How to Transform your Outfit from DAY to NIGHT – FT. Zisanzo Watches

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Another week, another blogpost! For this week, I decided to do something a little different, but hopefully helpful for those busy days!

I thought it’d be cool to write about how to transform an outfit from day to night!  We all know that casual attire is more suited for the day time, and we tend to wear darker colours or dress up a bit for evening events. Hence, I wanted to take one basic outfit and show you how you can change it to work for both day and night!

So, my BIGGEST Style Tip for this is – it all depends on the ACCESSORIES!

It is ALL about the accessories! All you need is your core items and you can manipulate your accessories to make your outfit appropriate for any time of day.

Let’s break it down:

This is your standard top and pants that you will style the rest of your outfit around! Just a simple shirt and trousers, that’s it!

Now with the accessories, it’s important to remember that there will be some that you KEEP and some that you CHANGE, and some that are NEUTRAL.

➖Shoes –> I suggest wearing the same pair of shoes because they are more bulky/heavy to carry around, and sometimes, you just want to be comfortable. So for the shoes, go for something classy and comfy and you’ll be good to go!
➖Watch –> Your watch should be versatile and is an essential piece of your outfit, so you want to make sure it’s rocking all day long.

➖Hijab –> One of the easiest ways to change up an outfit and make it look different is to wear a different hijab! You can definitely go for something darker for the evening time, or something neutral to keep the outfit calm and classy.
➖’Extra Clothing’ –> If your outfit requires a jacket or cardigan for modesty purposes, I say switch it out! This will also largely depend on weather conditions, because it can be cooler at night.
Wearing a different blazer or sweater will totally give your look a new vibe.

These are items that do not really matter if you keep or change, and you can decide based on what works for you!
➖Bag –> For your purse, definitely go for whatever is functional and suits your needs! If you’re someone who loves her ‘everyday’ bag, then stick with it! But hey, I wouldn’t be opposed to swapping your purse for a cute clutch either 😉
➖Jewelry –> This also totally depends on your and if you attending a specific event. You can adjust this to your activities for the day/night and go with whatever works 😊

Okay now that we know what we are working with, I can share my outfit!
My basics were some 1) Black Jeans and a 2) Striped T-shirt. Super easy and comfortable as well! These two are definitely my staples.

For my accessories, I kept my 1) Black Boots as my shoes that I basically wear everyday in the winter! I also kept my 2) Fantasia Watch from Zisanzo Watches! I really love this watch because it’s really classy, effortless, and timeless! It’s very versatile and works with every outfit. It has a neutral leather strap with rose gold accents that really gives the watch a sophisticated look. You can definitely tell that this watch is high quality and designed with a careful eye. It is very simple in design but has a modern look that is sure to please everyone.

If you’re looking for a new watch, I’d definitely suggest checking out Zisanzo’s collection! Zisanzo has three different watch faces that are their classic looks. They even have a limited edition watch face that is inspired by the Whitchurch clock in the UK! 😱 You can even get different watch straps to diversify your watch game even more! Long Live #WatchWednesday 😏
Also, if you want to get 10% off your order, just enter “hijabiheroes” in the checkout! Yeah, I gotchu! 😏

For the accessories I changed, I wore a 1) Brown hijab during the Day and a Cream one at Night and a 2) Pink cardigan for Day, and a Black Lace Moto Jacket for Night.

For the neutral accessories, I decided to wear a 1) cute 90’s inspired mini backpack during the day and then wore a cute bucket bag for the evening look, and for my 2) jewelry, I decided to keep my bracelet but just added a dainty stone necklace for the night time look to tie my outfit together!

Alright, here are both of the outfits!
Don’t forget to check out Zisanzo’s website and Instagram!




I hope you liked this post and found it helpful!

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