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I hope you are all doing well!
I’m currently sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, with a tissue box and plastic bag next to me 😷 So heads up in case this post is messy/grammatically incorrect/or all over the place. I knew if I didn’t post this tonight, my whole schedule will get messed up. So here’s a new post #HHSunday!

I’m here with my MIST 2016 blogpost!
This year, I was the Competitions Co-Manager for MIST Toronto. Last year I was a coordinator, so this year, I stepped up to the manager position. The competitions team is in charge of finding judges for the competitions, preparing all of the competition materials, ensuring the competitions run smoothly on the days of, and more. We are one of the largest teams on the overall Dream Team and we have a lot of work to do, before the weekend and during the tournament days.
I had a great team this year and an awesome Co-Manager, so thank you all for dealing with my stress and craziness!

Now, as the Dream Team,we have to dress professionally. But as HH, I have to dress stylish 😉
I went back and forth between many outfits and finally decided on these three.
Totally unintentionally, well partially, but I had a Pink and Black theme for all three days of MIST! 💕😎 I actually picked my outfit for Day 1 first, and then Day 3 – Awards next. I realized that both were Pink and Black, so I thought, if I could, I’d make the second day outfit pink and black as well. I actually ordered something, that wasn’t pink and black haha, because I ordered it before I realized this colour scheme, but it didn’t come in time. So I ended up wearing pink and black for Day 2 as well so I guess it all worked out!

Without further ado, here goes!

Day 1

This outfit is my favourite of all three! 🙉
It’s a little different than my usual, but I tried to add pieces I was comfortable with or signature to my style to help keep the outfit true to me.

I wore these ankle trousers and a rose gold lace top. So far so good. Then, I added this long tuxedo blazer with shoulder pads. I’ve had this blazer for a couple years now and to be honest, I only bought it because I really wanted a long blazer and it was on sale for $7 😝 At the time, I didn’t realize how pointy and thick the shoulder pads were and therefore, I’ve only worn this blazer a couple times. In hopes for completing the outfit, I randomly pulled this off its hanger and tried it on, and I actually loved the result! I really loved how the entire outfit worked together. It was edgy yet still girly, and a good balance to fit my style.

Style Tip 1 – Haven’t worn something in ages?! Try it on before you decide to give it away or pass it down. You may just be surprised at how you can re-discover something.

Style Tip 2 – When trying something out of your comfort zone, pair it with other articles that you are comfortable in and very true to yourself. This will help ease you into this new style and feel more relaxed.

The shoes were the perfect finishing touch and they really tied it all together.
Thanks Nida for these pictures!

IMG_7560 IMG_7551 IMG_7546

Outfit Details:
Blazer – Costa Blanca
Lace top – Suzy Shier
Pants – Cost Blanca
Shoes – Primark
Hijab – Silks

Day 2

This outfit was a typical Malikah outfit. I love this midi dress so much, and I’ve featured it on HH before. It’s long, loose, stylish, and so effortless. The perfect top from Daya Couture.
I paired it with leggings and some cute grid sandals. This was a very comfortable outfit, in it’s feeling and style. I did not go out of my comfort zone with this look, but knew it would hold up for my long day of running around.
Sometimes, only sometimes, do I chose function over anything else, but this outfit was still super cute!

I finished the outfit with my favourite ombré hijab from The Hijab Souq. It was a perfect outfit and really easy.

Samahat, the graphic design manager whom I featured in my #HH – MIST post and I got a mini photoshoot with our fellow dream team member Mahdi, so thanks to him for these pictures!

Accessories of the day:)

_MG_3937-Edit _MG_3953-Edit IMG_7642

Outfit Details:
Midi Dress – Daya Couture
Leggings – Target
Shoes – Nine West
Hijab – The Hijab Souq
Necklace – Accessorize by Monsoon

Day 3 – Awards

This was another classic Malikah outfit. I mean come on, it wouldn’t be MIST, or anything really for that matter, without a skirt outfit!!
Crop tops and skirts are my go-to for any formal event or fancy occasion and they never fail me.

This outfit started off with a different top and skirt. Through multiple trials and trying different combinations, I got to this skirt with another top, and then this skirt with this top! This top is very special and so many people asked me where I got it from! I actually saw this fabric two years ago at Fabricland and my mom and I absolutely loved it. At the time, I was in Grade 12 and one of my good friends, Jillian, had her clothing business. So I asked her to sew me a crop top and I loved it! But somehow, I forgot about it and never got around to wearing it. When scavenging through my closet for MIST outfit prep, I found it and wore it with this flowy pink satin skirt.

Make sure to check her out, she makes some amazing creations, from prom dresses, skirts, tops, pants, and everything in between – @JillianJoyHC

And there you have it, a perfect match! I finished the outfit with a cream hijab and a statement necklace and my outfit was done (done london?! hehe).

M for MIST or M for Malikah 😌💁🏽


Had to include her again, love you long time Shafaq! And you can see my whole outfit! 🙊 #SignaturePoseForever

Outfit Details:
Top – Jillian Joy Hand Crafted
Skirt – Vero Moda
Hijab – London

And there you have it! Hope you liked my Pink and Black outfits from MIST Toronto 2016. MIST, you were great, like always. Til next year, or Nationals 😁

Lots of love,


🎀~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~🎀


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