dress. It’s really casual and perfect for when you don’t know what to wear!

I kept my outfit simple but added a fun black and white printed hijab, with pops of yellow! I love the yellow polka dots and border, it’s an easy way to add colour to the look and really brightens up the outfit! What I also love about this hijab is that it has tassels! Many plain hijabs have tassels, but I’ve hardly seen printed ones with tassels, so I really liked this unique touch!

In Canada’s up and down weather, I was able to sneak one in, but as you can see, there’s snow in the background and it snowed later that week 😰

HTS Modestyles-19 HTS Modestyles-10 HTS Modestyles-8Outfit Details:
Jean Jacket – Target
Black Dress – H&M
Hijab – ModeSTyles – Stripes Black ‘n’ White
Purse – Kate Spade

Style 2 – Maxi Vest

A maxi vest for a maxi dress! Maxi vests are another wardrobe favourite and also really easy to style! The maxi-maxi trend is definitely a thing, and great for modest style!

I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a long shirt/dress, but I just wore it unbuttoned to make it a vest! I love clothes that are versatile, so if it works, why not?! And I just wore a black long sleeve t-shirt underneath, so this black dress looked like a long sleeve maxi!

I paired my vintage blue vest with a turquoise floral hijab, with hints of orange and purple! All of the colours in the hijab are also a bit muted, so this definitely fit well with the blue vest. Who doesn’t love a good floral pattern?!

HTS Modestyles-18 HTS Modestyles-17 HTS Modestyles-16Outfit Details:
Long Shirt/Vest – Forever 21
Black Dress – H&M
Hijab – ModeSTylesSusurrous Spring – Turquoise
Purse – Kate Spade

Style 3 – Crop Top

The next way I like to style my maxi dresses is by wearing a crop top on top and actually making it look like a top-skirt outfit! Maxi dresses make for great skirts and for long days, I find them more convenient than wearing a skirt!
Style Tip – With a skirt, you have to adjust it, make sure everything is tucked in, and fix it so it’s not moving around. But with a dress, you know it’s one piece and it’s good to go. Also, crop tops flow quite smoothly on dresses and I do this pretty often! Also, you double up because you have more ‘skirt’ colours/designs 😉

I wore this white blouse style crop top, which gives the outfit a more put together look. This pink hijab with black lace also adds to the classy look. I really love this hijab, because you know, I love my lace! I have a couple of hijabs with lace panels, either in the back or along the sides like this one, but I don’t have a contrast lace one, so I really like this one!

Pink, black, and white are a stellar combo, so this outfit was predestined to be a great one hehe.

HTS Modestyles-15 HTS Modestyles-14 HTS Modestyles-13 HTS Modestyles-12Outfit Details:
White Crop Top – Forever 21
Black Dress – H&M
Hijab – ModeSTylesLace Extravaganza – Pink Dust
Purse – H&M

Style 4 – Blazer (and Hat 👒🙊)

Blazers are the prototype for sophisticated clothing, and they look pretty good with maxis, if I don’t say so myself! I have this longline tuxedo style blazer that I never used to wear (I talk about it more in my MIST outfits post!) but I love how it looks with this dress!

I love the all black look and the slight hint of white from this gorgeous black and white hijab! This printed hijab has tassels as well!!
I especially love wearing the blazer just on my shoulders, because it makes it look like a cape style blazer, and I really want one! So I made-do by making my blazer look like one haha!

Now this is what I think is the fanciest of the 4 outfits, but the hat definitely contributes to this!
This is definitely my favourite outfits as well! 😁

HTS Modestyles-1 HTS Modestyles-7 HTS Modestyles-6 HTS Modestyles-5 HTS Modestyles-4 HTS Modestyles-3 HTS Modestyles-2 HTS Modestyles

Outfit Details:
Blazer – Costa Blanca (SORRY, this store has closed down unfortunately 😭)
Black Dress – H&M
Hat – Ardene
Hijab – ModeSTyles – Splendiferous

I hope you liked this post and all of the outfits! Next week’s post may be delayed as well because of exams, so I apologize in advance!
But, even though the weather doesn’t feel like it, my Spring #HijabiHeroes post is coming soon! If you’d like to be a part of this one, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message or comment below!!

Speak to you soon!


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