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YES, I’m finally here with Part 2 of the #DoneDoneLondon blogposts – the Streets of London. I’m so excited to share, but I’m also a bit sad, because this blogpost officially means my trip is over 😭
OKAY yes I get it, I’ve been back for 2 weeks, of course my trip is over, but I was always looking forward to writing these blogposts and now we are here. Part 2.

In this post, I’ll be sharing all of my adventures after the wedding! I don’t have as many of my outfits to share as I would’ve liked, as some of the pictures of my trip got mysteriously deleted. But, there’s definitely lots to see from London, so don’t worry!

Central London chilling
The day after the last wedding event, the broskis, madre, and I went to do some exploring in Central London.
First, we checked out Baker Street to see where Sherlock Holmes is filmed!

After, we hopped on a bus to Camden Market to check out one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to – The Cereal Killer Cafe.


Yes, a whole cafe, where they just serve cereal! It is definitely a sight to see! You can choose from a variety of British or American cereals, and they even have some cereal cocktails, loaded with toppings of delicious british chocolate, to give you some ideas. You already know I had the chocolatiest cereal they had, with some Flake on top 😏
Special thanks to my girl Layla, who told me about the Cereal Killer Cafe a couple of months ago when I first told her I was coming to visit! 💕

London-18 London-17

“Honey I Shrunk the Kids” cereal, honey flavoured cereal with a chocolate bear to seal the deal

We stuck around in Camden Market, and checked out the Camden Lock as well.
After, we hit up Oxford Street for my well-awaited part of the trip – going to PRIMARK! If you don’t know what Primark is, it’s basically Heaven. I don’t need to say any more 😂


And of course, I had to wear an exploring-worthy outfit!


Outfit Details:
Hijab – London, Overall Dress – Forever 21, Striped Tshirt – Target, Leggings – Target, Boots – The Bay

That same night, all the cousins went for some friendly games of midnight bowling. My brother Imran smashed it, and despite the rest of us losing, I think we all had a good time ☺️

Spot the whip 😉

The next day, we went to watch Bend it Like Beckham, the Musical! Unfortunately, I could not take any pictures, but the show was fabulous!
But of course, we were back in Central London and I couldn’t resist sharing this shot


The cousins again went to an indoor trampoline park, Oxygen. It was loads of fun, and thank goodness no documents of my jumps into the foam pit remain 😉

New Year’s Eve! 

On New Year’s Eve, after a big family dinner, 12 of us cousins ventured to Primrose Hill in Central London to watch the fireworks!
We were there from about 10:30 to 12:30, and we had some great fun! I think New Year’s Eve was definitely the highlight of my trip. It was so nice to be surrounded by so much laughter and genuine happiness. I know it was a hassle, but my sincerest thanks to my fam for making that night so memorable 😁

With the cousin and bestie, Sakina <3
Thanks for a great one, London

Bro and Sis take London!

New Year’s Day was the Yasir bha-Malikah day. I spent the entire day with my eldest brother and it made me so happy! We had so many adventures and visited so many sights.

On the way to our first stop, we drove around the Business District and of course, stopped to take some pictures!
We then went to the Heron Tower and went up to the 39th floor to explore the views because he knew I wanted to chill on a rooftop. I got a pretty nice view of London and it was fun just relaxing on the rooftop patio for a bit.

IMG_3915 IMG_3928

On the way down the elevator, as it’s quite a long journey coming down almost 4o stories, these three girls started talking to us. They said I was so pretty in my hijab and that they love Muslims. Not badddd 💪

Now because it was New Year’s Day, a lot of places were closed, but we managed to have some lunch in a vintage cafe and then we drove around for a bit.


We then hit up OXO Tower for some traditional Afternoon Tea. I’ve never felt so British 💁

Mixed Berry tea and the chocolate plate. Not too shabby


The view from the terrace was beyond beautiful, subhanallah

Here’s my smart, ‘British’ outfit ⛔️
London-5Outfit Details:
Top – Zara, Sweater – Primark, Black Jeans – HM, Shoes – Primark, Hijab – London

Before we headed back home, we decided to continue driving around the city, and I did my traditional visit to the Big Ben!

More pictures!

Double Decker Bus Views
We all know Yasir Bha pointed this out so I could take a picture for Kulsoom 🙌 #Motives
Camden Lock!


London-13 London-12An OOTD I didn’t get to share!
Outfit Details:
Top – Forever 21, Floral sparkly leggings – Aldo, Necklace – Aldo, Hijab – Silks, Shoes – Aldo


And that’s a wrap. Thank you for an awesome time, London. #DoneDoneLondon

Til next time, London is #LonDONE.

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you like such posts and inshallah on future trips, I can share some more travel diaries!

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Speak to you soon!


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