#HijabiHeroes – Winter Edition

Hey Hey everyone!

How fast a week has just flown by! It feels like just yesterday I was sitting here writing a blogpost! But to be honest, I think I just wait all week for my Sunday night blogpost time so I can sit and write 😁

It is finally time for #HijabiHeroes – WINTER edition!
I just wanted to thank you all for such positive feedback on the #HijabiHeroes – FALL post, and for your support in general! Everyone loved it so much and so many people wanted to be featured it the upcoming posts! You’ll see some familiar faces, but most of the lovely #HijabiHeroes featured are new to HH. Of course, if you’d like to be featured in a #HijabiHeroes post, please DO NOT HESITATE to ask me! I’m really nice, I promise 😁 Seriously, I’d love to have you all on HH! ☺️💕

Once again, thank you to all the beauties in this post for supporting me! Every person featured in this post has a special reason they are here and they have all contributed to HH in one way or another – whether it’s taking my pictures, talking to me about HH, speaking kind words about HH, commenting on my Instagram pictures (you know its real when 😉), and even trusting me for advice on fashion. I am truly grateful for everything!

Alright, enough of the sappiness! Here is #HijabiHeroes, winter edition!

For our first #HijabiHero of the night, I had to feature Zahra Maryam! If you read #HijabiHeroes – FALL, you would know that she was the inspiration behind this post, and her suggestion has sparked something great! So of course, she deserves to be right here!
Love her soft pastel winter outfit! The vest and lace work really well together and balance each other to create a cute and casual outfit! Also she can rock a jersey hijab, so props for that too!
Winter #HH - Zahra Maryam

Up next is Maryam, otherwise known as @withlovemaryam on Instagram! Her outfits are always on point and she super gorgeous mashallah! She even has a blog called Spoken through Style!
This neutral outfit is to die for! Winter is a great time to play with different neutral tones and love how she styled them all together!

Winter #HH - Maryam

Yumna is the cutest. She’s been on HH before for the Who is Hussain Banquet post, and right after the #HH Fall post went up, she asked to be on HH again! I really appreciated that and she knows I always will! I just hung out with her yesterday, so decided I’d take her picture myself! We were all raving about her jacket, its so chic! Love how she added some colour for a fun look!
Winter #HH - Yumna
Aimon also talked to me about being on HH! Aimon is quite accomplished in the Fashion scene mashallah, and she partakes in my fashion shows around Toronto! She inspires me to expand my horizons in terms of my involvement in fashion-related events. Her outfit is too cute! I love how it’s sophisticated yet so simple in terms of its elements! Definitely some outfit inspo ☺️
Make sure to check her out on Instagram, @the_star_girl, for more of her super cute outfits!
Winter #HH - Aimon 1

Rabab is next, and she is one of the sweetest people ever! She is so sincere and kindhearted and is always checking up on me! She is also very hardworking, something I definitely admire about her! And of course, I appreciate her super cozy winter outfit!
Winter #HH - Rabab
This next one is a cutie mashallah. I’ve known Haniya for quite some time, and she was actually one of the first people I told about HH, before it had started. We were sitting at the back of the bus on our way to hand out flowers in Downtown Toronto. I really appreciate her support and this one gesture really stuck with me – She added a profile picture of her wearing a skirt on Facebook, and mentioned HH. She obviously didn’t have to do that, but the fact that she acknowledged HH, it really made me happy. And of course, she’s looking super ‘candid’ in this ootd 😏
Winter #HH - Haniya
You’ve seen her before, but I couldn’t not add her in again! My cousin Asiya always supports HH and our whatsapp convos consist of outfit pictures going back and forth! I love how she is always so excited to share her new outfit combinations with me, it really makes me smile. And obviously, her outfits are always stunning! I mean come on, it runs in the family! 😏 When she sent me this ootd, I knew it was going to be on #HH Winter! LOVE everything about it!
Winter #HH - Asiya

This next #HijabiHero is also a family favourite. I mean, what can I say, we have good fashion taste 😉 Sarah is from NY, but you might recognize her from my #DoneDoneLondon posts, as she was also in London for our cousin’s wedding! I’ve never had a chance to really spend time with her as we did in London this time around, and I’m really grateful for our laughs and crazy car rides! When she went shopping, she did a little ‘haul’ for me to show me everything! And of course I was just sitting there so excited! I really love her winter ootd, it’s very stylish and sweet!

