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Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and winter break!

I’M BAAAACK! I just got back from London a couple days ago, and started school again yesterday, and that’s why this blogpost is late from my Sunday upload :$ It’s definitely sad to be back to reality and routine life, but alhamdulilah, always, because I had an amazing trip! It was so much fun to spend time with my family during the wedding and all of the other random activities we did! I miss it so much :'(

Of course, now that I’m back, I definitely have to share all my London adventures! I’ll be blogging my London trip in two parts – this blogpost contains all the details surrounding my cousin’s wedding, and another blogpost for the other sightseeing and fun!

The wedding consisted of 4 events – the Mendhi, the Friend’s Party, the Nikkah and Reception, and the Walima (a community dinner). I didn’t get any pics from the Walima, unfortunately 🙁

Before I begin the breakdown of the events, I had to share Zahra’s outfit from one of the family lunches. I loved her oversized and long forest green blazer! It’s so classy and modest. I loved how she kept the rest of her outfit quite neutral and added a necklace to tie it all together!

London Wedding-4


This traditional event revolves around the Groom’s family gifting the Bride the mendhi (henna) she will be applying for the wedding, as well as the outfit, shoes, and accessories for her wedding, and other gifts as well. The younger sisters, cousins, and friends of the groom’s family come one by one to present the bride with a gift. There is also usually poetry in praise of the Holy Prophet and his Holy Family, as well as a speech giving advice to the bride. This is normally one of the first official events to kick off the wedding time and is a ladies-only event.

We went to the bride’s house for this event, and the theme was a traditional indian set up, with a beautiful and colour backdrop and chair for the bride.

This is my beautiful cousin Sarah, from NYC! She’s rocking this gorgeous red kaftan!

London Wedding

This is Sayyeda, a family friend I met during the wedding time! I love the colour combination of her outfit! So classic!

London Wedding-9

And you’ve probably already seen her before, but this is my cousin Sakina! Always looking stunning if you ask me!

London Wedding-8

And this was my outfit! It was very colourful, to match the theme of course!

London Wedding-1

Friend’s Party

This event is for the bride and her friends, and she usually invites the younger girls from the groom’s side as well. It’s different from a bridal shower, but it is basically a get-together for the bride and her friends. This is an opportunity for everyone else to get their henna done for the wedding. The bride chose the theme for this event to be “Royal Ascot”. For those of you who do not know what that is, the Ascot racecourse is traditionally used for horse racing, and we all know the Brits love being fancy, so the Royal Ascot is where all the ladies dress up with big hats or fascinators to watch the horse races. It was a really unique theme, and the decor, games, and dessert matched as well. There was even a competition, where we were all in teams and we had to create our own fascinator with random supplies, such as cups, scrapbook paper, feathers, and more. It was quite fun, and the final products were very creative!

London Wedding-10

London Wedding-31

IN LOVE with Sakina’s outfit! Her hijab is a Dina Torkio ombre and tassels hijab from Luluwaah!

London Wedding-27

London Wedding-26

Sarah was oh-so-fancy and totally British in her floral midi dress!

London Wedding-25
London Wedding-24

My cousin Zahra rocking the Signature HH pose in her floral maxi dress! I think her outfit was totally on point!

London Wedding-23

Definitely had to bring out my big hat for this occasion!
I went for a chic look – Super wide rose pink palazzos, navy lace crop top, and lots of bling!
My navy hijab is from Voile Chic!

London Wedding-2

London Wedding-3


The Nikkah and Reception was held at a very big manor in Upper Froyle. It was a gorgeous venue and a very unique wedding. The morning was the civil marriage, and then it was Zuhr salaat and appetizers. Shortly after, everyone was directed into a hall, where the ceremonies began. It was a really nice program, and everything went smoothly. After dessert, we all went outside to light some sparklers and it was the best way to end off the night.

IMG_9600 IMG_9598 IMG_9597

Mashallah mashallah, the gorgeous couple! #FatsWedsDats
Her dress was STUNNING!

London Wedding-5

London Wedding-30
The cake!!
London Wedding-29
3 Indian Desserts – Rasmali, Carrot Halwa, and Mango Kulfi!

My uncle wanted to be on HH, so him and my brother were posing for their close up 😉

London Wedding-6

Ahh, my cousin Zahra’s mendhi was to die for! She did mine as well! She’s actually an Ash Kumar certified henna artist! Check out her instagram account @zed_henna to see her gorgeous work! And if you need a henna artist in the London area, you know who to go to!


London Wedding-22

London Wedding-18
OOH, so pretty!

What a true #HijabiHero, rocking that HH pose every time! She’s almost as good as me, I reckon :’)
I really appreciate your support, Zahra!

London Wedding-13

Absolutely loved her outfit! It’s so classy and elegant! And the colour combination is different, but works so well!

London Wedding-12
Sakina’s elegant floor-length dress with a floral border was perfect for the occasion! I loved the neutral colour with a pop at the bottom!

London Wedding-17

London Wedding-16

And I think we were all in love with Sayyeda’s fusion outfit! It was a maxi dress style, with traditional indian elements! And of course, the rich vibrant colours pleased us all!

London Wedding-15

London Wedding-14

And now for my outfit! I went for something quite different, yet it was totally a classic HH outfit.
I chose to wear my staple maxi skirt and crop top combo! I wore a ruby red ball gown skirt from HijabiMama, which is probably one of the prettiest things I own. I paired it with a white sequinned crop top. Then, to add some colour and dimension, I wore a floral hijab as a sash, almost to give my outfit a “sari” effect. I pulled the entire outfit together with a grayish-blue hijab from Dara Boutique and statement necklace form Aldo!
I definitely wore something different than the rest of the crowd, but everyone seemed to like it alhamdulilah. I for one felt very comfortable and unique, and I guess that’s all that matters 🙂

London Wedding-21 London Wedding-20 London Wedding-19

London Wedding-7
The cutest cousins out there

And there you have it! This is basically the wedding in a nutshell! Alhamdulillah, we all had an amazing time! At the end of the day, it was all the moments spent with the family that made this the best. All the laughter, smiles, and joy, I miss it all so much!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the #DoneDoneLondon blogpost! I’ll be sharing all the adventures I went on with all my outfits as well!

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Speak to you soon!

Malikah 🙂

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