HOW TO STYLE: Chiffon Hijabs FT: Voile Chic

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I hope you are all doing well! It’s been a busy week and weekend, and next week will be the same! The assignments are loading up and midterms are approaching. I swear we JUST got back to school 😭 I’m ready for another vacation, to be honest 😅

Today, I have an exciting blogpost, as always of course!
I’ve always seen girls rocking chiffon hijabs and I wish I could do the same! Every time I tried, I found them too slippery and I was so self-conscious about how they looked. I think my constant fussing and ‘fixing’ of my hijab actually messed up the style even more!

When I found out that Voile Chic has extra smooth chiffon hijabs,  I mustered up some courage to order some! They have the most stunning colours, so it was so hard to say no. I took a leap of faith and I’m so glad I did! I really loved the two hijabs I ordered! They’re so classy and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy they are to style. And of course, the quality is amazing as well!

Voile Chic is a Canadian hijab company which sells a variety of hijabs and the related essentials! They have a variety of fabrics, but I would definitely say they are known for their Chiffon and Jersey hijabs! Their hijabs are so classy, and the colours are pretty and sophisticated. And the owner is really kind, which makes a huge impact on the customers!!

The only thing is, I always had the perception that chiffon hijabs can only work with certain outfits or for specific events. Thus, I was too scared to try them, especially if I was only able to wear them for limited occasions. Once I received mine, my opinion quickly changed!

I realized how versatile chiffon hijabs are and hence, I’m here with this HOW TO STYLE post to share my newfound knowledge! I’ve just opened up a whole new world of hijabs, and I’m excited (and scared, especially for my wallet LOL), for the future 😏

For this post, I wanted to share how chiffon hijabs work with the ‘in-between’ fancy outfits. These types of outfits are great for the casual, yet dressy occasions in life. You know, the times that you don’t want to be too dressy, but want just enough glam in your look!
Also, I thought I’d show a Day AND Night look for some more variety. I have never done my HTS posts in this manner, but I thought the different approach would also be useful and applicable!

Don’t forget to check out Voile Chic’s Website and Instagram! You definitely want to follow them, because they always have sales and deals, so you don’t want to miss out!

Here goes!

Day Time – Light Rose Chiffon Hijab

For the day time look, I decided to go for light pastel colours and soft lace for a feminine outfit. I wanted the whole outfit to be quite effortless and light, and appropriate for the morning/afternoon time.
I simply paired some light wash jeans with a black and white grid blouse together, and these are the  casual elements. The white lace maxi cardigan from Kabayare Fashion and high heels give the outfit a more dressy vibe. The beautiful light rose colour from the hijab complements the entire outfit so well and adds an elegant touch.

Overall, I really like how everything works together. There are many pieces involved, which makes it look like there was a lot of thought put into the outfit. But, in reality, I just took a casual outfit I’d wear normally, the jeans and top, and added a lace cardigan and some accessories to jazz it up! And there you have it, a simple and easy look and your #HHStyleTip of the day! 😉

Voile Chic-7
The whole look!
Voile Chic-6
Ahh, love the way this lace cardigan flows!

Voile Chic-9 Voile Chic-8 Voile Chic-5Voile Chic-11

Outfit Details:
Lace Cardigan – Kabayare Fashion
Black and White Top – Sirens
Jeans – Joe Fresh
Heels – Target
Hijab – Voile Chic Light Rose Chiffon Hijab
Accessories: Wallet – Danier Leather, Bracelet – Juicy Couture

Night Time – Charcoal Grey Chiffon Hijab

For this look, I definitely went for a contrasting look! This outfit is super glam and sparkly and I’m in love 😍

Too balance out the mega sequinned gray/black pants (shoutout to HM tho 🙌), I wore a long sleeve maxi tshirt. It has a high slit on one side which lets the pants shine through (literally hehe). As the top is made out of cotton, it’s really casual and tones down the outfit.
Then, I just added my classic black cross body, lace up flats, and the charcoal grey chiffon hijab from Voile Chic! The charcoal grey colour gives off a sleek and sophisticated look and really puts the cherry on top!

These pants are definitely a statement piece and can sometimes be hard to style for multiple occasions. But just like the chiffon hijabs, once you start trying things on, you realize how easy it is! I would definitely suggest investing in some statement pieces (and not in the price tag of course), but having some cool articles in your wardrobe can definitely come in handy! Just play around and don’t be afraid to try something new! Wow, #HHStyleTip number 2?! Not baaaad!

Voile Chic-3
Voile Chic-1

Voile Chic-4 Voile Chic-2 Voile Chic-10 Voile Chic

Outfit Details:
Top – Zara
Sequinned Pants – HM
Flats – Primark
Hijab – Voile ChicCharcoal Grey Chiffon Hijab
Accessories: Purse – Kate Spade, Watch – AIBI Watch

And that’s all from me! I really LOVE how both outfits turned out! Again, I’m so pleasantly shocked at how well the chiffon hijabs worked for both looks! Can’t wait to create some more styles for them inshallah!

ALSO, I may be giving away a Chiffon hijab from Voile Chic! BUT, you’ll have to be following me on Instagram and like HH on Facebook to find out when and how 😉

ALSO (Part 2 LOL), the #HijabiHeroes post for Winter is coming soon! If anyone would like to be featured, please comment or send me a message and I’d love to have you on the blog! ☺️

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Lots of love and talk to you later!


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