OOTD – Coins and Kicks FT. Luluwaah

Hola Canolis!

I FINALLY MADE IT FOR #HHSUNDAY. I know the past couple weeks I’ve been off my game, but ya girl is back on track.

I have SO many blogposts lined up, I’m kinda going crazy aha! It’s going to be some hectic times, but I’m excited! I also have exams coming up (eww, I know right), but let’s not worry about that too much eh 😅

I just wanted to share this quick ootd with you all! It’s a little typical, it’s a little different.

If you’ve noticed for the past couple of months, the colour grey has becoming a standard colour in my wardrobe. Grey is my new Black haha. I find that I am really attracted to grey now because it’s so easy to style! Grey matches with everything and can work for casual or formal occasions. It’s my go-to colour now.

With my new grey obsession, I wanted to try the grey-black-and-white look. It’s a monochrome combination, but it looks really sleek. I just want to be cool, okay 🙈

This grey top from Zara is my absolute favourite. Whenever I don’t know what to wear, I just grab it and go. It’s long, loose, and has these two high slits that give it a unique look. This top is so comfortable and as it’s very modest, I don’t even think twice when wearing it. I just have to think about when I wore it last 😂. This top is super versatile and can be worn with so many bottoms and especially, hijabs!

This time, I just wore my favourite black pants (no surprise here 🙄). I am also very quick to pick these out. So now, we have two typical pieces in the outfit.

Next, instead of wearing a fun coloured hijab, to get me into the Spring mood, I chose something a little different. After all, the sun was out and shining! 😱 I decided to change it up and finally try out my monochrome look. I reached for my pure white hijab with these cute pompoms on it. I took a leap of faith (drama 👑👑👑 hehe).

I’ve been wanting some sneakers for quite some time now. Believe it or not, Miss HH has never had real sneakers! 😱😱 Maybe when I was really little, but even then, I can hardly remember. This is a combination of my mom’s influences and my own choice. Momma HH has always wanted me to look super cute and stylish, so baby Malikah (Mika 👧🏽) would be wearing flats instead of sneakers at any opportunity haha. Or at least those stylish sneakers that were more for show and less for athletics hehe. Fast forward to present day, every time there is some sort of event that requires any sorts of action or physical activity, I never have the right footwear. Even when I go to the gym. I have sneakers of course, but they are still more for style, and not suitable for moderate physical activity. Alas, I finally got a pair of sneakers and I’m so excited! They’re black and white, to match with anything and everything. I’m so in love, I was wearing them around the house all day Friday LOL. My brother was less than impressed hehe.

I decided to wear my new kicks with my outfit. My outfit wasn’t totally casual, or didn’t seem to really match with sneakers, but I thought, why not. Also, sneakers are quite popular with street style looks, so I wanted to try it out for myself!

But something didn’t seem right. The outfit didn’t seem complete. I knew I had to add something to really mesh everything together. An accessory would do the trick. Since I was not wearing any jewelry, I decided to wear this long coin necklace from Luluwaah, and it was perfect! I really like the bohemian yet cool vibe of this necklace. It’s a balance of a modern and cultural look and they’re also really popular these days! I like that this one is long so it’s easy to wear and it’s not like the same ole’ coin necklaces that are quickly becoming mainstream nowadays! I still love the statement coin necklaces, but I also love that this one is similar, yet different as well.

You all know I love my Luluwaah products, and their new jewelry additions are no different! Of course, they do not disappoint! Whenever I’ve worn this necklace, I’ve gotten compliments! So you know it’s a crowd pleaser!
Check out Luluwaah’s website and Instagram!!

Hope you like my attempt at being ‘sporty’ and ‘cool’. Not gonna lie, it was a little nerve-wracking to wear sneakers with this type of outfit, but I ended up loving it! 😁
(It’s the little things)

You see why this is my favourite shirt?!

IMG_8046 IMG_8036 IMG_8029

Outfit Details:
Top – Zara
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Reebok
Hijab – London
Necklace – Luluwaah (Coins – Silver)

Hope you liked this post! I’m super excited to wear my new shoes everywhere LOL.
I know this was a little chatty, but it was fun!

Speak to you all sooooooooon!


🎀~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~🎀


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