Winter #HH - Sarah

What do I even say about this next #HijabiHero. Talented wouldn’t even begin to describe her! You can just tell by her picture that this woman is beyond successful mashallah! Azra is the photographer behind AZ Photography & Design and we just did a collaboration, so look out for that! Azra is really sweet and considerate, and of course, very supportive of HH! And come on, this blazer speaks for itself. #AZPhotoDesignxHHxMotives
Winter #HH - Azra

Speaking of #AzPhotoDesignxHHxMotives, I obviously have to feature Ms. Motives next 😌
I think I could write a book about this fabulous chica right here, but even then, it wouldn’t suffice. She’s honestly the biggest supporter of HH and I am so grateful to God for blessing me with a best friend like her. I know, if you know me and Kulsoom, we are CONSTANTLY ‘fighting’, so all the kind words is quite unusual for us LOL 😂

Winter #HH - KKB

While I’m talking about best friends, might as well add a couple more, right?!
Here is Nida, or most commonly known as my twin! 😂 All throughout high school, and at mosque, and MIST, and basically everywhere, people confuse us! I mean, it doesn’t help that we are the same height, wear our hijab pretty similarly, both have the same style glasses (when Nida wears hers), and have the same general style. Also, we are always together, so I guess we brought this upon ourselves! But I never say it enough, but thank you so much Nida for everything you do and put up with LOL. Thanks for all the blogposts you’ve saved by taking pictures for me. Love you lots, jaan ❤️ We were also twinning with this outfit, whoops! Well, great minds think alike!

Winter #HH - Nida

And here’s, ANOTHER ONE 🔑
I love Fatima’s earthy-tone winter ootd! The colours are all warm hues, I mean, just like her personality! She’s a gem mashallah, and I’m so glad to have her by my side. She frequently ‘approves’ my instagram pictures and captions, and she’s even a pro on her commenting game. Our FaceTime sessions are always filled with non-stop laughter, so thank you for always making me smile! You really do brighten up my day!
Winter #HH - Fatima J
The next #HijabiHero also brings a lot of laughter into my life and is also a fellow blogger! You probably already know her from her Instagram or YouTube channel! She’s a stunner mashallah and of course, very talented. Her outfits are also always on point and I really admire the fact that she’s always trying new styles – whether it is with her hijab or her outfits! I love her trench coat and the beige outfit. And then, there’s a pop of colour with a vibrant hijab!
Winter #HH - Shumaila
Here is another familiar face, Kaniz from Covered in Confidence! She recently travelled to Malaysia and I fell in love with all of her pictures from her trip! I know this isn’t a typical winter outfit, but I HAD to share this! I feel like this picture  shows off her colourful and sweet personality and really describes her well!
Winter #HH - Kaniz
To go along with Shumaila and Kaniz, I have a couple new blogger friends I met on Instagram recently! Like I mentioned before, I really love how the culture of muslimah bloggers on Instagram is so supportive!

Here is Minimalist Hijabi! Her style is very put together and classy! She really knows how to style certain pieces, especially outerwear! I love the way she creates her looks, they are so effortless and sophisticated! And she’s also on that #noface game!
Winter #HH - MinimalistH
Next is She Hijabi! Her aesthetic is just too good. Her outfits are also very well put together, and feature a lot of black, white, and grey. I’ve recently really been into more neutrals and it seems like I am always wearing grey these days! So I definitely appreciate her style! Okay, I just have to highlight this jacket and the shoes. I mean, 😍😍
Winter #HH - SheHijabi

Meet Mariam, from Infinitely.Classic! I love how her blog is all-encompassing, as she writes about school, faith, fashion, advice, and more! You can just tell that she is very genuine and passionate, and I very much respect that. She’s also doing winter right, because her coat and scarf are super cute! And love how she wore a pair of sneakers with her outfit!

