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Hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!
Yay, School is almost done!! My last day of class is tomorrow and I’m beyond excited. Just 4 exams separate me from summer vacation! And this snowy weather 😭

This past weekend I went to a wedding, and it was the first one I attended for the 2016 wedding season! #FatsWedsDats doesn’t count, because it was 2015-2016 hehe! 😋 But speaking of #FatsWedsDats, it was her brother’s wedding, so I definitely reminisced on my #DoneDoneLondon trip! 🇬🇧

Now knowing me, you know I like to do things a little differently! The mendhi, or henna ceremony, was the first official wedding ceremony for #BilalandSamiha. As it was in the afternoon, instead of wearing an indian outfit, which is the common attire, I decided to wear this beautiful Mint/Teal dress from eShakti!

I have no problem at all with ethnic clothing, but sometimes, you just want to switch it up! I ordered this dress earlier, but I had no where to wear it! So when I found out that the ceremony was in the afternoon, I knew exactly what I was going to wear!

Now eShakti is a really cool site, because not only do they cater to many sizes and shapes, but they offer customization on virtually all of their clothing! 😱
YES, I said it, you can CUSTOMIZE everything! Basically a hijabi’s dream! It can even be made-to-measure!

It’s always so hard to find modest clothing in mainstream stores. Unless you shop at specialty hijab companies, which are a blessing and a half, chances are you’ll either have to layer/add/change/or alter your fancier clothing from other stores to make them work.

When I came across eShakti, I was so pleasantly surprised! I could take any dress and make it long sleeves and long to fit my needs! So that’s exactly what I did!
I came across this gorgeous mint green/teal dress that I really liked! As you can see, it was only knee-length and had cap sleeves. If I were to buy it as is, I would have to layer to cover my arms and wear leggings to cover my legs. Now, while this may be a solution to my problem, it really takes away from the dress.Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.50.53 PM

On eShakti, for this particular dress, I had the option of customizing a lot of the features. I could customize the neckline, sleeve length, dress length, and other custom styling options! I could even enter all my measurements if I wanted to, but I chose to select a standardized size (0-36).
So, I chose Long Sleeves and Ankle length as my customizations. I kept the neckline the same because I like that it had a higher neckline!
Now side note – with this dress, I did wear leggings underneath. There was a total maxi option for the length, that even made the dress a little longer so you could wear it with heels, but I chose to go with the ankle length option because I liked that it would be similar to a midi dress, but a little longer! I actually put my height as inch taller, so it would be even longer haha, and it ended up being almost maxi! But don’t worry, you could totally make it a true full length dress! ☺️

When I received my dress, I was beyond pleased! The fitting is so perfect and it came out exactly as I imagined! Everything is very true to their descriptions so that was very appreciated.

AND it gets even better! Many of their pieces have pockets, including this dress!! 😱 I mean, what more could I want?!?!

To finish my outfit, I wore a matching mint green hijab with a sparkly border, my nude wedges, and my favourite floral clutch for a pop of colour! Even though it was snowing outside, I definitely had a spring themed outfit! ❄️🌸

And as it was snowing this weekend, I couldn’t take my pictures outdoors like I usually do. I had so many ideas for cool shots for this outfit, but Mother Nature decided to play an April Fools prank on us! I ended up taking the pictures inside, so I hope you like them! And thank you Momma HH for being my photographer for the day!

Make sure to check out eShakti’s website and their Instagram! First time customers get $30 off their first purchase and free customization (Usually $9.95)!


Accessories ✨
Changed up the pose as per Momma HH’s instructions hehe
HH Pose!

eshakti eshakti-6 eshakti-4 eshakti-2

I also took a super cute twirling Boomerang video, so check out my Instagram for that 🙈🙊

I hope you enjoyed! I’ll be back next week with another post inshallah 🙂

Lots of love,


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