#HijabiHeroes – Fall Edition!

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OMG OMG OMG! The new series is finally hereeee! I cannot describe how excited I am, and how long I’ve been waiting for this! I present to you: #HijabiHeroes! :’)

Alright alright, I’ll rewind a bit! If you’ve been following HH for a bit, you may have stumbled across a few blogposts that include other people’s outfits, such as my OOTD – Who is Hussain Gala Dinner or Camp Taha Outfits of the Week posts! In these posts, I have my own outfit from an event or occasion, and have also included my friend’s looks as well.
Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago?!? I was talking to one of my good friends, Zahra Maryam, about my blog. She told me that it would be really cool if I showed other people’s outfits as well on my website. I told her how I did this occasionally, but I didn’t really have anything set up. After some conversation, we came up with a more solid series!

So, #HijabiHeroes aims to feature different Hijabi Heroes, essentially! This is just a way to appreciate all of the lovely people who have been following HH for all of their support! It’s also a way to showcase the beautiful style of many modest fashionistas!

This series will be a seasonal post, featuring outfits after each season. Hence, this post is the Fall Edition, as Fall is now over and winter is here! In addition, I will still continue #HijabiHeroes posts for certain events I attend, so get ready to see this on the regs 🙂

Now, as this is a new series, I reached out to a lot of people and asked if they were willing to be a part of it. But, from now on, I’d love if people just sent me their outfits! I’m collecting for my winter edition post already. From now on, if anyone has any Winter OOTDs they’d like to be featured, please do not hesitate drop a comment or shoot me a message! Or use the #HijabiHeroes on Instagram and I’ll find it 🙂

Once again, loads of thanks to Zahra for the general idea and inspiring me to create this series! <3
I had asked in my one of my latest posts if anyone had any ideas or suggestions on what they’d like to see on HH, so I’m so appreciative that she shared this with me.
Also, thank you to all the lovely ladies featured in this post for believing in me and being super supportive about this series! Lots of love to you all <3

Here you are, #HijabiHeroes – Fall Edition!! :’)

The first of the #HijabiHeroes is Rida! She goes to my university and she was my co-MC for a banquet! She is super sweet, and I love her casual yet cozy outfit! I also love her HH pose 😉

#HH - Rida

Up next is Shumaila! I’ve known her for quite some time now, but you might know her as @shumidee on Instagram! She’s gorgeous, super talented (flawless makeup, all day, everyday), and has a great sense of style! You should definitely check her out! She also just started a YouTube channel, with a Get Ready with Me video!!

#HH - Shumi

This is Kaniz, from Covered in Confidence! She’s a total stunner and her unique and trendy style is awesome! I love how she is so confident in hijab, it’s so inspiring! Also, her outfit is on point! Check out her blog at @covered_in_confidence!


Here’s Kaniz again, with her super cute and amazingly talented sister! You need to check out @mydazzlingdelights to see all the yummy treats Khatija bakes! You will be in awe of her skill, mashallah 🙂

#HH - MyDD
I actually can’t get over how cute this picture is :’)

This is Asiya, my cousin and basically my big sister! She lives in Florida and has a beautiful baby girl, Sakina! We were talking about how we both really like the Midi Skirt trend, and I couldn’t resist posting these pictures! Loved how she really embraced the versatility of the skirt, showing how it can be worn in multiple ways, even though it isn’t a neutral or regular colour! So proud :’)

#HH - Asiya #HH - Asiya 2

Okay, I know she didn’t want to be in this, but I still have to appreciate my girl, Kulsoom! It’s tough putting up with me, let alone being my best friend! Super thankful for this homie, and I’m glad some #HH is rubbing off on her! 😉 Check out her account, @kulsoomkhawaja_ for some bless, aesthetic pictures #DontTripJustRip

This picture sums up her life too well, the art, her bed, and of course, water 😉

You probably recognize Fatima, she’s been in my blog quite a bit now! We’ve grown really close this summer, and since she’s already been in so many HH posts, I thought I’d just add her in here as well 😉  Just kidding! She recently had a portrait shoot with one of our friends, Azra, the talented photographer behind @azphotographydesign, and these Fall shots are so pretty!

#HH - FatimaJ #HH - FatimaJ2

While we’re on the subject, here’s my beautiful friend Azra! Like I mentioned before, she is a great photographer, so make sure to hit her up for your next event in the Toronto/GTA area! She’s also great in front of the camera too, so definitely wanted to share her fall ootd as well! #AZPhotographyxHH collab coming soon, y’all 😉 Check her out, @azphotographydesign!

#HH - BaeA
HH pose again with the crossed arms, wow, so much fatchen

Here is one is one of my closest blogger friends, @amodernhijabi! She’s a revert mashallah and of course, has amazing style! She lives in Texas, so she still had some hot weather, but I love this Fall outfit! It’s casual, yet sophisticated. She has some other stellar outfits, so make sure to check her out!

#HH - Amodernhijabi

Next is @Fifi_hijabista, and just like her name suggests, she’s definitely a hijabista! She’s super sweet and kind, and she regularly posts outfit inspiration, especially for our working gals! Love this emerald green on her! Check her out!

