OOTD – Maroon Maxi and Simple Slits

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Mega apologies for not having a blogpost up this weekend! MIST Toronto is this weekend and I’m GOING CRAZY haha! There is so much to prep and as I am Competitions Co-Manager, I have a lot to finish up before the tournament days!
So heads up – blogposts will be delayed next week too, but there may be two to make up for it 😉

Before I begin, I just wanted to say Happy International Women’s Day! 💓

I wanted to share a quick OOTD with you all!
With the weather fluctuating so much, I haven’t been able to start transitioning my wardrobe into Spring wear. It’s all a big tease – one day I think it’s Spring, the next day there’s a huge snow storm and classes get cancelled!

As you all know, one of my favourite pieces to wear are maxi dresses! Unfortunately, when the winds are blowing at 9706454 km an hour, or if there are layers of snow and ice on the ground, they’re not always practical! But I just couldn’t take all the bundling anymore! I mean layering is really fun and a hijabi’s dream, but I really miss the warm weather! So for my MIST meeting this past Sunday, I decided to compromise with this high slit maxi t-shirt dress from Zara!

When I found this beauty, ON SALE, I was beyond excited! I didn’t even try it on, and just grabbed it! I even got it in black, if you saw my How To Style – Chiffon Hijabs post! When you find staple pieces like this at a good deal, you can’t think twice! This t-shirt dress is so handy because it’s so versatile and easy to style. I can dress it up or down and it always looks great!

As always, I wore my black jeans underneath, as I do 99% of the time LOL. The only thing I was stuck on was my hijab. I hardly wear printed hijabs anymore and I’ve been able to grow my solid hijab collection quite a bit as my #DoneDoneLondon trip was very fruitful in that regard 😝 But, since both my top and bottom were solid colours, I knew I had to jazz things up. Then I spotted this ombré hijab from Luluwaah in my hijab drawer and it was a match made in Heaven! The colours worked perfectly and it was a stunning combination! And this hijab just got back in stock 🙈

Here’s my outfit!
Thanks to my girl Sakaanna for taking these pictures and being my official photographer at school 😉❤️

IMG_7270 IMG_7284 IMG_7309 IMG_7338 IMG_7356 IMG_7371 IMG_7384

Outfit Details:
Burgundy t-shirt dress – Zara
Black Jeans – H&M
Hijab – Luluwaah – Glittered Ombre in Earth
Cream Grid Scarf – London
Boots – Zara

Hope you liked this outfit and this post!
Can’t wait for MIST this weekend inshallah!! Follow me on Instagram because I’ll probably be posting a lot during the weekend!

Speak to you soon! Have a great week inshallah!


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