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I hope you are all doing well! Eid Mubarak to you all! I pray you have a blessed day with your family and friends! Even if you have to go to school/work, make the most of the day! I know my mom is taking my advice from my previous Eid Inspiration blogpost and she’s wearing something fancy to work :))
Today I wanted to share some more Eid inspiration and just general fancy outfit inspiration with you all! After Eid ul Adha, there’s still two more Eids! There’s Eid e Ghadeer, the event in which the Holy Prophet declares his cousin and son-in-law, Imam Ali, to be the successor after him. And there’s also Eid e Mubahila, marking the discourse and dialogue between the Holy Prophet and a leader from another faith who challenged the Prophet to bring the best men, women, and children of Islam. The Holy Prophet selected his Holy Household, and when the others just saw the piety of these holy individuals, they all converted to Islam. These are two both monumental events, so there’s still time for celebration!
Also, there are still some weddings coming up in October! I know I’ve been invited to 3-4 before Muharram begins. So the dressing up isn’t over for the season!
Hence, I wanted to share this unique outfit from Le Trend Boutique. I’ve talked about Le Trend Boutique before as well – they carry very different and one-of-a-kind outfits! They have a selection of casual and formal outfits as well as bridal outfits. They also take custom orders so you can get the outfit of your dreams! The outfit I wore last time was a blue and cream long sleeve maxi dress with lots of lace! This time I’m wearing a fusion outfit.
This outfit really screams “East Meets West” to me! It consists of a embroidered bolero jacket and a red maxi dress. The bolero is black with metallic white embroidery in a thick pattern, with a more eastern design. The fabric is raw silk, a material commonly used for elegant indian suits and even saris or lenghas. The red dress represents the Western side of the outfit. It has a couple gathers and pick-ups, which add some dimension and flair to the look. The black and white with the red is also a classic bold combination, so that’s a plus as well!
When I saw this outfit, I knew it would be perfect for Eid or a wedding! It’s not too fancy or formal as the dress is completely plain, and the embroidery on the blazer is just thread work. You can really dress this outfit up with a necklace if your event is more formal, but I just wore it the way it was. I also just wore a plain black hijab with the outfit, but a sparkly black hijab would also look really nice! To finish the look, I added a nude clutch and some nude heels.
Make sure to check out Le Trend boutique on Facebook and Instagram! If you follow Le Trend Boutique on Instagram, you can get 10% off any custom outfit!
I hope you like this look!
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