#HH - Fifi

Another blogger beauty is Hira, from HijabifullLife! She is adorable and I love her outfits! I swear she can pull off anything! She also rocks dark lipstick really well! Love this outfit with her crimson red pants! Check her out @thedreamingali

#HH - TheDreamingAli

This next blogger I’ve known for quite a while from my Florida days! She even taught me in our Saturday religious school! Zainab now runs a lifestyle and beauty account and she has this super cool series going on her account called #FiveFallFavs and #ColorsofFall! And let me just tell you, it’s on point! You can tell with this beautiful outfit! Check her out @lifewithzainy!

#HH - LifewithZainy

This is Fatema, from StyleByFJ! I’ve also known her for a very long time, and we even went to middle and high school together! She’s been a huge inspiration in my life, especially with starting my blog! I always looked up to her, and still do 🙂 She has beauty, brains, and personality – the perfect combo 😉 Check her out @_fatemajaffer_
#HH - StylebyFJ

Next up is the up-and-coming sidekick of #HijabiHeroes, @HijabiNinjas! Fiza started this account to serve as an inspiration for wearing cute modest clothing! Fiza is adorable and so sweet, and I’m glad she started something she really believes in! She shares outfits that are unique and cater to a variety of styles!

#HH - Fiza:HijabiNinjas

This is Hanan, I just met her a couple months ago, but from what I know, she is a gem of a person! She is such a fun person to be around and I love that she’s always smiling!
#HH - Hanan
Next we have this cutie, Atika! Again, she’s one of my friends and I love how she’s rocking this ombre hijab! Ombre hijabs have really be in for the Fall, and she looks beautiful in hers! And the lace border on her shirt ties the whole look together!#HH - Atika

What do I stay about this beauty?!? A mentor, a sister, a snapchat joker, or as others may know her, Mohaddisa! If you’ve ever met her before, you know she is beautiful, inside and out! Moha radiates positivity and I’m so appreciative of her support! This picture sums her up pretty well :’)#HH - Moha

This is Taslima, a business smarty at the Schulich School of Business and has a full time job of laughing! Seriously, what I love about Taslima is that she’s always laughing…at my jokes of course 😉 Jokes aside (aha, get it LOL), Taslima is super sweet and a great friend! Here’s her business ootd!

#HH - Taslima
HH pose continues!

Here’s another gorgeous sister duo, and my lovely cousins of course! Both of these lovely ladies are like sisters to me, and I’m so proud of them! Zamina, pictured below on the right, recently started her own hijab business called Luluwaah! I featured some of her hijabs in my Back to School Outfits post and I regularly wear her hijabs! She also has Dina Torkio plain and tassel hijabs!! Sakina, on the left below, is a favourite. We’ve had way too many sleepovers and embarrassing moments together, which make for some great memories 🙂 Check out @Luluwaah_ and give them a follow!

#HH - Luluwaah - Both
Here Zamina, on the right, is wearing Warm Lines in Red and Sakina, on the left, is wearing Classic Jersey in Nude and Lacy Affair in Maroon!
#HH - Luluwaah - Sakina
Gorgeous! Sakina is wearing Classic Jersey in Nude and Lacy Affair in Maroon!
#HH - Luluwaah - Zamina
So thankful to Zamina for taking this OOTD just for me, and it’s gorgeous! This hijab is Genteel in Blue-ish!

Next is another Florida girly, Shelina! She is totally glitter and sequinned obsessed, like me, so obviously I love her style! Absolutely adore this outfit, it is so unique and glam! The hijab adds the perfect touch to bring the entire look together!

#HH - Shelina

Another cute Instagram account to check out is @_modestlychic, it is an account run by two girls I know, Fatema and Sakina. They post everyday outfits that are modest and casual! They’re really sweet girls and you should definitely check them out! Here’s Fatema’s fall ootd!

#HH - _Modestlychic

Last but not least, we have Fatema! She’s from NYC and owns @TheHijabSouq, an online store providing unique and stylish hijabs to Muslim fashionistas! I kid you not, she probably has the biggest collection of solid coloured hijabs I’ve seen, as well as many printed and special occasion designs! Fatema is really sweet, and I loved collaborating with TheHijabSouq for my How to Style: Sweaters post! Here is one of her fall outfits!

#HH - HijabSouq
This is the Garden of Promises hijab!


And there you have it! The #HijabiHeroes – Fall Edition post! I know I featured a lot of people, but I’m sure I could still add in more! If you’d like to be a part of my Winter post, please feel free to send me your Winter ootds and I’d love to add them in next time, inshallah!

Once again, this series is a way to show my sincere gratitude to all of the lovely #HijabiHeroes that support HH! I am humbled by all the love and encouragement I receive, and I know I would be no where with out it. Once again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart <3

Hope you enjoyed this! If you want to see more of my outfits, check me out on Instagram and Facebook! You can even subscribe to my mailing list to get new HH posts straight to your email!

#HH - Me
One last ootd, from me <3

Speak to you soon!

Lots of love <3


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