Annual Ebrahim Eid Celebration 2015!

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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving everyone!! I am so grateful for HijabiHeroes and all of the support I receive from you all! This whole journey has truly been a blessing, Alhamdulilah 🙂

Sorry for not posting last week! I had a midterm and assignments, and also, I was preparing for this celebration!
Just as a heads up, I will not be posting for a week or two for respect for the first 12 days of Muharram as well as midterm season! Inshallah, after the 12 days, I will have some new posts up.

Yesterday, my family hosted an Eid party to celebrate Eid ul Adha, Eid e Ghadeer, and Eid e Mubahila! This was a family (and friends) party for the ‘Ebrahim’ family! There was about 50 of us! This is our 2nd celebration and inshallah it remains an annual event!
It was so much fun so I had to share some pictures with you all!

The theme was Black and White and we requested that everyone wear some sort of black/white! EVERYONE’S outfits were on point for the theme and it looked SO CUTE! It was so nice that everyone was matching and fancy as well! And of course, we also had to decorate with black and white! We had streamers hanging from the ceiling and black, white, and polka dot balloons to add a festive touch!

We started off by reciting Surah Yaseen, and then after Maghrib salaat, we had a poem and the dinner. After dinner, we had the main part, the GAME! We always having a game that gets everyone involved so it’s really fun! After, we had some dessert and then a little family superlatives to end it off! We also had a little photo wall section so everyone could take some cute and funny pictures with our polaroid frame and props!

Eid Party -6
The photo wall area!

Eid Party -1

Eid Party -3
The full hall!

Eid Party

Eid Party -12
My cute little cousin Sahar posing with the frame <3

My cousin Zohra from London, ON came on Friday evening to spend some time with me and help us with the party prep! Well, she didn’t have much choice hahah! I’m so glad she came and it was so nice having her 🙂

Eid Party -10
She made it to the blog once again #famous :’)

As everyone arrived, we served them strawberry mojitos as a little entrance drink! (Virgin of course hehe)! It’s a mixture of strawberries, mint, and lime, topped with some Sprite! One of my friends gave me the recipe and it was a hit!
Eid Party -11

The game we played was Jeopardy! But not just any Jeopardy! Everyone was split into teams by their birthdays. Everyone had to line up in order from Jan 1 to Dec 31, without talking! Then, we split everyone into 4 teams. Each team was to chose an animal as their mascot. After they all chose, we told them that their buzzer for answering the questions was the sound that animal made! Boy, they were not expecting that! Then, each team would select one player to go up to play. The 4 players were facing the board and had to choose their question by throwing a ball at the category and point value they wanted! If you had bad aim, you got unlucky haha! #sorrynotsorry! The game was hilarious and everyone really enjoyed it!

Eid Party -5
Jeopardy board with the categories covered so no one knew about the game before we started!

We also always celebrate the October birthdays at our party. Also, it’s one of my cousins Sayyeda’s birthday on thanksgiving weekend, so we especially had to celebrate hers! We just got a cake for us all to cut and it was really nice!
We also had some other yummy desserts and everyone worked up their appetite again after a thrilling game of Jeopardy!

Eid Party -13
Even the cake was black and white :’)

Instead of just giving out our favours as everyone leaves, we have little award ceremony/family superlatives. This gives us a chance to poke fun at once person from each family and highlight our family members. This year, our favour was a Hadith Jar that we made ourselves. We put 365 hadith from our Holy Prophet (SAWW) and from our Holy Imams (AS) in a jar. The aim is that every day, as a family, they can read one hadith and learn from it. This is also reusable because you can use the same hadiths for years to come.

Eid Party -2

Okay, for the part you’ve all been waiting for….MY OUTFIT!!
I really REALLY loved how my outfit turned out alhamdulilah! I always wear maxi dresses or skirts, so this time, I wanted to do something different! I FINALLY had a chance to try out a midi skirt! I was super excited when I found this black lace midi skirt at Modah! It’s so flowy and perfect! They also had it in cream and burgundy!
I paired the midi skirt with a white lace crop top. Both of the laces were simple and elegant, so the double lace actually worked well together. I finished the outfit off with a black and white polka dot hijab and some sparkly flats!
I’m really glad I chose to go with something a little different but yet, stick to key elements that I am comfortable with. For example, I love lace and I know that I can always add a cute statement necklace to any outfit to make it more ‘me’! This way, wearing something new felt a little easier 🙂
Eid Party -4 Eid Party -7 Eid Party -8

I hope you liked this little post about our Eid Celebration! We hope all of our family and friends had a great time and alhamdulilah we all enjoyed!
Love my amazing family and I’m so thankful for them on this Thanksgiving weekend and always!

Eid Party -9
Fantastic Four <3 <3

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Thank you!

Speak to you after the Muharram 12 days break!

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