Winter #HH - IClassic

Next is another fashionista I recently met. Muhaddisa is a fashion student from London, UK! Another great winter ootd – I love all the colours and especially her coat! Apart from her amazing style, she also has a food instagram where she and her friend share recipes for some mouthwatering dishes! (@Munurecipes). She’s clearly a lady of many talents!
Too bad I met her after I came back from my trip, or you would’ve definitely met her earlier! But hey, better late than never! And you’ll probably see her again soon inshallah… hint hint 😉
Winter #HH - Muhaddisa

Here are more of my lovely friends!
This #HijabiHero is Amena. She is sweet beyond belief! I didn’t really know her too well until we met at a leadership retreat in the beginning of summer, and I had the opportunity to have many great talks with her. I love how she is so ambitious mashallah, and I can’t wait to see all the great things she will do in the future! We always have a fun time together and she’s cute as a cupcake. You can tell by her outfit hehe!
Winter #HH - Amena

Ahh this next #HijabiHero is definitely a favourite. Khatija is so genuine and our conversions are always so meaningful and real. I love talking to her and getting to know her better this summer has been a delight! Her modelling game is strong, as you can tell! Really love how she kept her outfit quite simple and added the plaid pants to spice up the look. Emerald green also really suits her mashallah!
Winter #HH - Khatija
Here is Raazia, a good friend of mine from mosque and high school. I’ve wanted to put her on HH for a while, so I’m glad she agreed! It’s been a pleasure seeing you grow, especially in MIST and your evolution as a poet. I know you’ll always keep improving and can’t wait to keep snapping at your spoken word 👌 Her outfit is simple and casual, but I just need to appreciate her stellar watch 😉Winter #HH - Raazia
The next #HijabiHero is Ummul Baneen from NY! We’ve talked quite a bit via social media and I love how our friendship started off by her sending me a picture of a dress on Instagram LOL! You guys honestly have no idea how much I love getting pictures of things and asking what to style it with! I’m really thankful she messaged me and I enjoy getting to know her better!  I really like how she paired a lace skirt under her sweater – it adds a pretty touch to her winter ootd!
Winter #HH - Baneen 1
Next is the stunning Zahra! I’ve always loved her style, because it’s very unique and put together! I know she has a good eye and pays close attention to detail. She posted a picture on Instagram recently of her at the beach, and even tagged HH in her classic hijabi beach shot! It’s the little things like this that really touch my heart! And of course, this outfit attests to her grace and beauty mashallah!
Winter #HH - Zahra K
This is Sakina, Fatima’s younger sister and a #HijabiHero of her own! I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that Sakina would also like to be on HH, just like her sister 🙏
Her winter outfit is super cute! I love how she styles her jacket and rocks a blanket scarf to tie it all together. The colours work so well together and her look is super cozy and sweet!
Winter #HH - Sakina J
Last, but definitely not least, I want to feature my lovely cousin and owner of Luluwaah, Zamina. She was in the last #HH post as well and I couldn’t leave her out of this one. I’m so proud of all she has accomplished and thankful for letting me finish off my post with such a fierce and empowering look!
(Also, Luluwaah’s new collection just dropped and they introduced a jewellery line! 😱 Can’t wait to get my hands on it!)

Winter #HH - Zamina

And there you have it! #HijabiHeroes – Winter is Done! (So tempted to say #DoneDoneLondon LOL 🙊)
Again, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! I am blessed beyond belief alhamdulilah with HijabiHeroes. And I could not have done it with out all of the support and encouragement.

If you’d like to be featured in #HijabiHeroes – Spring, because I’m obviously already thinking about all the cute floral outfits I’ll be seeing, then please please please send me a message! 😘

If you want to see more HH, then please follow me on Instagram and like HH on Facebook!

Lots of love to you all 💕

Speak to you soon!


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