#HijabiHeroes – MIST Toronto 2016 Edition

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I hope you are all doing well!
So I know I didn’t have a blogpost up for #HHSunday, but I told you I’d make up for it, and here I am.
This past weekend was MIST Toronto 2016!!

Last year, I did a whole post about MIST and this year, I’m back at it again 😉
Now, in this post, you might be wondering where my outfits are?! Don’t worry, they’re coming.
But, I wanted to do my #HijabiHeroes post first! A lot of the ladies featured in this post have made a significant impact on me, whether it’s mentoring me on my new position, laughing at my jokes, or just competing in MIST and making it the awesome organization it is. I really would not have had the experience I did if it weren’t for you all. So thank you.
As the whole #HijabiHeroes series is about giving back to all those who support me, it was only fitting for this post to precede my own.

Alright, I can go on forever about why I love MIST and how amazing it is and how I just want to rewind back to Saturday morning, but I don’t want to cry….again…and again.

Quick disclaimers
1) I want to apologize if I didn’t include you in this post! I had planned to take a bunch of pictures, but I underestimated how busy I would be! If you ever want to be included in one of my #HH posts, please let me know!
2) Not all of the pictures are mine – Huge shoutout to the photographers behind IFS MIST, I know there are a lot of people who contributed to the MIST albums, so thank you all for these pictures! Also thanks to @beardedbengali, a fellow MIST Dream team member for the pictures!

MIST Tournament Days

Starting out with our Registration Manager, Nesa (and her bro lol)!
She looked super classy with her white blazer and pink lace top! We actually ended up having similar outfits on the first day of MIST, because obviously, great minds think alike! 😉

#HH D1 nesa

Next is our Graphic Design manager! Other than totally having her make up on point, all day everyday, her outfit was also equally on point! Love how she kept it simple with all black, and cozying it up with a fun blanket scarf! Low-key, we all know she needed a blanket because we were all so tired 😂

#HH D2 Samahat

You’ve seen her before, but of course, had to include her again! Here’s Maryam, and she’s one of the Special Events coordinator and the Co-MC of the Awards Ceremony! Do I really need to say anything about this outfit though?!?

#HH D2 Maryam

Okay, I don’t know who these girls are, but I LOVED their outfits! When I saw them around MIST Day 2, I knew I wanted to feature them! I believe they participated in the Sister’s Rasheed competition!

#HH D2 Girls

Meet Farihah, she was our Regional Director for a couple of years, but passed the torch on to Hiba. Of course, she had to come back to MIST! She was on Dream Team and judged multiple competitions. #Goals – definitely. Thank you for your help and stress management throughout this weekend!

#HH D2 Farihah

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Here’s Fahmida, Farihah’s older sister! She also has a fashion blog called Tamfo and Kamalia! You definitely have to check it out, her outfits are amazing. I love her style so much, it’s so pretty yet simple!

#HH D2 Fahmida

This is Aamina. I had the pleasure of working with her last year as a fellow Competition’s Coordinator. Although she was not on dream team this year, she came back to her favourite competition – Improv – and moderated for the Sister’s side both days! Loved her all white outfit, with hints of beige. Super cute and fresh, perfect for Spring!

#HH D2 Aamina

Ending off the Tournament day outfits with the dynamic duo – Nesa and Rana, our Registration and Strategic Managers respectively! They’re definitely #goals, and they even have a workshop on how to take an OOTD, so definitely check that out 😂

#HH D2 Rana:Nesa
@nesahuda and @ranakijawani

Awards Ceremony

After the tournament, the next day, we celebrate everyone’s achievements with an epic Awards Ceremony! There are awesome spoken word and nasheed performances, viewing of the top 3 short films, and of course, the announcing and distributing of all the awards to the winners!

Back at it again, daaangg Rana! Love her simple outfit with a pop of colour through her fun printed hijab! Also appreciated how she showed off her super cute statement necklace on top of her hijab!

#HH AC Rana

Next is this super cutie, Raazia, one of the Marketing coordinators! Loved how she jazzed up a simple outfit with her lace cardigan. Neutral tones are a great way to go 👌🏼

#HH AC Raazia

Following suit, here’s the Marketing Manager, and my bestie, Nida! She went for an all-white outfit and a pop of colour with her mint green hijab! Fun Fact: We both have this skirt and had to coordinate to make sure the other didn’t wear it LOL. Last year I wore the pink version, so this year she wore the cream. I guess it’s my turn next year, or at Nationals?! LOL

#HH AC Nida

This is Nabiha, one of the student ambassadors! I met her at the Ambassador Retreat and we had some really good conversations! She looked super cute all throughout MIST and led a fantastic team of talented individuals! Congrats on putting Stephen Lewis on the map and wishing you lots of success in your future endeavours inshallah!

#HH AC Nabiha

Signature HH Pose :’) Lots of love to these two. First is Hiba, the regional director of MIST Toronto! Thank you for believing in me and helping me through this entire process! You are such a great leader and next time you call me, I won’t get freaked out I promise LOL
Next to her is Shafaq! We have a mutual friend but I had never met her before MIST. Even though we met during our dream team meetings, we really became much closer during the two days and awards ceremony! Thanks for all of the laughs, running into the hall with our balloons, and hugs.

#HH AC Hiba:Shafaq
@hibz_93 and @shafaqjy

Had to include another shot of them, they just looked so cute mashallah! This one includes the other musketeer – Yoser! Just like Shafaq, we met during the meetings, but really bonded at the last meeting and over the tournament days! It was a pleasure introducing you to Miranda Sings and having our back-and-forth insults, jokes, and trash talk. Also, next time, let’s try to actually master the task of getting up at once when we are back-to-back LOL 😂❤️

#HH AC Group with Yoser

#SquadGoals. Just some more lovelies from our Dream Team. From left to right, we have Sehar, Nesa, Rida, Nida, and Maleeha. Y’all are cuties and have such beautiful smiles! I just wish I was also in this picture LOL. But thanks for all the laughs and fun we had during this weekend and awards!

#HH AC Group

Farihah, back at it again, looking super fine in this all black outfit! Loved loved loved the sequins crop top and pants! Totally an outfit I would wear myself, so obviously I had to share!

#HH AC Farihah

Here’s another student ambassador, Eram from Islamic Foundation! Y’all killed it this year, as always! Congratulations on all of your successes and medals, especially 2nd place overall school!  You are so cute mashallah and your sweet and kind hearted nature is very admirable! Good luck with all of your future endeavours as well and I’m glad we met!

#HH AC Eram

Last but least is one of my own coordinators, Anusheh! Your quirky and sweet personality is second to none! You looked gorgeous in this beautiful lace gown. Great minds definitely think alike, because I also have this dress! She definitely rocked it very well mashallah!

#HH AC Anusheh

That’s all from me! Look forward to another MIST blogpost very soon! I’ll go into more details about MIST, my role, and of course, my outfits!

Lots of love to these beautiful ladies and to all of you!

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Speak to you (very) soon inshallah!


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